14 Best Necromancer Manhwa You Must Read

Even though Necromancers are often portrayed as evil people who control the dead to commit atrocities, it is one of the coolest abilities a character can have. It allows the person to summon dead people and monsters, and use them to take out even armies. The stronger a Necromancer is the stronger the summoned creatures.

There are some great manga with necromancer mc that I’m going to talk about today in this article. So, without further ado, here are the 14 Best Necromancer Manhwa with OP MC.

14. The God of Death

The God of Death is a good manhua with a fast-paced story.

Xue Wuxuan is a thug living his life just for the sake of living. One day, after drinking too much, he gets hit by a truck and his soul separates from his body. Strange energy enters his soul and grants him the powerful Yanluo system, a system that helps its host become the leader of Hell.

Of millions of candidates, Wuxuan was the only one who met the requirements and became the chosen “Host”. Now, with the help of the system, he must travel through thousands of realms and become the strongest in the universe.

13. Blind Faith Descent

Would you choose to be a slave? No sane person would do that but after being chosen by the god Kronos, Zion willingly becomes a slave. He spends his days working in the Catacombs and nights in the princess’s bed. For over 10 years he’s been secretly training as a Necromancer under one of the strongest necromancers in the world.

One day, when the princess gets attacked by an assassin, he’s forced to reveal his powers in front of everyone. What does fate have in store for him?

With the hopes of one day fighting against the powerful knights and getting his revenge, he trains hard to master the art of necromancy but was he really chosen by a god or was it the Devil himself who chose him as his successor?

12. Hail The King

Sun Fei was just an ordinary guy living a pathetic life. after his parents passed away. One day, he went out to get some beer and something fell on him and he lost consciousness. When he woke up again, he had transmigrated into the body of King Alexandra, the king of a small kingdom.

The kingdom was on the verge of destruction due to its incompetent king and the nobles who wanted to take advantage of him. Follow the King as he prevents his kingdom’s downfall and rises to become the conqueror of the world.

Hail the King is a good manhua with an interesting story, a cool art style, and a protagonist done right.

11. Seoul Station’s Necromancer

One day, Kang Woojin got transported to another planet called Alphen. After spending 20 years in that world, fighting monsters and honing his skills as a necromancer, he was finally able to find a way back home.

On Earth, it had only been 5 years but it was not the same Earth due to the appearance of dungeons and monsters. Since he can’t use his powers for some reason, Woojin must become a strong player to prevent the large-scale monster invasion that threatens the survival of the human race.

I would say the plot isn’t something new in the manhwa world but the story is well-written and the characters are interesting which makes it a good read. The art is good and the story flows smoothly.

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10. The Reborn Ranker Chronicles

necromancer manhwa

Kang Taeha chose necromancy as his ability even though it was known as the worst ability a hunter can have. He spent years working hard and was finally able to become one of the only five SSS-rank hunters in the world.

But then he was betrayed by his own guild and after a battle that went on for over six months, he finally decided to put an end to it all. After dying, he wakes up in a different world as the delinquent heir to a powerful family.

Though he wishes to leave his killing days behind, with his relatives after his life, he must become a powerful necromancer once again. Will he be able to combine both necromancy and martial arts to become the strongest in the world?

9. The Lone Necromancer

After completing his mandatory service in the military, Seongwu returned to college and was planning to live a normal life. But his normal life seems impossible when one day a mysterious screen appears in front of everyone in his class.

The screen asks them to choose a class and he selects Necromancer, a rare ability that grants him the power to control the dead. With the world turned upside down due to the appearance of monsters, Seongwu must use his powers to reanimate dead monsters and somehow survive.

A fast-paced flow without leaving any important details out makes this manhwa a great read. The art is also amazing with gritty shading and texture.

8. The Dark Magician Transmigrates After 66,666 Years

Fearing his powers, the twelve gods conspired against the dark mage Diablo Volpir and sealed him off. After 66,666 years, he was finally able to escape through a crack in the barrier. His soul gets reborn as Jamie Welton, the eldest son of the Seldon Kingdom’s Count family.

9 years later, he’s living a quiet life with a loving family and only a fraction of his real power. Hell-bent on getting his revenge on the gods, he plans to become stronger than ever.

The art in this manhwa is one of the best I’ve seen. With an OP MC and nice side characters, it makes a good read. If you liked The Great Mage who Returns after 4000 years, then you’d like this one as well.

7. Catastrophic Necromancer

Lin Moyue was transmigrated into a game with awakeners and classes. The day he’s been waiting for is finally here: the Day of Awakening. He will finally be able to awaken and achieve a class.

But, the class he got was Necromancer, a unique hidden class, which means he is the only necromancer in the world.

6. Boundless Necromancer

On the day of the catastrophe, he lost his parents and pledged to become a hunter and kill all the monsters. Seven Years later, the world is treating him harshly as he gets kicked out of the Hunter training center because of his trash talent as a hunter.

But he didn’t give up and his will was recognized by the Tower of Trial. He gets transported inside the tower with many others. Since the rewards are directly proportional to the difficulty of the trial, he chooses the hardest difficulty. Will he be able to survive with his pathetic stats?

5. Necromancer Survival

Choi Yikyung is a weak and unconfident “User” who awakened as a necromancer but unfortunately, his class is considered the weakest of all. One day, he finds himself in a strange place where he encounters the corpse of Seo Dawon.

Seo Dawon used to be the leader of the most powerful guild in the world but he died during the worst dungeon accident in history. After his death, a slew of crimes and corrupt activities were revealed.

Now, Seo Dawon’s soul is under a special contract with Choi Yikyung and must serve as his companion. It’s good to have a companion while exploring dangerous dungeons, especially when the companion is a powerful and handsome man.

The story starts light-hearted with Dawon constantly teasing Yikyung but things soon take a turn and become dark and sinister. You would love the action and the characters in this manhwa.

4. Kill The Hero

Woojin was abandoned as a baby and all his life was treated like an animal by society. He hated the world and didn’t trust anyone, but he made the mistake of trusting Se-Jun Lee, the first player and also the strongest player in the world.

Woojin joined him and his guild to protect the world from monsters and the tower, but just as they were about to put an end to it all, he was betrayed by Se-Jun who wanted to prevent the world from going back to normal.

He gets sent back in time to before he met Se-Jun and this time instead of saving the world, his goal is to kill the strongest player in the world. He will stop at nothing to kill the hero.

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3. Second Life Ranker

Five years after his brother disappeared, Yeonwoo learned about his brother’s death. When his body was found, he was holding onto a box with a photo and a pocket watch in it. Opening the watch, Yeonwoo learns the truth about where his brother had been all these years.

His brother had been summoned to the Tower of the Sun God and was working as an adventurer to climb the tower. But he was betrayed and killed.

Now, he must use his brother’s knowledge to climb the tower and get revenge on the ones responsible for his brother’s death. Will he be able to gain enough power and fight the ones even his brother lost against?

2. SSS-Class suicide Hunter

Kim Gong-Ja lived a normal life while envying the powerful hunters who had all the riches and fame in the world. Then one day, he himself awakens as a hunter and gains an ability that lets him copy the skill of anyone. But to copy the skill he must die at the hands of the person. What’s the point of having a skill if you die to copy it?

Before he can make understand his ability, he gets killed at the hands of the strongest hunter, the Flame Emperor. His skill copies the flame emperor’s ability to travel back in time upon death.

Combining his ability with the flame emperor’s ability, he strives to become the strongest hunter in the world and rise to the top. One of the many abilities he copies in Necromancy.

1. Solo Leveling

Sung Jinwoo is an E-class hunter who has to fight with his life on the line even in low-tier dungeons with the weakest monsters. Everyone looks down on him and treats him like shit.

His life changes completely when his party takes on a hidden dungeon and he ends up as the only one who survives. After escaping with his life, he obtains a system and becomes the successor of the Shadow Monarch.

If you enjoy reading Manhwa then I’m sure you’ve heard of Solo Leveling. After all, it’s the most popular action manhwa out there. If you haven’t already read it then definitely give it a try.

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