best harem manhwa with badass mc

15 Best Harem Manhwa With Badass MC

Most boys love harem manga and manhwa as they imagine themselves as the MC surrounded by many beautiful girls. I mean when you have so many girls to protect, it works as a motivation for the MC, making the story more interesting, and the fan service also helps. Now, put a Badass MC with overpowered abilities, and you’ve got my attention.

If you’re looking for a good Harem Manhwa with Badass MC, then in this article I’ll share with you some of the best ones out there. Let’s get into it…

15. The God of the “Game of God”

Studying at a third-rate university with no hope for his future, Myeong-In is considered a failure by his family. But they don’t know that he’s actually super rich as a professional gamer known as one of the best in the gaming industry.

One day, the daughter of the biggest company in South Korea barges into his office and makes him an offer. The elites of society play a life-threatening game called “Game of Gods”, and if you win this game, you would receive superhuman abilities that could even make him the strongest being in the world.

To top it off, two more girls intrude into his life and they all want him to become their partner in the game. What kind of life awaits him?

14. Sword King In A Women’s World

Chu Qing used to be just another normal guy but one day, he accidentally fell into the fairy realm and started his cultivation journey there. 300 years later, he became one of the strongest sword expert cultivators in the realm.

But while trying to reach the realm of eternity, he ended up opening a time and space portal which transported him back to Earth. To make matters worse, this was not the same earth he used to live on. On this earth, the roles of men and women are reversed.

How will he be able to rise in this world where men are just looked at as pretty faces? The sword king will conquer all the strong women in this world.

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13. Dark Star Emperor

Long Ming, known as the Star King, was the strongest human in the world who lost his life while fighting against monsters.

The only thing working in Su Xiaobai’s body was his brain. He can’t even move or cry, and just lays there, waiting for death. One day, he suddenly finds himself in a strange world with the remaining soul of Long Ming in his body.

From Ling Ming, he gains an ability called “Infinity of Darkness” that grants him amazing strength but there’s a price. He will experience extreme pain any time he gets an erection, and to stop the pain, he will need to find out who plotted Long Ming’s death.

12. Wizardly Tower

Raim Morpheus is one of the 24 grand magicians with the power to control all 12 types of magic. He lost himself in his experiments and before he knew it a millennium had passed. When his experiment fails and causes an explosion of unimaginable extent, he finally comes out again

He loses his magic tower to the explosion and ends up as a penniless person. On his way to regain his lost tower, he meets a pair of slave brothers and sisters. Join the mage who only cares about money, and the lovable siblings, on their endless adventure.

11. Become the Castellan in Another World

Alt. – Starting From Today I’ll Work As A City Lord

Liu Feng is an otaku whose life is turned upside down due to a single spark of electricity. He gets transported to another world while still being able to go back to Earth. Using this opportunity, he made a lot of money by reselling certain goods going back and forth between Earth and the other world.

One of his customers, the lord of a city, offers him the entire city in exchange for some glasses that the people of this world considered extremely expensive. So, he buys a city.

Along with a domineering cat-lady, a fox-lady, and many other girls, I think we all know how an otaku will survive in this world.

10. My Girlfriend Is A Zombie

Ling Mo was living a normal college life and he even had a girlfriend, unlike many others. But everything changed when the world faced doomsday and most of the world’s population became zombies.

He awakened an ability that allows him to control the zombies, making it easy for him to walk through the herds of zombies. Eventually, he found his girlfriend, only to find out that she had already been turned into a zombie. Fortunately, she still had some control over her brain.

Now, he must find a way to help her remember him. Follow, Ling Mo and his girlfriend in a destroyed world.

9. God of Martial Arts

In a world where martial arts decide a person’s life and death, Lin Feng is the useless young master of the Lin family. He would often get bullied by his peers and in the end, he was beaten half to death by his cousin who wanted his position as the young master.

A college student, also named Lin Feng, from the modern world, got into an accident and his soul was transported into the body of young master Lin Feng.

Normally, a person can only have one martial spirit, but after the soul of the two Lin Feng merged, he got two martial spirits. Using his new powers, he will get back at everyone who mistreated him and eventually reach the top of this cruel martial world.

8. The Max Level Hero Has Returned

The powerless ten-year-old Prince Davey O’Rowane was hit by an enemy arrow and fell into a coma. His soul traveled to a place called the Hall of Heroes, where the souls of all the heroes of the past reside.

The heroes put him through all kinds of hell in the name of training. Years later, it was time for him to finally return after becoming one of the strongest in the entire world. Now, back to his kingdom, he must weed out the traitors in the king’s court. The prince everyone had dismissed as weak will become their biggest threat.

This one has good pacing with an OP MC. The mc also gets the princess loved by everyone.

7. Release That Witch

A civil engineer from Earth gets transmigrated into the body of Roland Wimbledon, a prince of an Empire. The body’s original owner was a useless prince who was banished to a small town as its new lord and died after getting poisoned.

Witches exist in this world and possess all kinds of abilities but these abilities are considered evil and the witches are hunted by the church because of them. As an engineer from the modern-day, he realized the usefulness of the witches as a productive force. So, he decides to use his knowledge to completely change the town.

He saves as many witches as possible and, with their help, fights off demons, and solves conspiracies involving the church and the royal family.

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6. Martial Peak

Yang Kai is a disciple at the High Heaven Pavilion but even after training for three years, he hasn’t made any improvement in his cultivation. Due to his mediocre talent, he ended up as a pathetic floor sweeper living in a small hut.

After he finds a mysterious black rock, he brings it back with him, and One day, the rock turns into a black book with only a few words in it. This book will change his life for good and he would finally be able to truly begin his martial arts journey.

You will love the MC in this manhwa as he’ never ‘s kind to his friends but merciless to his enemies. The MC starts off as weak but eventually becomes OP.

5. The Greatest Mage Returns After 4000 Years

Lucas Trowman overcame the human body’s limits and became the world’s greatest mage. After finding out about the cruel Demi-gods, he waged a war against them along with his friends, but against the Demi-god’s powers, none of them could do anything. In the end, his friends were killed and he was imprisoned for eternity.

4000 years later, his soul was finally able to escape and enter the body of a student named Frei Blake at the Westroad Academy for Mages. He was now the weakest student at the academy, and even after all this time, magic hadn’t progressed at all.

Determined to defeat the Demi-gods, he once again walks on the path of magic to become an archmage, reaching the highest level of power.

4. How to Use a Returner

It was just another normal day for Giyoung when he suddenly received an invitation to a game. Not paying much attention to it, he accepted and in the next moment, he finds himself in front of a goddess, along with many others like him.

He gets thrown into a game that could cost him his life and to make matters worse, he possesses terrible stats. Fortunately, he got a skill that lets him see other people’s stats, and he found a player named Hyunsung who is actually a returner to this world.

That means that he’s played this game before and he may be the only way for Giyoung to survive. Will he be able to use this returner to his advantage?

3. Overgeared

harem manhwa with badass mc

“Satisfy” is a highly popular VR game loved by many, mainly because the items in the game can be used to earn money in the real world. The stronger a player is the better items they can get, and the richer they would be.

Shin Youngwoo also hopes to become rich through the game, but he’s an unlucky man, both in the real world and in the game. Lady luck smiles upon him when he somehow finds an overpowered item that makes him a legendary blacksmith capable of forging all kinds of items.

Using his new abilities, he resolves to gain fame and fortune. Covered in powerful gear from head to toe, he would face any trouble that comes his way.

2. I Am The Fated Villain

A man from the modern world got transmigrated into a martial arts world, but unfortunately, he was a villain meant to die at the hands of the protagonist chosen by fate. When he woke up, he was already in a bad situation, but he had no intention to be a stepping stone for the arrogant protagonist.

Using the system he received, he must harvest luck from these protagonists known as “The Sons of Fate”. By stealing their luck, he may be able to destroy their plot armor and kill them. Will he be able to defeat his enemies when they possess crazy plot armor?

The art of this one is top-tier with a lot of beautiful waifus. The characters are all well-written and the storyline is also very interesting.

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1. Tales of Demons and Gods

This is an amazing manhua with an interesting storyline and refreshing characters. I loved it so much that I even ended up reading the light novel after reading the latest chapters of the Manhua.

After the entire city was destroyed, Nie Li, along with his friends, spent their lives wandering the outside world and killing as many demonic beasts as they could find. Many were lost during these battles. and in the end, Nie Li was the only one left.

He died after fighting many powerful demonic beasts but instead of entering the afterlife, he found himself years into the past, sitting in his old classroom. The city was still standing and his friends were still alive. Now, back to being 13 years old, will he be able to use his knowledge of the future to become stronger, save his friends and lovers, and kill the demonic beasts?

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