Where to Buy Manga in Mumbai: An Otaku’s Guide

If you want to buy manga, you can either buy them online or you can go to a bookstore that sells manga. There are some really great bookstores in Mumbai that sell manga at a fair price, plus in these stores, you also get to meet other manga lovers like yourself which helps grow the manga community.

I know many people in India consider manga to be pretty expensive considering most of them are pretty young and don’t earn any money, but you can still find some good deals. Start small by buying one manga volume at a time.

In this article, I will take you through the streets of Mumbai looking for the best stores where you can buy manga.

Leaping Windows

Address : Corner View, 3, Dr.Ashok Chopra Marg, Opp. Bianca Towers, Amit Nagar, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400061

Leaping Windows is both a comic store and a cafe. Here you can buy separate volumes of your favorite manga or get complete sets of manga like Dragon Ball Z and Fairy Tail. They have some of the lesser popular manga as well like Monster. The manga are all original copies with great page quality.

You can even read the manga for FREE while sitting there, but of course, you would have to buy something in the cafe. They have a wide variety of comics as well like Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc.

They have a great menu with many small bites food options like fries and nachos. They also serve burgers, chicken wings, and even beer. The only downside is that they don’t have a parking space.

Granth Book Store

Address : Plot No 30/A, H M House, Juhu Tara Rd near Maneckji Cooper School, Santacruz West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049

Granth Book Store is the one-stop shop for all book lovers as they offer a huge library of books well sorted into different categories like fiction and self-help. The store has a great ambiance that you would love along with the very polite and helpful staff who would help you with anything you need.

Though the manga collection might be a bit limited, you can find most of the highly popular titles. They also have some great Japanese Light Novels like the super popular Detective Galileo series by Keigo Higashino.

They also have a coffee machine in the store itself though they only serve cappuccino. So, you can just grab your cappuccino and start reading right there.


Address : 4/304 Garden Enclave, behind Siddhachal, near Vasant Vihar, Thane, Maharashtra 400610

Comicclan is one of the best stores in Mumbai that sell manga. They boast one of the biggest manga collections you would find in Mumbai with all the popular manga such as Vinland Saga, My Hero Academia, Boruto, and many more. They also have every Marvel & DC comic you can think of.

They offer a fast home delivery service with free delivery on purchases over Rs. 250. They package the books very well to guarantee that they reach you in pristine condition. The prices are also very reasonable.

I would recommend Comicclan if you want to choose from a huge collection of manga. If you can’t visit the shop, they have a website and an app as well.

Title Waves

Address : St Paul Media Complex, Rd Number 24, opp. Duruelo Convent School, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

With superb ambiance and vibe, the store offers a vast space where you can easily roam around and find the book you want. They have a huge number of books and the manga collection is quite good as well.

The staff is also very nice as they help you find whatever you need. The books are organized quite well with shelves dedicated to a certain category like comics or manga.


Address : Ground Floor, Crossroad signal, Kemps Corner Flyover, Kemps Corner, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400026

Crossword Bookstores is a chain of bookstores. There are multiple branches of Crossword in Mumbai, you can check out if there’s one near you. Most of their branches have manga.

With its cozy and quiet environment, the crossword is one of the best places for a book/manga lover to be at.

You can get your manga and read it in the store itself as they have sitting arrangements. A small cafe is also located inside the store itself, so you can get a cup of coffee along with your favorite manga.

Nerd Arena

Address : Elco Arcade, Hill Rd, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400050

Unlike other stores on this list, Nerd Arena is not a bookstore. It is a store that sells Anime & Comics related Collectibles, Merchandise, and Action figures.

They do sell manga but not as separate volumes. You can buy entire sets of manga like Demon Slayer & Naruto. You can get manga home delivered as well by buying from their website.

If you’re interested in Anime action figures, then Nerd Arena is the best place to buy them from. They offer a pretty good price for good-quality action figures and other collectibles. It is the ultimate spot for collectors.


Let’s end our article here. The stores mentioned in this article are some of the best stores in Mumbai that sell manga. Whether you’re looking for common manga titles like One Piece or lesser common ones like Monster, these stores have them all. Check out the one closest to your place and see if they have the manga you want.

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