Tachiyomi: Complete Guide To The Best Manga Reading App

Tachiyomi is the best Android app for manga lovers. On Tachiyomi, you can read everything from Manga and Manhwa to Webtoons and comics.

It was created by Inorichi in 2016 as an open-source manga reading app that everyone can use and modify for free. Tachiyomi does not host any content itself. It provides hundreds of extensions for download which scrape various manga sites to provide content. For Example, the MangaDex extension scrapes content from the MangaDex website.

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Tachiyomi has more than 600 extensions in the English language alone. It has extensions for 19 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, and many more.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the Best Tachiyomi Extensions and also explain everything you should know about Tachiyomi.

Features of Tachiyomi

  • Easy to use.
  • Manga is available in Multiple Languages.
  • Tracking – Keep track of your manga with MyAnimeList and AniList.
  • Customization – A configurable reader with multiple reading modes, custom color filters, etc.
  • Categories – To categorize your mangas.
  • Unlimited Downloads.
  • No Ads.
  • Incognito Mode – To read you know what.
  • Multiple Themes like Midnight Dark, Green Apple, Yin & Yang, and Pure Black Dark Mode ETC.
  • Automatic Library Update.
  • Backup & Restore your library
  • Security – Secure screen, Password protected and Hide notification Content.

Is Tachiyomi Safe?

Tachiyomi is completely safe. It is the safest manga reading app but some extensions host 18+ content. So, if you are worried about your kid reading such content then be sure not to install any extensions that have NSFW content.

Tachiyomi apk download

You can download Tachiyomi from their official website. Tachiyomi is available in two versions – The Stable version and the Preview version. Download whichever one you prefer and install it.

How to use Tachiyomi | Installation of Extensions

Installing Extensions

  • Navigate to Browse Section > Switch to the Extensions tab
  • Search or pick any extension from the hundreds available and tap install on whichever one you want.
  • Your phone will ask for permission to install from an unknown source. Click Allow.
  • The Tachiyomi app will install the extension.

Add Manga To The Library

  • Once the extension is installed, open it.
  • Search for the manga you want.
  • If you want to find a new manga, you can do it either by scrolling down or you can use filters by clicking the filter button on the bottom right corner.
  • Use the filters option to filter mangas by Genre, Status, Year of release, etc.
  • Once you’ve found the manga you want to read, you can add it to the library and click on the start button to start reading.

Tachiyomi Best Extensions

Extensions are manga sources from different websites. The extensions scrape the various manga sites to extract the manga chapters and display them in the app. The app has hundreds of extensions to use.

I’ve been using Tachiyomi for quite some time now and I don’t think there’s any “best” extension on which you can find everything. You just need to install the best extensions that host the types of content you read like manga or webtoon.

Different extensions provide different types of content like Manga and Manhwa, Comics, etc. Here are some of the best extensions for different types of content.


MangaDex is also one of the best extensions you will find on Tachiyomi. It’s just as good as Manganelo, containing many manga titles.

You can find almost any manga title on MangaDex but sometimes, the quality of the images may not be up to your expectations, so, you can pair it with some other extension.


Webtoon is an online publisher of webtoon comics. Webtoons are digital comics in the form of long strips that you can read on your mobile or laptop by scrolling down. It hosts thousands of original comics and stories in various genres like Romance, comedy, fantasy, and action.

This one’s a highly recommended extension for webtoon and manhwa lovers. There are many original webtoons on it that you would love. You can start with – Lore Olympus, unOrdinary, or I Love Yoo.


Manhua are comics produced in China. These are kind of like Manga but unlike Manga, Manhua are colored and are read from left to right.

What if you could find all the great manhua in one place? ManhuaUS has all the latest Manhua which are updated regularly. It has a high amount and quality of Manhua that you would love.

If you’re also a fan of cultivation stories then you should definitely have the ManhuaUS extension for reading Manhua.


For those of you who love reading Western comics like Avengers, The Sandman, or anything from Marvel and DC, ComicExtra would be great.

ComicExtra is the best Tachiyomi Extension for reading Comics. It offers a very large library comprising both old and new comics of every genre.

How to Add local manga in Tachiyomi

Sometimes you may need to read a manga locally available on your Android. You can read a manga downloaded from somewhere else, in Tachiyomi by following these steps –>

  1. Create a folder named local in the Tachiyomi folder located at the root of the phone’s storage.
  2. Place the manga in the local folder in the correct order i.e., /Tachiyomi/Local/Manga folder/Chapter/Images
  3. You can access this manga in tachiyomi by going to the Sources tab in the Browse section.

Tachiyomi Alternatives For Android

Tachiyomi is a great app for reading manga on Android but if you want an alternative app then you can check out the following which are just as good as Tachyomi.

  • MangaToon – MangaToon is a global manhua and manhwa reading app. It offers a huge amount of titles for you to read though it doesn’t offer any manga. It mostly contains popular manhwa and manhua.
  • Manga Plus – MangaPlus is a website and Android app owned by Shueisha, the owner of the popular JUMP comics. It is available worldwide and you can read all the popular shonen manga titles in many different languages like English and Spanish, etc. On MangaPlus, you can also find the recently released manga.
  • Bilibili Comics – It is one of the best webtoon reading apps. It can downloaded for free but there is some paid content on it. It provides a large number of great manhua titles.
  • Viz Manga – This is an official app from Viz Media, an American manga publisher. Here you can read many hit manga series for free.

Tachiyomi For PC (Windows)

Use an Emulator

You may want to run Tachiyomi on a PC. Here’s how you can do that –>

Download an Emulator like Bluestacks for PC. Also, Download the Tachiyomi apk from their Official website. Once both are downloaded and Bluestacks is installed, Open Bluestacks and install the Tachiyomi app by clicking “Install Apk” and browsing the app file on your device.

Tachiyomi Alternatives For PC

If you don’t want to use emulators then check out these alternatives to Tachiyomi for PC :-

PC Alternatives of Tachiyomi –> YACReader, HakuNeko, Open Comic, and HDoujin for Doujins.

Tachiyomi Alternatives For iOS

Not everyone uses an Android device. If you use an iPhone then you can’t use Tachiyomi since it’s not available on iOS. But there are many Tachiyomi alternatives for iPhones.

iOS Alternatives of Tachiyomi –> Open Comic, MangaStorm.

Errors In Tachiyomi

If you encounter some issues while using the app, you can visit the Official Tachiyomi website. The website has answers to all the common issues that a user can encounter with a source or the app itself.


I have been using Tachiyomi for a long time and I would definitely recommend it to anyone interested in reading Manga.

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