16+ Best Completed Manhwa To Read In 2023
16+ Best Completed Manhwa To Read In 2023

16+ Best Completed Manhwa To Read In 2023

Manhwa are a great source of entertainment and it’s been huge among the lovers of manga and anime. Manhwa originated in South Korea but it’s popular all around the world, competing with even some big manga titles. Manhwa are even receiving anime adaptations now like The God of High School.

Most of the manhwa I read are ongoing and waiting for a new chapter every week can sometimes get a bit tiring. At times like that, I look for completed manhwa with great storylines that I can binge-read. Since you’re here, I guess you’re looking for something similar. So, In this article, I’m going to share with you the 17 Best Completed Manhwa in Every Big Genre To Enjoy In 2023.

  • Girls of the Wild
  • Her Summon
  • Promise of an Orchid
  • Noblesse
  • Medical Return
  • Leviathan (Gyeong-tak LEE)
  • Unholy Blood
  • 10 Years That I Loved You The Most
  • Soulmate
  • Sign
  • The Boxer
  • The Master of Diabolism
  • Bastard
  • Spirit Fingers!
  • Who Made Me a Princess
  • Daytime Star
  • Solo Leveling

17. Girls of the Wild

With a unique and refreshing art style, this manhwa is filled with every element you need from action scenes to emotions and love.

Have you ever seen teenage girls having brutal fights with their lives on the line? That’s exactly what happens in the Wild’s League, the most popular fighting competition in Japan. Wild’s High is a girls-only private high school known for its specialized fighter students and the annual Wild’s League competition.

But this year, the school has decided to become co-ed and accept male students. The only boy that enters this brutal school is Song Jae Gu, a poor guy who spends most of his time working and taking care of his family.

Due to the scholarship offered to him, he decided to enter Wild’s High, but his days at the school seem dark after he gets caught peeking at the Queen of the school while she was taking a shower.

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16. Her Summon

After his social life is destroyed due to an unfortunate incident, Jin-Kyung becomes a shut-in otaku and surrounds himself with 2D friends. One day, while trying to kill a bug with a spray, he gets summoned to another world by a young girl and is asked to kill a monster as tall as a building.

Thinking that it’s all a dream, he uses the bug spray on the monster and actually ends up killing it. Who is this girl that summoned him? How can a shut-in otaku kill a monster?

No, he must use his imagination and otherworldly mana to defeat gigantic monsters for his summoner while taking steps to become a better person.

15. Promise of an Orchid

One tragic day, Jaesin Yang lost everyone he cared for after a massacre occurred at his orphanage. Ever since that day, he’s had a strange dream about a mysterious woman who whispers to him – “I’ll wait for you”.

Years later, he decides to move in on Orchid Street notorious for multiple disappearances, but on the very first night, he’s almost killed by a demon. Fortunately, he gets saved by a woman named Socheon who bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman in his dreams.

Will he be able to find the meaning behind his dreams while working with Socheon in hunting demons and protecting the innocents?

This manhwa has been like a breath of fresh air among the repetitive storylines and art styles. With a good plot and interesting characters, it will be one hell of a ride and I definitely recommend it to you.

14. Noblesse

You might already be familiar with this manhwa due to its anime adaptation that aired in the Fall of 2020. It is an amazing manhwa with fantastic art that gets better and better as the chapters progress. This manhwa is a must-read!!!

Rai is a noble vampire who just woke up from his 820 years long slumber. After waking up in the modern world, he somehow ends up at a school where he meets his old loyal servant, Frankenstein. He decides to enter the school as a student to learn more about the past 820 years and this new world he happened to miss.

While making new friends, and learning about new technology and customs, he continues his peaceful days until, a mysterious organization known as the “Union” attacks them.

13. Medical Return

Kim Jihyun lived a pathetic life. Bullied in high school, graduating with barely passing grades, a failed hospital he opened through debts, and divorced from his wife. What worse could happen? Well, he was diagnosed with cancer.

After he meets a strange woman, he finds himself years into the past, before everything had gone wrong. This time he would rather become a dermatologist who makes a lot of money than the pathetic and poor surgeon he was in his previous life.

The background environment in the manhwa looks realistic and the relatively good art helps with that as well. The storyline is really good and if you’re into medical dramas and manhwas then you should definitely check it out…

12. Leviathan (Gyeong-tak LEE)

After a comet struck Earth, the sea levels suddenly rose to a dangerous level and the entire world was submerged under water. The civilization of man was submerged but marine life still flourished in this new world and bloodthirsty giant sea monsters lurked underwater.

Bota and Lita are two siblings living in this new world abroad on a scavenger vessel ship. After their father sacrifices himself to save them, they’re left to fend for themselves, but just as tragedy strikes, a woman saves them and takes them under her wing.

Who is this woman who can even kill sea monsters with ease? Will she be able to prepare Bota and Lita for the horrors that await them?

Leviathan will keep you on the edge of your seat the whole time with its great story, graphic scenes, well-designed characters, and good art. If you enjoyed Attack On Titan, then you will also love this manhwa because of the similar feel.

11. Unholy Blood

Hayan is one of the very few pure-blood vampires in this world. She’s been a vampire since birth while others turn from a human to a vampire. Keeping her identity a secret, she hopes to live a normal life without being feared as a blood-thirsty vampire, but she still sometimes transforms if she gets triggered by something.

But after tragedy hits her, she loses her chance to have a normal life and is forced to use her vampire powers to get revenge on the vampires, with the help of a rising star in the police force.

The art of this manhwa is definitely 10/10. The characters look great and the story is amazing with good pacing.

10. 10 Years That I Loved You The Most

Lewis has been in a relationship with Adolph for over 10 years. He sacrificed everything for Adolph, giving him his everything but things have changed. Adolph has been neglecting him for quite some time now. He cheats on Lewis every day, and abuses and neglects him.

To make his life worse, he just got diagnosed with cancer. With only a couple of months left, will he be able to get out of his toxic relationship and learn what true love is? How would Adolph feel when he learns of his condition?

I’m not someone who cries while reading webtoons no matter how sad the story is but this one made me weep. The story is heartbreaking and extremely sad. If you want more BL Manhwa then check out my article on Best BL Manhwa With Possessive Male Leads.

9. Soulmate

Qi and Yuanzi have been together for over 10 years but they may lose each other forever when Yuanzi is diagnosed with a terminal disease. After falling asleep in her girlfriend’s warm embrace, Qi finds herself 10 years into the past in her teenage body. Maybe this is a chance for her to save the love of her life.

But the teenage Qi is now in the body of her adult version with no clue about the life she has and what awaits her relationship with Yuanzi. With a very small amount of precious time left with each other, will they be able to overcome every obstacle their love faces?

Soulmate is a great “Isekai” Yuri manhwa with cute characters, a good art style, and a sweet heart-warming story.

8. Sign

Soohwa recently started working as a part-timer at Cafe Goyo. But the cafe has a few unusual things about it. The coffee isn’t the best, the customers never order off the menu, and the Cafe manager, Yohan, is deaf.

So, if he wants to keep his part-time job, he will have to at least learn some basic sign language. Yohan offers to help him but he can’t take that offer since he gets hard every time he’s around the manager. With Yohan’s deep and sexy voice teasing him every day will he be able to survive the lessons?

Honestly, Sign is one of the cutest and most beautiful BL manhwas you will ever read. Great characters and art with a nice story. Highly recommended for lovers of BL.

7. The Boxer

The story of The Boxer revolves around a couple of characters but it primarily focuses on Yu, aka the MC. Yu is a monster when it comes to boxing. He can literally see punches coming in slow motion which makes boxing pretty boring for him.

After a highly popular boxing coach recognizes his talent, he recruits him hoping to make him the biggest boxer in the world. This is a story about a depressed boxer with superhuman strength. What’s his backstory?

At first glance, the art looks average but it plays a big role in the storytelling, and damn the artist can make some creepy-as-hell-looking characters with his art. If you want an action manhwa, then you would love The Boxer.

6. The Master of Diabolism

Wei WuXian became one of the strongest cultivators in the world and established the powerful Demonic Sect. He feared no one and ruled with an iron fist, killing anyone who opposed him.

Hated by millions, he was betrayed by his martial brother and killed by the alliance of many powerful sects. Fortunately, his soul gets transmigrated into the body of a young cultivator who summoned him to get revenge on his family.

But fate was a bitch and he gets taken in as a student by Lan WangJi, his greatest enemy from his past life.

5. Bastard

Jin’s life has been nothing short of hell. After an incident, he received an artificial heart and a glass eye, making him the subject of bullying in school. At home, he had to live with his serial killer father who targets young women. His father even forced him to act as an accomplice in his murders.

The only good thing in his life was his friend Kyun Yoon but now, his father has his eyes on his friend. Will he be able to protect her from him or will his father kill her just like the many other women?

Bastard is an exiting thriller with a great cat-mouse story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you like stories with serial killers, then definitely check it out…

4. Spirit Fingers!

Amy is a shy and somewhat unimpressive girl who’s soon going to turn 18 years old. She hopes to make many friends and possibly even a boyfriend, but her lack of confidence has always gotten in the way of a good social life.

So, she decides to join “Spirit Fingers”, the strangest and hippest art club ever. This is her story of learning to be confident with herself, coming out of her shell, and becoming a new person altogether.

If you’re into romantic comedy, you would love this manhwa. The art is amazing with great-looking characters. The characters are also very well written. Overall, if you want a feel-good manhwa, check it out.

3. Who Made Me a Princess

The protagonist once read a story about the unfortunate Athanasia, a beautiful princess who gets killed by her own father, the cold-hearted emperor. It was supposed to be just a silly bedtime story…but then she woke up inside the story as princess Athanasia.

She needs a plan to survive her new father. The best course of action is to just stay as far away from him as possible, collect as much wealth as she can, and then run away from the royal palace.

The story is really well done and the protagonist is not as dense as many others in the manhwa world. Athanasia felt really normal while her relationship with her father was just too spectacular. After every chapter, you will find yourself craving for more.

2. Daytime Star

Yura Hwang is a no-name actress who’s been struggling for seven years in the entertainment industry. Fortunately, she somehow lands a minor role in a movie that is bound to be a huge success because of its main lead, Seunghyeon Kang.

Seunghyeon is the biggest celebrity in South Korea and lately, he’s been oddly running into Yura a lot and every time, he finds her crying for some reason.

Will Yura be able to finally make it big with this new movie? Will Seunghyeon be able to get her out of his mind while filming? Only time will tell…

1. Solo Leveling

I think most of us know about Solo Leveling and have already read it but if you’re new to manhwa, then Solo Leveling is without a doubt the best action manhwa you will ever find.

Jinwoo is an E-class hunter, the weakest class of all. With no money, background, or abilities to speak of, he gets looked down on by everyone around him. But he can’t give up! It’s his responsibility to protect his sister and mother.

After an easy mission goes wrong, his entire party dies and only he survives. After waking up in the hospital, he obtains a system that can grant him immense power. Determined to use this chance to turn his life around, he walks into dungeons all alone.

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