Top 8 Gender Bender Manhwa/Webtoon To Read

In Gender Bender stories, one of the main characters dresses up and acts like the opposite sex. The character may be doing this for a number of reasons like hiding their identity as a girl or a boy.

These kinds of scenarios are always fun because of the misunderstandings and if you like the comedy genre then you will definitely like these manhwa/webtoons.

So, here are the 8 best gender-bender manhwa/webtoons to read :-

  • Light and Shadow
  • Our Relationship is…
  • Lady Beast
  • Miss 180
  • Boy’s Lipstick
  • Daughter of the Spirit King
  • The Villain Discovered My Identity
  • The Young Lady I Served Became a Young Master

1. Light and Shadow

Duke Eli is to marry a noble lady in an arranged marriage but instead of a noble lady, the other side sent a lowly servant named Edna. It was an insult to a Duke like him but he had to accept the situation.

Edna is not as lowly or stupid as other think but she does a good job of hiding it. She has her own motives for marrying the Duke in place of the noble lady who was originally supposed to marry him.

What will Edna do when her husband treats her horribly? Will Duke Eli and Edna be able to find love before drawing swords at each other? It is based on a hit Korean web novel. Warning – Explicit Sex, Violence, Rape (but only in the beginning chapters).

2. Our Relationship is…

First of all, Friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes and this manhwa did a fabulous job at it. If you also love friends to lovers then definitely check out this one. It’s a very simple and easy read you would love.

Han Woojin and Do Gayoung are best friends but others think that must at least be something going on between them. There’s something about their relationship that’s hard to label as friendship.

They both develop feelings for each other but are too afraid to admit it in the fear of ruining their friendship.

What will become of these two people who are “Just friends”? Find out yourself in this romantic comedy about a college couple that will make your heart race.

3. Lady Beast

Elissa is a quiet princess who lived a miserable life in the royal palace and her only goal is to survive in this world that has treated her so cruelly. To get away from her miserable life, she agrees to marry Duke Jin Jo of the Landall Kingdom.

But What is this? Why am I in Duke Jin Jo’s body? An Evil curse switched my husband’s body with mine!! Now, they must work together to break the curse while also getting used to their physical changes.

With banquets to attend and family friends to fool, will they be able to switch back before people find out? or will they be stuck like this forever?

4. Miss 180

Known as “Flower boy beauty”, Ban Seou is tall, has outstanding looks, fighting skills, and great athletic abilities, all of which make Ban a great catch for the girls but the thing is that Ban is actually a girl!!

She couldn’t find any girl’s uniform for her size and ended up buying a boy’s uniform for her new high school due to which everyone mistook her for a boy.

Now, she must work hard to get the attention of her crush who also thinks she is a boy. Miss 180 is a fantastic manhwa, especially for people who want a twist on a romantic comedy.

5. Boy’s Lipstick

B-Magic is the hottest beauty vlogger in the beauty industry. Everyone loves her videos. But she hides a secret that no one knows about. B-Magic is not actually a girl but rather just a high school boy.

His mother was an actress who always wore pretty makeup and he learned the art of makeup from her. In high school, he gets involved with a handsome classmate. Will his classmates uncover his identity?

Find out in this Gender bender romance webtoon that got selected by Korea Manhwa Contents Agency as part of its support for the promotion of the Manhwa Industry Project.

6. Daughter of the Spirit King

Haein was at a swimming pool and it was just another normal day for her until she drowned in a mysterious whirlpool and lost consciousness. When she wakes up again, she finds herself at the bottom of the ocean where she meets the Water Elemental King, a being with absolute power.

Turns out, she is the daughter of the Elemental king and a half-elf. Will she be able to survive in this completely new world when an elemental king isn’t even supposed to have a child? What powers does she hold as the daughter of an Elemental King?

7. The Villain Discovered My Identity

Seo Yuri was a normal girl and a former Kendo expert. One day, she got into an accident and got reincarnated in a novel as a side character. Her character, Selena is destined to die at the hands of the prince along with her family after her brother, a soldier, abandons his position and runs away.

To protect herself and her entire family, she decides to enlist in the military but since only men can join, she decides to cross-dress as a boy and join in her brother’s name.

Now, she must work hard to hide her identity while the Villainous crown prince is dead set on making her (or him) part of his top soldiers. Will Selena be able to avoid getting caught by the villain?

8. The Young Lady I Served Became a Young Master

After she woke up inside the world of a novel, Blair decided to help the female lead Lady Chloe as she goes through a lot in her life. She spends years taking care of Lady Chloe as a maid but then she gets kicked out of the house.

Chloe had a tough life just for being an illegitimate child. The only person who was ever nice to her was her maid Blair. They soon form a friendship but then Blaire one day left without a message.

Years later, a handsome man came to see Blair and it turns out the handsome young man is Lady Chloe. Lady Chloe is actually Lord Claude!! And He is here to get her back. Enjoy this Fantasy Shoujo romance manhwa.

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