49 Best Completed Manhwa To Read In 2023

Manhwa are a great source of entertainment and it’s been huge among the lovers of manga and anime. Manhwa originated in South Korea but it’s popular all around the world, competing with even some big manga titles. Manhwa are even receiving anime adaptations now like The God of High School.

Most of the manhwa I read are ongoing and waiting for a new chapter every week can sometimes get a bit tiring. At times like that, I look for completed manhwa with great storylines that I can binge-read. Since you’re here, I guess you’re looking for something similar. So, In this article, I’m going to share with you the Best Completed Manhwa in Every Big Genre To Enjoy In 2023.

I’ve categorized them so you can easily choose from the genre you like.

Best Completed Manhwa

1. Solo Leveling

I think most of us know about Solo Leveling and have already read it but if you’re new to manhwa, then Solo Leveling is without a doubt the best action manhwa you will ever find.

Jinwoo is an E-class hunter. With no powerful background or abilities, he gets looked down on by everyone around him.

After an easy mission goes wrong, his entire party dies and only he survives. After waking up in the hospital, he obtains a leveling system that can grant him immense power. Determined to use this chance to turn his life around, he walks into dungeons all alone.

2. Daytime Star

best completed romance manhwa

Yura Hwang is a no-name actress who’s been struggling for seven years in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, she lands a minor role in a movie that is bound to be a huge success because of its main lead, Seunghyeon Kang.

Seunghyeon is the biggest celebrity in South Korea and lately, he’s been oddly running into Yura a lot, and every time, he finds her crying for some reason.

3. Noblesse

Rai is a noble vampire who just woke up from his 820-year-long slumber. After waking up in the modern world, he somehow ends up at a school where he meets his old loyal servant, Frankenstein. He decides to enter the school as a student to learn more about the past 820 years and this new world he happened to miss.

While making new friends, and learning about new technology and customs, he continues his peaceful days until, a mysterious organization known as the “Union” attacks them.

4. Who Made Me a Princess

The protagonist once read a story about the unfortunate Athanasia, a beautiful princess who gets killed by her own father, the cold-hearted emperor. It was supposed to be just a silly bedtime story…but then she woke up inside the story as Princess Athanasia.

She needs a plan to survive her new father. The best course of action is to just stay as far away from him as possible, collect as much wealth as she can, and then run away from the royal palace.

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5. Spirit Fingers!

Amy is a shy and somewhat unimpressive girl who’s soon going to turn 18 years old. She hopes to make many friends and possibly even a boyfriend, but her lack of confidence has always gotten in the way of a good social life.

So, she decides to join “Spirit Fingers”, the strangest and hippest art club ever. This is her story of learning to be confident with herself, coming out of her shell, and becoming a new person altogether.

6. The Master of Diabolism

Wei WuXian became one of the strongest cultivators in the world and established the powerful Demonic Sect. He feared no one and ruled with an iron fist, killing anyone who opposed him.

Hated by millions, he was betrayed by his martial brother and killed by the alliance of many powerful sects. Fortunately, his soul gets transmigrated into the body of a young cultivator who summoned him to get revenge on his family.

But fate was a bitch and he gets taken in as a student by Lan WangJi, his greatest enemy from his past life.

7. Bastard

Jin’s life has been nothing short of hell. After an incident, he received an artificial heart and a glass eye, making him the subject of bullying in school. At home, he had to live with his serial killer father who targets young women. His father even forced him to act as an accomplice in his murders.

The only good thing in his life was his friend Kyun Yoon but now, his father has his eyes on his friend. Will he be able to protect her from him or will his father kill her just like the many other women?

8. The Boxer

The story of The Boxer revolves around a couple of characters but it primarily focuses on Yu, aka the MC. Yu is a monster when it comes to boxing. He can literally see punches coming in slow motion which makes boxing pretty boring for him.

After a highly popular boxing coach recognizes his talent, he recruits him hoping to make him the biggest boxer in the world. This is a story about a depressed boxer with superhuman strength. What’s his backstory?

9. The God of High School

Mori is one of the strongest fighters around because of which he gets recruited by a mysterious man to enter a fighting tournament to determine the ‘God of High School’.

Him and his new friends must face many strong fighters from all around the world. But, this competetion is not as simple as it seems.

Newly Completed Manhwa

10. Seasons of Blossom

This is a story abour the sprintime of a person’s life – their Youth. Bom is starting her second year of high school along with her best friends Seonhui and Jaemin.

At first glance this manhwa seems like a cliche high school romance story which it kind of is but it’s also much more. It’s a really cute manhwa with interesting story and cute characters.

11. On & Off

Yiyoung and his friends lost the one chance they had to present their idea to the CEO of SJ Corporation.

Later that night, he gets another chance when he meets the CEO Kang Daehyung at a gay bar, but Daehyung misunderstands that he’s trying to use sexual favor!

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12. Uncanny Charm

A new guy named Beom-jin just moved into Yoon-Jae’s apartment building. After a little accident, a mysterious bell attaches itself to Yoon-Jae’s hand and he starts seeing ghosts.

The bell belongs to Beom-jin who’s a shaman and now, he must help Yoon-Jae find a way to remove the thing.

13. Surviving Romance

After she wakes up as the female lead of a romance novel, Chaerin Eun thought her life would be smooth sailing. But, on the day the male lead is supposed to confess to her, he turns into a Zombie!!

A sudden virus outbreak starts turning people into zombies and she must find a way to change this new storyline with the help of an extra.

14. See You in My 19th Life

Jieum Ban remembers everything from her past lives. In her 18th life, she falls in love with her friend Seoha Mun but after a tragic accident, she gets reborn.

Maybe in her 19th life, she’ll be able to meet him again.

15. The Dangerous Convenience Store

Yeo Eui-Joon works night shifts at a convenience store in a very dangerous neighborhood. Every night, he gets all kinds of gangsters as customers who make his job harder.

One day, a handsome gangster named Gunwoo entered his store. He has a quick temper but genuinely cares about Eui-Joon and always protects him against brash customers.

16. Cheolsu Saves the World

As a massive asteroid named Rama was heading towards Earth, all the countries came together and tried to change its trajectory, but failed.

Cheolsu, an ordinary office worker who died after the asteroid hit Earth, gets sent back in time. The fate of the world rests in his hands, will he be able to stop the coming catastrophe?

Romance Manhwa

17. Spirit Fingers

Because of her shy personality, Amy hasn’t been able to make any friends much less a boyfriend. As a last resort to make friends, she joins the weirdest art club ever, “Spirit Finger”.

This is her story of finding herself and some friends along the way.

18. Cherry Blossoms After Winter

Haebom and Taesung became friends after a tragedy brought them together. They’ve lived under the same roof for over 10 years and now, they’re also going to be in the same class.

19. Positively Yours

Aftr finding out that her crush is dating her best friend, Hee-won decides to go wild and have a one night stand with a handsome stranger named Doo-joon.

But, she gets pregnant!! Now Doo-joon wants to do the right thing by marrying her. What’s she going to do??

20. A Good Day to be a Dog

Hana and her family are cursed to turn into a dog every night if they kiss someone. So, she spent all her life makeing sure she doesn’t kiss anyone.

Until one day, when she kisses her crush while being drunk. But, the person she kisses is actually her rude boss. To break the curse, she must kiss him again, as a dog!!

21. Ooh La La

Gomyung Yoon wants to date so badly that she just grabs a random dude at the cafe and asks him for his number. And just like that, they started dating on the spot.

How is their playful relationship going to turn out?

22. Romance 101

Bareum’s entire day is completely hectic from start to end but, there’s one more thing she wants to add to her day – a date!

It might just happen, when she gets invited to join a programming club by a hot acquantaince. But, why is she always running into his rude friend instead?

23. The Girl and the Geek

After multiple failed attempts for a government job, Go Nanhee ends up taking a new cleaning job at a gaming company.

But, on her first day itself, a super expensive figurne goes missing during her shift and it belonged to the filthiest guy in the company, Deokhoo Oh. Now, she must repay him by cleaning his house everyday.

24. A Business Proposal

Ha-ri thought she made a simple deal with her friend. All she had to do was attended an arrannge marriage meeting in her friend’s place and ruin the meeting.

But, the guy turns out to be her hot CEO Kang Taemu who’s hell-bent on marrying her to get his family off his back.

Action Manhwa

25. The Boxer

Yu is more than just a talented boxer, he’s a monster who can beat anyone, but he doesn’t see the point in fighting or anything at all. It’s like he’s dead inside.

A famous boxing coach who trained the current world champion starts training Yu to make him the best in the world.

26. The Breaker

Shi-Woon’s life is a hell. He’s always getting bullied and beat up by his classmates and thugs.

Tired of living like this, he asks for help from his teacher, who’s also a powerful fighter. But, he won’t teach Shi-Won that easily, he’ll have to prove himself.

 27. Leviathan (Gyeong-tak LEE)

After a comet struck Earth, the sea levels suddenly rose to a dangerous level and the entire world was submerged under water. The civilization of man was submerged but marine life still flourished in this new world and bloodthirsty giant sea monsters lurked underwater.

Bota and Lita are two siblings living in this new world abroad a scavenger ship. But just as tragedy strikes, a woman saves them and takes them under her wing.

28. Girls of the Wild’s

Have you ever seen teenage girls having brutal fights with their lives on the line? That’s exactly what happens at Wild’s High, a girls-only private high school known for its specialized fighter students.

But this year, the school has decided to become co-ed and accept male students. The only boy that enters this brutal school is Song Jae Gu, but his days at the school seem dark after he gets caught peeking at the Queen of the school while she was taking a shower.

29. The House Without Time

An abused slave runs away and finds herself inside a weird space. The old man in the room helps her defeat her evil master, but not for free.

What kind of fate awaits her in this House without time?

30. The Second Coming of Gluttony

Jihoo Seol was one of the last two people that survived the gruesome battle in the otherworld. As a reward, he asked for his memories to be sent back in time, but even magic has its limits and only few fragments of his memories could be sent back.

Will he repeat the mistakes he made? or maybe it will be different this time.

31. Gosu

Gosu’s master was murdered by his enemies and now it is mission to kill them and get revenge.

For now, he has to lay low as a chubby delivery boy and prepare for the upcoming battles.

32. Second Life of a Gangster

Joong Seok put his life on the line to become the right hand man of the organization’s leader. But, all he got in exchange was betrayal.

His own organization hunted him down and killed him. And then, he gets reincarnated in the past when he was still a high schooler.

Fantasy Manhwa

33. Hooky

Dorian and Dani are witches headed to the magic boarding school but, they missed the bus to school on the very first day and don’t know where the it even is.

So, they decide to find a tutor who can teach them magic instead of going to the school.

34. Unholy Blood

Hayan is one of the very few pure-blood vampires in this world. She’s been a vampire since birth while others turn from a human to a vampire. Keeping her identity a secret, she hopes to live a normal life without being feared as a blood-thirsty vampire, but she still sometimes transforms if she gets triggered by something.

But after tragedy hits her, she loses her chance to have a normal life and is forced to use her vampire powers to get revenge on the vampires, with the help of a rising star in the police force.

35. Promise of an Orchid

One tragic day, Jaesin Yang lost everyone he cared for after a massacre occurred at his orphanage. Ever since that day, he’s had a strange dream about a mysterious woman who whispers to him – “I’ll wait for you”.

Years later, he decides to move in on Orchid Street notorious for multiple disappearances, but on the very first night, he’s almost killed by a demon. Fortunately, he gets saved by a woman named Socheon who bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman in his dreams.

36. Her Summon

After his social life is destroyed due to an unfortunate incident, Jin-Kyung becomes a shut-in otaku and surrounds himself with 2D friends. One day, while trying to kill a bug with a spray, he gets summoned to another world by a young girl and is asked to kill a monster as tall as a building.

Thinking that it’s all a dream, he uses the bug spray on the monster and actually ends up killing it. Who is this girl that summoned him? How can a shut-in otaku kill a monster?

37. The Return of the 8th Class Mage

Being the only 8th class mage in the world, Ian Paige was the most powerful man in the world. He helped his dear friend Ragnar become the king of the Greenriver empire, but Ragnar only saw him as a threat.

Ragnar tries to kill him with poison but he saves himself using time magic, sending himself 30 years in the past.

38. Infinite Leveling: Murim

The murim alliance used Yuseong Dan as a shield in the war while they run away. He died a pointless death in the battlefield.

After dying, he wakes up in the past when he was still a kid, along with a strange system. He can get stronger by clearing the quests the system gives him.

BL and Yuri Manhwa

39. Sign

Soohwa recently started working as a part-timer at Cafe Goyo. But the cafe has a few unusual things about it. The coffee isn’t the best, the customers never order off the menu, and the Cafe manager, Yohan, is deaf.

So, if he wants to keep his part-time job, he will have to at least learn some basic sign language. Yohan offers to help him but he can’t take that offer since he gets hard every time he’s around the manager. With Yohan’s deep and sexy voice teasing him every day will he be able to survive the lessons?

40. Haesu in Class 2

Heesu has a secret crush on his best friend Chanyoung who’s not interested in boys, but he still doesn’t mind always listening to Chanyoung’s girl problems.

Soon, a rumor starts flying around the school that if you have any relationship problem, contact Heesu in Class 2. How can he help others in love when he can’t even confess to his crush??

41. 10 Years That I Loved You the Most

Lewis has been in a relationship with Adolph for over 10 years. He sacrificed everything for Adolph, giving him his everything but things have changed. Adolph has been neglecting him for quite some time now. He cheats on Lewis every day, and abuses and neglects him.

To make his life worse, he just got diagnosed with cancer. With only a couple of months left, will he be able to get out of his toxic relationship and learn what true love is? How would Adolph feel when he learns of his condition?

42. Soul Mate

Qi and Yuanzi have been together for over 10 years but they may lose each other forever when Yuanzi is diagnosed with a terminal disease. After falling asleep in her girlfriend’s warm embrace, Qi finds herself 10 years into the past in her teenage body. Maybe this is a chance for her to save the love of her life.

But the teenage Qi is now in the body of her adult version with no clue about the life she has and what awaits her relationship with Yuanzi. With a very small amount of precious time left with each other, will they be able to overcome every obstacle their love faces?

43. Ring My Bell

Mai Sohn’s next webcomic is meant to be a romance but it’s hard to write about romance when you’ve recently been dumped by your girlfriend.

She needs to find insipartion for her comic fast and maybe her neighbor who’s always awkward around her can help.

44. Mage & Demon Queen

Adventurers are always raiding the demon queen’s castle in the hopes of defeating her and becoming a hero.

Malori is also one of the adventurer who’s constantly entering the castle, but her objective is different then the others. She wants to date the demon queen instead!

Thriller Manhwa

45. Pigpen

A young man suddenly wakes up in someone’s house in the middle of nowhere. He can’t remember his name or how he got here and the owners of the house are not willing to tell him where he is.

Every answer leads to another question as he tries to figure out what’s going on.

46. Sweet Home

High school student Hyun Cha is forced to fight for his life after a mysterious virus turns people into man-eating monsters.

Along with the other residents of his apartment building, he must face the terryfing reality and save the world.

47. Death’s Game

Yijae Choi is living a crap life. He gets rejected from every job he applies for, his girlfriend left him, and he just lost all his savings.

He decides to take his own life but, death has other plans. She makes him play a game. Death’s Game!!

48. Ghost Teller

You think ghosts are scary? Wait till you see what humans are capable of.

In this manhwa, six ghosts sit together and tell each other stories more terrifying than any ghost – the stories of humans!

49. Dear X

Ajin Baek is one of the most popular actress in the industry with everything from looks and awards to fame and money. The public loves her but they don’t know…that she’s a sociopath. A devil in disguise!!

Until, a news program reveals her dark past. Just how far did she go to achieve her goals?

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