Top 12 Action Manhwa Manhua With OP MC Recommendations

Top 10 Action Manhwa With OP MC [Recommendations]

Who doesn’t love an OP protagonist kicking some ass? Everyone does. But I’ve seen most of the lists on the internet of Manhwa with OP MC and they all recommend mostly the same Manhwas.

That is why I’ve tried my best to recommend Manhwa that are great but are not super well known. Most of these manhwa are fairly new with about 50-60 chapters on average, so do check them out.

10 Best Action Manhwa with OP MC are :-

  • Rebirth
  • Purple Hyacinth
  • The Blood of The Butterfly
  • Return of the Mount Hua Sect
  • Solo Necromancy
  • I Get Stronger The More I Eat
  • Hero Killer
  • The Warrior Returns
  • A Useless Villain
  • Hand Jumper
  • Cultivator VS Superhero
  • Above The Heavens

1. Rebirth

One day, the sun disappeared and people suddenly lost consciousness. When the sun reappeared, the world was no longer the same. Humanity no longer stood at the top of the food chain and zombies roamed the streets.

Noah Collins used to be a rich businessman but he lost everything after that day. Six years after the solar eclipse, Collins is about to die, filled with regrets. His wife and son betrayed him, and he always regretted abandoning his older son after finding out his wife cheated on him with his brother.

But fortunately, he finds himself in the past, one day before everything went to ruins. Will he be able to correct his mistakes and change the future? Who sent him back in time and why?

2. Purple Hyacinth

Lauren has the ability to detect lies which helped her become a great officer of the law. In a gruesome incident years ago, her family was killed by a secret organization called “The Phantom Scythe”.

She would do anything to get her revenge and stop the secret organization, even if it means joining hands with “The Purple Hyacinth”, the most powerful and deadliest assassin in the entire Phantom Scythe. But why would he join hands with a police officer?

Will she be able to get her revenge? What is the Purple Hyacinth’s motive? Why did he betray the Phantom Scythe organization?

3. The Blood of The Butterfly

In the year 2020, a giant bug appeared in the middle of New York City. When no amount of normal weapons could kill the bug, Scientists created a Biochemical weapon capable of destroying the bug.

But all it did was spread a toxic gas all around the world which led to the death of most of the population on Earth while the bug survived and split into countless smaller bugs.

The only people that survived were the residents of Seoul, because of a protective barrier created by a scientist who anticipated the side effects of the chemical.

The story follows Maehwa as he struggles to find out what happened during the past 13 years of his life which he just can’t seem to remember. Why does the mere sight of blood make him go berserk? What’s this power that he holds?

4. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

To defeat the powerful Heavenly Demon Chun Ma, an alliance of some of the strongest sects in the world was formed, with the Mount Hua sect leading the attack.

Chung Myung was finally able to kill Chun Ma, the Heavenly Demon responsible for the death of countless people including many warriors from the Mount Hua Sect, Chung Myung’s Sect. Before the demon died, he said one thing – “This is not the end”.

After the battle, Chung Myung died from his injuries but what he didn’t expect was to be reincarnated 100 years in the future. 100 year in the future and Chung Myung finds out that the Mount Hua sect has fallen.

What happened to the sect? Follow him on his journey to rebuild one of the greatest sects in the world.

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5. Solo Necromancy

All of a sudden, the world changed completely. Actually, It would be better to say that the world was ending. Normal had no meaning anymore and monsters you would only see in stories appeared everywhere. A screen appeared in front of everyone and asked them to choose a class.

Most people chose classes like warriors and mages but Sungoo chose the class with the most stars – Necromancer, a rare ability that allows him to revive the dead and control them. Now, Sungoo must survive in this world turned hell but he’s not alone, at least he has his companions risen from death.

6. I Get Stronger The More I Eat

Mr. Kim, infamously known as “Pet Shop”, has a special ability – he can absorb the skills and appearance of any creature that he eats. He eats every animal he can get his hands on even if he has to commit crimes to get the endangered animals.

Over the years, he’s eaten many kinds of animals and gained many abilities but his crimes also got the attention of the police. And one day, he is killed by an undercover police officer investigating his case.

But he is transported to a different world, one full of magical creatures like orcs, golems, monster wolves, and many more. Now, Pet Shop is determined to become the most powerful being in the world by eating!!

7. Hero Killer

The story is set in a world filled with heroes and villains with super powers. The heroes stop the evil villains but the question is – if the heroes are here to clean up the evil and corrupt villains, Whose job is it to stop the corrupt heroes?

One lone girl is out to get revenge on a hero that killed her sister. She doesn’t know who he is and that is why she decides to just kill them all, one by one, over and over until she finds the one who murdered her sister.

But the heroes aren’t someone she can kill that easily. Will this hero killer succeed in her mission?

8. The Warrior Returns

Minsu Kim was summoned to another world as a hero. He fulfilled his role and saved the world from the demon king. When he returned to his world, he found that his mother had died in a car accident and his father overwhelmed by grief had committed suicide.

He had worked hard to save another world but he couldn’t protect his own family and everyone blamed him for what happened as they thought he had run away from home and his mother died while searching for him.

Anger took over Minsu and he decided to destroy this unfair world he used to call home. But what’s this? Another returning hero from another world? Check out this Amazing Action manhwa about returning heroes fighting to the death, all for revenge. Who will Win??

9. A Useless Villain

Dongjin Kim is one of the strongest villains in the world who wants to destroy humanity in its entirety. But what’s the point of being super powerful if he can’t even kill one person? That’s right he can’t.

Every time he uses his powers to kill, someone turns back the time and starts it all over again while Dongjin is the only one who retains his memory. Will Dongjin be able to escape from this time loop? and Who’s the one turning back the time?

Dongjin will kill everyone just to find the one standing between him and the complete annihilation of humanity.

10. Hand Jumper

Sayeon Lee’s entire family is Aberrants, people with supernatural abilities, but the thing is her family is not one of the good guys who protect the innocents. They’re criminals who live outside the law, wreakinh havoc.

Those aged 10-18 must take a test that determined whether they are an Aberrant and now, it’s Sayeon’s turn to take the test. She is determined to not become like the rest of her family and use her powers for good – if she can just figure out how to use it.

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