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Top 10 Reincarnation Manhwa With Female Lead

Some of the most popular manhwas are usually in the action or adventure genre with a male lead like Solo Levelling. But there are also many great manhwa and webtoons with female leads, especially in the reincarnation genre.

I love these types of manhwa. In these manhwas, the Female lead gets reincarnated in another world as the villainess or the daughter of a powerful duke, and then she uses her future knowledge to either escape death, get revenge or save someone they love.

The female lead often becomes overpowered after traveling to the past by using her intelligence and knowledge of the future. In some manhwa, there is only one male lead but in others, the female lead has a bunch of good-looking men vying for her affection.

So, Today I’m going to share with you the 10 Best Reincarnation Manhwa with Female Lead.

The Stereotypical Life Of A Reincarnated Lady

Valerie got reincarnated into another world and because of her past knowledge, she was smarter than any person at her age would be. Because of this, she was called a genius but her magic abilities turned out to be mediocre, and then her teacher shared a prophecy of her death. 

She gave up on magic and decided to live an ordinary life until she gets engaged to the youngest duke in the country, Duke Kylus Dwello. Soon, her life starts to change with one thing after another.

The mysterious Serena who wants to be with the Duke for evil reasons, and the people who want the Duke and Serena to get together, are all trying to get Valerie out of the Duke’s life. With so much happening all at once, will Valerie be able to go back to her normal quiet life?

Father, I Don’t Want To Get Married

Jubelian was hated by everyone including her own father. The only person who ever cared for her was Mikael but even he abandons her for the princess. After she gets framed for allegedly poisoning the princess for revenge, she is left to die by her father who hands her a knife before throwing her into prison.

A girl from the modern world who already knows how Jubelian’s life ends gets reincarnated into her body. So, she tries to get rid of all the death flags by breaking up with Mikael and expected to live an easy life as the daughter of the Duke but now her father wants her to marry the crown prince who people have never met but know as a cruel lunatic who kills his people if he doesn’t like them.

To avoid getting married to the crown prince she decides to enter into a contractual relationship with a handsome man, who she doesn’t know is actually the Crown Prince himself.  

Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess

Penelope, the adopted daughter of Duke Eckart, is an evil villainess in a dating sim game who ultimately dies due to her actions.

The female lead from another world gets reincarnated into the reverse harem dating sim game as the villainess but that’s not all, she entered the game at the hardest difficulty and no matter how hard she tries, Death is the only ending that awaits her.

Now, she must choose one of the male leads from the reverse harem and try to reach a happy ending, especially before the real daughter of Duke Eckart appears.

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The Predator’s Contracted Fiancée   

Elisha was living a happy life in a monastery but then the powerful De Cartier family, a magic family, took her in and exploited her using a slave contract.

She was given as a concubine to a demonic man and died at his hand, eaten to her death. Now that she’s gotten a second chance, she intends to use the knowledge of her past life to change her fate. She visits Lucerne, the archenemy of her master to become his subordinate and change sides.

In Exchange, she offered herself to him and the information she has about his enemies but she didn’t expect Lucerne to ask her to marry him. And so, her second life is already off to a bad start.

Actually, I Was The Real One

According to a prophecy the Grand Duke will only have one daughter and that child will have the power to control the water element.

Keira is the Duke’s only daughter or that’s how it was until Cosette came. When Cosette appeared everything changed for Keira. She claimed to be the Duke’s real daughter and that Keira was a fake.

Keira gets executed under false assumptions, but before her death, Cosette whispered to her “Actually, you were the real one”. Keira gets sent back to the past; this time, she plans to live for herself instead of her father. But things never go as planned, right?

A Stepmother’s Marchen

Marchioness suffered a lot after her husband’s death seven years ago. She was left alone to take care of the vast estate her husband left behind along with the four children from his first marriage.

But she worked hard to raise her ‘children’, who were unrelated to her by blood. Finally, on the day of her eldest son’s wedding, she felt that all her hard work was worth it until she receives a letter telling her not to come to the wedding.

While leaving the castle, she got in an accident and when she opened her eyes again, she was at her husband’s funeral, seven years ago. This time she won’t live as she had in her first life.

The Villainess Is A Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette is one of the best royalty manhwas out there. Check out some more great Royalty Manhwa recommendations.

Cayena is destined to die at the hands of her crazy husband after being betrayed by her brother, the crown prince. Her brother used her to secure the throne and abandoned her to die a pitiful death.

But Cayena wakes up in the past with the knowledge of the future. In her second life, as she already knows what’s going to happen, she plans to do whatever she needs to get her freedom. She decides to make her brother the Emperor by nurturing him from a young age and making sure he gives her the freedom that she wants.

I Became The Wife Of The Male Lead

The powerful and evil mage Fiona is destined to meet her end at the hands of the world’s hero.

The author of the story wakes in Fiona’s body but there are still 6 more years before the hero kills her. She just wants to live a normal life and stay away from the hero, but things don’t go as she planned.

Her own family hates her, so she gets sent to the battlefield at the age of 13 years. Just before she was about to give up, she encounters the male lead who is just a teenager right now. If the male lead dies here, the world will be destroyed, thus, Fiona had no choice but to help him. “So, let’s save him first!”

I Became The Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter

Ferio Voreoti is the handsome and terrifying Duke of the North who everyone fears. Despite his good looks, his glare was a natural child deterrent.

Duke Ferio Voreoti’s never understood why everyone loved children. His best friend has kids and is always talking about them. One day, he meets a strange kid who wasn’t afraid of him and had a beast-like personality. So, he decided to adopt and name her Leonia. He didn’t just adopt her, he also gave her the last name that only members with direct bloodline can have.

The child actually poses the powerful ability that only members of the Voreoti family have. Who is she to poses the powers of a Voreoti?

The father-daughter relationship in this is fabulous. A heartwarming and funny novel with many plot twists and lovely scenes! Explore some more Father-Daughter Manhwa Worth Reading.

The Villainess Reverses The Hourglass

Aria lived a miserable life where she couldn’t even afford a proper meal. But Aria’s status changed completely after her mother married the Count. After that, she lived a good life of peace and luxury using her step-father’s money but her step-sister, Mielle was jealous of her.

Mielle used her schemes to kill Aria and her mother. But right before she died, she saw an hourglass.

when she woke up again, she was brought back to the past with all of her memories still intact. To prevent everything that happened and to take revenge on Mielle, she must become an even more wicked villainess than her.

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