41 Best Enemies to Lovers Webtoon Recommendations

Don’t you just love romance stories where the couple starts out as enemies who hate each other or are on opposite sides of a conflict, but slowly, as they spend more time together, they fall in love and get together?

Enemies to Lovers is one of the most loved genres among romance lovers. The main reason I love these types of stories is that it involves respect…

The characters hate each other in the beginning but as they work together or spend time together, they realize that they have more in common than they thought, and soon that respect turns into love.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 41 Best Romance Enemies to Lovers Manhwa. So, let’s get right to it…

1. After School Lessons for Unripe Apples

The first one on our list isn’t exactly enemies-to-lovers but more of a hate-to-love story. It’s by Soon-Ki, the author of the Cheese in the Trap manhwa.

Set in 1998, Mi-ae is a normal girl in her final year of middle school. Instead of falling in love, she’s more interested in going home and reading comics. One day, a boy she used to know named Cheol Kim, comes back to their town and transfers into her school.

2. Purple Hyacinth

Years ago, Lauren lost her family to a secret organization called ‘The Phantom Scythe’. Now working as a police officer, she uses her lie-detecting ability to catch criminals.

She would do anything to take down the Phantom Scythe, even joining hands with her worst enemy “Purple Hyacinth”, the most powerful member of the Phantom Scythe, but why is he helping her?

3. Roxana

In the novel ‘The Abysmal Flower’, Roxana is destined to die along with her family after her father kidnaps the heroine’s older brother, Cassis Pedelian.

As a reader of the novel is reincarnated as the villainess Roxana, she must take matters into her own hands. Cassis is the only one who can help her but first, she must earn his trust.

4. Semantic Error

Sangwoo Choo is all about following the rules. He’s part of a group for a project but every other member of the group makes some excuse and he’s forced to do all the work himself. So, he decides not to give credit to his free-riding group mates.

Jaeyoung, a senior about to graduate, was also part of his group and he failed due to Sangwoo not giving him credit, delaying his plans to study abroad.

Soon, he’s also forced to work with Jaeyoung on a mobile game that he’s developing after his original designer leaves. Will they be able to work with each other when their personalities are like oil and water?

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5. A Good Day to Be a Dog

High school teacher Hana is cursed to turn into a dog every night if she ever kisses anyone.

She made sure to never kiss a man but one night, after getting drunk, she ended up kissing her fellow teacher Seon Jin, who hates her for some reason.

To break the curse, she must kiss him again, as a dog!!

6. Red Candy

Code Name “Red Candy” is one of the best secret agents who can complete any dangerous mission, disarm any enemy, and gather any intel necessary. His real name is Shihyeon and his next task is to extract information from a handsome college professor named Hajun.

So, he tries to seduce Hajun but instead gets seduced by Hajun’s hot body. Now, he must choose between his loyalty to his spy agency and his feelings for Hajun. Will Red Candy go rogue?

7. The Girl and the Geek

Nanhee has been trying for a civil service exam for 5 years. She just started working as a cleaning lady at a gaming company to pay rent.

Deokhoo is the nerdiest and filthiest guy she’s ever met and when his super expensive figurine goes missing during her shift, she’s blamed for it. Now, she must pay him back by cleaning his apartment for free.

8. Revolutionary Princess Eve

Princess Eve spent most of her life trying to free the Homunculis, a group of men artificially created to serve the royal family. But, she gets killed by the same people she wanted to protect.

Waking up 8 years in the past, she appoints the future Homunculi king as her knight with a plan to prevent the rebellion and liberate them simultaneously.

9. Unlucky Mansion

Kang Eon Ju realized that her designed clothes would never go on display, so, she hands in her resignation. Her landlord kicked her out of her room for letting an extra person stay there without permission.

Now, she doesn’t have a job or a place to live and has to crash at her friend’s house. So, when she gets a chance to work at a mansion as a live-in caretaker, she takes it. But the owner of the mansion is a jerk who constantly gets on her nerves. How will her new life as a caretaker play out?

10. An Hour of Romance

Jooahn is a career-driven woman who rules with an iron fist at her marketing job, while Dojin is the complete opposite of her.

After a visit to a temple results in them switching bodies for an hour every day, they must work together to protect their jobs and reputations, and also find a way to break the curse.

11. ‘Til Debt Do Us Part

Subin is infamously stubborn and she has no intentions of getting married anytime soon but her mom keeps pestering her to settle down.

After rejecting a guy her mom set her up with, she runs into Yejun Ji, an old classmate to whom she’s in debt. He asks her to repay her debt by marrying him for a year.

Yejun’s father is forcing him to get married within a month or he can kiss his inheritance goodbye. So, he decides to enter a contract marriage with Subin for a year. The only problem is – they piss each other off.

12. Miss Time

Gaon gets invited to her old friend Sera’s wedding with a famous writer. But, Sera doesn’t want to marry him anymore and Gaon helps her run away.

Soon, Gaon and Sera find themselves back in time, and turns out that Sera’s future fiancee is actually in the same class as Gaon, and it seems he has feelings for her.

13. Who Invited You?

As a kid, Jade spent a month in China because of her father’s work and became friends with a boy named Joon.

Years later, they meet again, as Joon will be staying at her house for some time. But, he’s not the same sweet boy she remembers.

14. The Heart Has Its Reasons

Clara and Charles have been enemies since college. Years later, Clara breaks up with her long time boyfriend to pursue her dream as an actress.

She runs into Charles who’s now a big star but is also going through a break up. The enemies soon turn into frenimies and maybe more…

15. For Better or For Worse

Lady Dillion realizes that she’s actually a character in a romance novel she read in her last life. According to the novel’s plot, her sister is destined to die after marrying Marquess Cedric.

So, she decides to marry him herself. But, what will she do once the real heroine of the story appear?

16. Not-Sew-Wicked Stepmom

In this story based on Cinderella, a children’s clothing designer is reincarnated as the evil stepmother of Princess Blanche.

But, instead of tormenting her daughter, she decides to design all kinds of clothes for her and shower her with love. Maybe she’ll be able to win over the grumpy king as well.

17. Goodbye, In-Law!

Haneul and Dahae never got along. In high school, due to an incident, Dahae thought he was a douchebag and he thought she was a bully.

Years later, her sister is getting married but the groom’s turns out to be Haneul’s older brother.

After the newly wed couple passes away in a car accident, Haneul and Dahae find themselves years into the past. With only a diary to rely on, they must put their difference aside and save their siblings.

18. Taming the Tomboy

Katerina is a strong woman who refuses to marry any man her father chooses for her. But her father has announced that her younger sister Bianca can only get married after her.

So, Bianca hires the biggest playboy in the city, Petruchio, to seduce her sister within a month. Will he be able to do it?

19. Perfect Half

The world, once ruled by men, has changed completely. Now, the world is divided into two rival kingdoms of men and women.

The story follows an ordinary solder named Haerang who gets chosen to be the mate of Arah Yoonseul, the incarnation of Aria and one of the most powerful women in the world.

20. Chasing the Sun

Xiao An had to move with her distant relative because of her high school. She ended up getting dragged to a bar by her sister and her friends where she meets a very kind and handsome guy.

The next day, she meets him again but he’s nothing like he was the day before. He’s a complete jerk!!

21. Reminiscence Adonis

Ianna loved Arhad more than anything but life had other plans. They become enemies and her life ends during a battle against him.

But, she gets reincarnated into the past. The two are destined to face each other as enemies. Will history repeat itself?

22. No Outtakes

Jaerin is in love with Hwi, the main character in her favorite drama. She even gets a job as an extra in the show, but the actor playing Hwi is the complete opposite of his character.

After an accident on the set almost kills them, they get transported into the world of the drama. Now, she must play the role of the main heroine and save the world along with the arrogant male lead.

23. A Royal Princess with Black Hair

Caruel and Euricienne both hate their political marriage and wish to choose their partners themselves. Both plan to make the other one ask for divorce first.

But, they’re forced to work together to take down the enemies who threaten their lives and the entire kingdom. Will they be able to end their marriage before they fall in love??

24. Demon X Angel, Can’t Get Along!

With one of the best art, this manhua follows a pair of demon and angel forced to live together for one year.

After years of war, the demons and the angels have decided to live peacefully by having the demon prince marry an angel. With divorce as their goal, Jiacheng and Shanshan start their married life.

25. The Spark in Your Eyes

This is a very well-written romance with amazing art, but it’s a slow-burn.

Erkin’s entire family was killed by the infamous Witch of the Sun. For years he’s been looking for her while working as a pharmacist.

One day, he gets summoned to treat the master of a castle suffering from an unknown illness. Maybe he’ll finally get his revenge.

26. I Raised a Black Dragon

After she dies from overworking, an ordinary office worker possesses the soul of the villainess Eleanora from a novel she reads.

She abandons her role as the villainess and retires to the countryside, away from the main story. Until, a dragon imprints on her instead of the heroine.

27. Dubious Moon

Shiwon recently got dumped by her boyfriend and all her anger shifts on her emotionless boss whom she secretly has feelings for.

After getting drunk at a party, she ends up calling out his rude behavior and also, confesses her feelings. Surprisingly, he agrees to date her!!

28. SubZero

Clove is the princess of a near-extinct clan. Her whole life, she was forced to make difficult decisions and the one she made now, was the worst of them all.

Her clan had been at war with another nation for three hundred years. In the last attempt at peace, she makes a sacrifice and offers herself in a political marriage to the enemy prince.

29. Scorching Romance

Ember has a weird condition where she feels extremely hot even in winter. It is a curse that can only be broken if she kisses a guy who has the complete opposite condition than her.

Aspen Cha recently transferred to the same class as her and he may be able to help her.

30. How to Hide the Emperor’s Child

Astelle was the empress only for one day. Her childhood friend, Emperor Kaizen married her for political reasons and abandoned her after he was done.

But, no one knew that she was pregnant with his child. Six years later, Kaizen visits her again.

31. Touch Your Heart

Oh Jinshim’s acting career ended after a scandal, but she might make a comeback when a famous screenwriter offers her the lead role in a legal drama.

To prepare for the role, she starts working as a legal secretary to lawyer Kwon Jungrok, who is a cold-hearted jerk!!

32. To Love Your Enemy

Yeonhee Bae has lived her entire life telling lies. She’s mastered the art of lying and uses it to pave her way through life. But now, she’s decided to change and make a new start as a college student, one without lies.

On her first day of college, she runs into someone from her past who knows a secret of hers that could ruin her reputation, and thus, her hopes for a new start come crumbling down.

33. No Love Zone

Eunkyum is a typical office worker and even though he’s new, he already has a great relationship with his colleagues due to his friendly and sociable personality. The only thing he’s not good at is love and that’s because he always falls for the good-for-nothing handsome jerks.

When a newly promoted manager joins his company, he’s thrilled to find out that the guy is totally his type. But soon he starts to hate his new boss because he made his life hell.

34. His Devilish New Hire

Jieun finally confessed to her co-woker Mr. Kang after an office party.

But, because of how drunk she was at the time, she didn’t realize that the person she was confessing to was her venomous boss Ma Seonhjun. Now, he thinks she’s in love with him and there’s no turning back for her.

35. So I Married an Anti-Fan

Struggling reporter Geun-young Lee takes a picture of the famous actor Joon Hoo dumping a young girl.

The photo she took can ruin his perfect image, so, he goes as far as forcing her company to fire her. Because of him, she loses her job and apartment.

She makes it her mission to ruin his life at all costs, but as she gets to know him better, she realizes that there’s more to him than it seems. Soon, bringing him down becomes a lot harder for her.

36. Your Majesty, Please Spare Me This Time

Laliette was killed along with her entire family by the Emperor, so when she finds her years into the past, she makes it her mission to suck up to the Emperor.

Will she be able to gain the favor of the cruel Prince Rapertte, who’s masquerading as a princess!??

37. Falling for the Enemy

Lorellia Vo Deville is the Empire’s only Marchioness and the only female commander of knights. When she lost her parents, she decided to learn swordsmanship to protect herself.

She worked hard to reach her current position but she can’t catch a break due to just one person – Duke Edgar, the commander of the 1st Knights. He’s always meddling in her business.

But, she has no idea that he actually has feelings for her. This is the story of falling in love with an enemy.

38. How to Use an Angel

Kiom gets kidnapped by some maniacs planning to use her as an offering in a sacrificial ritual. Just as she is about to be killed, a handsome and powerful man appears out of nowhere.

Her savior turns out to be an angel and her kidnappers are demons. It seems she might not be a human either.

39. Devilish Romance

Demon Sitri was falsely framed for a crime he didn’t commit and was exiled from hell. Now, he has to live on Earth as a human and work to earn money.

Even though he can’t stand his new boss at first, he soon starts to develop feelings for her. Check out some more Demon Romance Manhwa.

40. Revenge Wedding

Sasha has no plans to ever marry anyone as she loves her single and luxurious life as it is. But, one day, she finds herself in a wedding dress on a ship in the middle of nowhere.

Someone has made an elaborate plan to have her marry Demetriu Cyprosa, the empire’s greatest hero and the greatest jerk.

41. Dear Nemesis

Calmia was finally able to kill her archenemy Rudbeckia, but in the next moment, she finds herself years into the past on the cursed day she lost her brother and became the sole heir to the family.

This time, she must save him. But, why does Rudbeckia in this timeline wants to marry her?

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