best manhwa with leveling system

15+ Best Manhwa with Leveling Systems

Manhwa with leveling system has been the rage recently. Like Solo Leveling which is one of the best-known and most popular webtoons that is even getting an anime adaptation.

An overpowered system, stunning art, interesting characters, and an amazing plot, put all these in one story and you’ve got my attention. I think we all love to see an MC who levels up, becomes stronger, and eventually becomes unstoppable. It’s thrilling when the level of the MC increases, making him stronger and stronger.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a system, it’s basically a game-like feature that the characters may possess and this game-like system helps them level up and increase their stats.

In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best Manhwa where MC has a system.

1. Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint

Kim Dokja loved to read a web novel called ‘Three Ways to Survive the Apocalypse, but the novel wasn’t doing well because people considered it to be plagiarized from a more popular novel when it was actually the other way around.

Dokja was the only one who read the ending of the novel. And right after he read the ending, the novel turned into reality. Now, the world became a game where they must complete certain quests and become stronger. Many read the novel but Dokja is the only one who read it all the way through and knows how it ends.

He soon grabs the attention of the original protagonist Junghyeok Yu, a regressor who’s repeated his life multiple times but still couldn’t prevent the world from ending. Maybe Dokja can do what even the protagonist couldn’t.

2. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Suddenly one day, the Shadow Labyrinth appeared in the world which marked the start of world destruction. Desir is a powerful magician who lost many people in the past decade and now, being the only humans left he and his party fight the monsters in the Labyrinth.

Soon, they all died as well but Desir woke up 13 years in the past, three years before the Shadow labyrinth appeared. Even though he knows the terrible future that awaits them, he still thinks that things can be changed and decides to better train his friends, so that they are more powerful when facing the monsters.

He joins the Hebrion Magic Academy and starts to slowly gather allies that would play a major role in future battles. Can he use his future knowledge to prevent the cursed future from ever happening or will the returned magician lose once again?

3. Kill The Hero

One day, the world changed. Monsters, Dungeon, players, and everything else that you would find in a game, now existed in the real world. Woojin, a member of the strongest hero’s party, is one of the many players who fight to put an end to this game and return the world to normal.

On the final level, just as when Woojin and the rest are about to fight the final boss, he is betrayed by the leader and his friends. They don’t want to finish the game as it would cause them to lose their powers which they plan to use to rule the world. Just like that Woojin is killed by the hero.

But he gets to start all over again. He is sent back in time to before he even met the hero. This time, he doesn’t care about saving the world. He doesn’t care about the heroes. He will become a Villain and kill the hero.

4. FFF-Class Trash hero

Hansoo had an ordinary high school life. But then one day, he was transported to a world called Fantasia. The world needed a hero to defeat the demon lord and Hansoo became that hero.

Even though his party members made it hard for him to live a good life in this world, he somehow defeated the demon lord. He was happy that now he would get to go back home but then he met the god who summoned him to this world and he handed him a report card.

Hansoo had excellent scores in everything except personality, in which he had an F. So, god sent him back in time and told him to redo everything.

5. Second Life Ranker

Yeonwoo’s brother one day vanished all of a sudden. He never found him or even heard of him until one day years later, when he received a diary and a pocket watch, both of which belonged to his brother.

After reading the diary, he finds out that his brother was transported to a game-like world where he became a powerful person and worked to bring peace to the world but he was betrayed and killed by his friends and girlfriend.

Now, he must go to the same world, use the knowledge his brother left him, become stronger, and defeat the people who betrayed his brother. Will he be able to navigate through this world and get his revenge?

6. Taebaek: The Tutorial Man

Taebaek is an NPC in a game world. His job is to train new players and prepare them for the upcoming quests. One day, after training some players, he goes back home and finds his house on fire. The house was burned by some kidnappers who were trying to kidnap his wife.

He tried to stop them from kidnapping his wife but he was too weak to stop them. After that day, he trained every day to master his skills and now, his skills are LV. 999.

So, he sets out on a quest to find his wife and kill the kidnappers.

7. Tomb Raider King

All of a sudden, the world changed completely when strange and mysterious tombs appeared throughout the world. The tombs later came to be known as The Tombs of Gods because of the relics and artifacts each tomb contained. The relics granted abilities and powers to their wielder.

Jooheon Suh is a tomb explorer working for a big corporate. He explores unknown tombs and finds relics for the company. But one day, he got betrayed by his boss and died.

He woke up 15 years in the past before the tombs appeared. Now, using his immense knowledge of all the tombs, he will steal the relics for himself and become the Tomb Raider king.

8. SSS-Class Suicide Hunter

The story starts like many others. A tower appeared in the world. Hunters came into existence and explored that tower. This eventually led to the formation of guilds. And the world changed.

Kim Gong-ja is a mediocre and normal person living a mundane life. That is until he awakens an S-rank skill that lets him copy other people’s skills. But to copy their skill, he must die and he would copy the skill of the one who kills him. What’s the point of having an S-rank skill if he dies?

The next day, he witnesses the No. 1 Hero murdering someone. The hero notices him and kills him too, activating his skill. He copies the No.1 hero’s skill -the ability to go back in time when he dies.

Follow him as he combines these two skills to become the best.

9. The Lone Spellcaster

One day, monsters appeared out of dimensional cracks. The monsters killed many humans but then people with special abilities came forward and defeated the monsters. These people came to be known as the “Awakened”.

Dohyeok Park is not awakened. He’s just an ordinary office worker whose biggest worry is landing a major business deal. On the way to the meeting, he gets trapped in a monster outbreak. With death before his eyes, he awakens his powers.

His awakening is different than others. It is a rare form that gives him tremendous powers. But his strange awakening also attracts powerful enemies.

10. I Woke Up as the Villain

Yuseong is a normal office worker. While working overtime, he falls asleep and when he opens his eyes again, he finds himself in the world of a novel as a foolish villain who is destined to die after being used and manipulated by other characters.

His character is a guy born into wealth but hated by his family due to his violet tantrums and uselessness. His first priority is to change the course of the story to prevent his death. So, he finds a way to awaken his character’s abilities and become an Awakened.

Now, he must level up, gather allies, climb the ranks, and make sure to not get involved with the novel’s main character.

11. Overgeared

Shin Youngwoo lives a sad life. In real life, he’s stuck working at construction sites, and in the popular game “Satisfy”, he’s a low-level player no one knows about. However, one-day lady luck smiles upon him and a finds a legendary item in the game that grants him the ability to forge legendary grade gears and weapons.

He decides to use this ability to become a top player in the game, earn money and fame, and change his life completely. But soon, his very existence in the game stirs up trouble. Follow Youngwoo as he becomes a legend in the world of Satisfy by over-gearing himself with legendary equipment.

12. Nano Machine

Cheon Yeo Woon is the bastard son of the High Priest. Because of his bastard status, he has been cursed his whole life and endured many hardships. Even though his mother is not one of the official wives, his father’s blood running through his veins still gives him the right to be the successor of the High Priest.

His siblings sent assassins to get rid of him even though he gave up on his succession right. But just as he’s about to die, someone from the future suddenly appears. The person from the future installs nanomachines into his body.

Follow Yeo Woon as he uses the technology of the future to become the strongest cultivator and defeat his powerful siblings in the fierce succession battles.

13. Level Up with the Gods

Kim Yu Won trained his entire life to become strong and he reached the level of gods. H fought alongside other gods against the outer gods who wanted to destroy their world but in the end, they all lost, losing everything. Inner gods could never defeat the outer gods.

But just as they’re all about to give up, Chronos, the god of time proposes a solution. Go back to the old world line and start over. But who will be the one to go back in time? Every god chooses Yu Won because he has the highest chance of becoming stronger than the outer gods.

Once again, he climbs the tower. can he win against the outer gods?

14. Return to Player

The gods were bored, so they started a game. They turned Earth into a world filled with monsters and gave humans a system that helps them become stronger by leveling up. They forced the players to fight the monsters for their amusement.

One by one everyone died and Sehan Kim was the only one left. He cleared the game and was about to kill himself, but then he heard a notification. An item that can grant him a chance to start over was granted to him as a reward for clearing the game.

Already knowing how everything will play out, he’s determined to change the future of Earth and its people by beating the gods in their own game.

15. Dungeon Reset

Dawoon lived an ordinary life until one day, he gets summoned into a game-like dungeon. In the dungeon, he must become stronger, complete deadly quests, fight monsters, and somehow survive if he wants to go back. But unfortunately, he’s just a crafter, someone who’s not fit for combat and has zero fighting skills.

He falls into a trap and was about to die but gets saved because of a glitch in the dungeon system which resets the game and somehow, he’s gained strange abilities that may just come in handy.

Now, the rules of the game don’t apply to him. What does the future hold for him?

16. Solo Glitch Player

Shin loves playing the MMO game called Paradiso. He knows everything about the game from hidden treasures to powerful artifacts and all the glitches in the game.

One day, after playing the game for a ridiculous amount of time, he passes out and dies. He wakes up in the body of a useless lord of a poor area, in the world of Paradiso.

Using the knowledge he gained from playing the game for years, he’s going to take advantage of all the glitches and become the main character of the game.

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