23 Best Age Gap Romance Manga Recommendations

In age gap romance manga, the main characters have feelings for each other but are in two different age groups, making it hard for them to have a public relationship. The characters must overcome the challenges that come with society’s views on the large age gap between a couple.

The stories have a wide range of relationships like a senpai and Kouhai, a high schooler and a teacher, a high schooler and a working adult, or an Arranged marriage with a large age gap.

Age gap romances are generally a hit or a miss but I can promise you that with these mangas, you will be left swooning over how their relationship beautifully unfolds.

Also check out Best Age Gap Romance Manhwa. Without further ado, here are the best age gap manga you must give a try,

1. Goma Shio to Purin

age gap romance manga

Haruhi loves working as a heavy machinery operator on a construction site in Tokyo, but her parents have demanded she comes back and helps with the family business. Her only way out of that is to get married and settle down in Tokyo.

Drunk at a bar, she decides to marry a guy named Nagato an older man who recently moved to Tokyo. They were pretty drunk and ended up signing the marriage agreement.

The next day, she asks him to pretend to be her husband so that she can convince her parents to let her stay in Tokyo. In exchange, she would let him stay at her place until he can find his own.

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2. Love So Life

Shiharu is a sixteen-year-old orphan. She loves kids so much that her long-term dream is running a daycare one day. She’s been preparing herself for it by working part-time at a nursery school.

At school, she takes care of two wild twins who are only calm around her. So, the handsome guardian of the twins offers her double the salary she makes if she agrees to be their babysitter.

She agrees but soon finds herself falling in love with her newfound family.

3. Dengeki Daisy

Teru lost her brother to an illness but before he passed away, he gave her a phone with only one number. He said the phone would connect her to Daisy and if she was ever in any trouble Daisy would help her out. One year later, she still exchanges messages with the mysterious Daisy without knowing who he actually is.

When she accidentally breaks a window at her school, the janitor asks her to work off the repair cost. There’s more to this janitor than meets the eye. He’s been watching over Teru all this time. But why? Why does he care about her so much?

4. A Bride’s Story

After becoming of age, Amira was sent by her village for her arranged marriage to a young boy named Karluk Ayhan. Despite being far away from her home, she soon adapted to her new life with her husband.

But, now her village wants her back to give her to someone more powerful so that they could benefit from the marriage. What would she do when her peaceful life with Karluk is threatened?

5. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

It’s never been easy for people to approach Akatsuki Kibikino but at the same time, he has a side that’s a natural-born lady killer.

Fumi, a high school student, is in crushing debt because of her father. To pay off the debt she needs a job that pays well. Luckily, she got a job as a housekeeper at Akatsuki’s house, but she has to live at his house for the job.

That wouldn’t have been a problem if only he wasn’t a jerk with a really bad attitude. Will she be able to survive living with him??

6. Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi

Mikoto Ochiai confessed to a boy she likes but was rejected. Crushed, she goes to the rooftop of the school to jump off but just as she was about to jump a teacher comes to the rooftop to smoke.

Jin Haiba is her Physics and Homeroom teacher. The students always make fun of him by calling him a sick man.

He talks to her and stops her from jumping off the building. He requests her—will you date me before killing yourself?

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7. House of the Sun

Mao spent most of her childhood at her neighbor Hiro’s house. But, one after another her life started to fall apart. Her parents got divorced after her mother found a new man. Sometime after that, Hiro’s parents passed away and she stopped going to his house.

Years later, her father also decided to get remarried and she loses her place at her own home. After realizing her situation, Hiro offers to let her stay at his place. Now, it’s just her and Hiro living together.

8. Strawberry Love

College student Sara Moritani offers to help her grandfather with his farm when he injures his leg. But, she knows nothing about farming, especially strawberry picking, so, her grandpa asks for help from a fellow farmer.

She expected her new helper to be a sweet old man, but he turns out to be a menacing and intimidating 33-year-old farmer named Minori Sugiura. He helps her with her farm and teaches her everything she needs to know.

Before she knows it, Sara had developed feelings for him. But, would he look at her the same way she looks at him?

9. V.B. Rose

The most important things in Ageha’s life are her sister and the purses she designs. To Ageha, her sister is as perfect as a person could be, which is why, she’s shocked to find out that her sister is pregnant and is going to marry her boring-looking boyfriend.

Meanwhile, she and her friends run into two older guys who are super interested in the purses she makes. She meets the two of them again in Velvet Blue Rose, a store that makes custom wedding dresses.

10. Takane to Hana (Takane and Hana)

When the chairman of her father’s company came for an inspection, he proposed an arranged marriage meeting between Hana’s sister Yukari and his grandson. There was no way her father could refuse the chairman’s orders.

So, Hana was forced to go in place of her sister but she didn’t expect the guy to be a total jerk, despite his extraordinary good looks, who calls her a gold digger! Furious, she mercilessly rejects him and storms out of there.

Takane hates women because they’re always only after his money. So, when Hana rejects him despite his wealth, he is intrigued.

11. Oresama Teacher

After getting kicked out of her school for fighting, Mafuyu was sent to a countryside school by her mother. If she didn’t change her lifestyle and stopped fighting, her mother would disown her.

So, she turns over a new leaf and decides to never fight again, but the day before her school starts, she ends up in a fight to protect a guy that was getting beaten. The next day, she meets the guy again and he’s none other than her new teacher.

Will she be able to change when her teacher won’t even let her forget her past?

12. Living-Room Matsunaga-san

In the Spring of her 2nd year in High School, Miko left home to live independently in a share house owned by her uncle. She expected to have a great high school life but on her very first day there, she mistakes a guy for a stalker and pepper sprays him.

The guy turns out to be Matsunaga-san, an intimidating tenant at her uncle’s share house. Now, she must adjust to her new life living with her fellow housemates – Asako-san who is a nailist, Ryou-kun who’s a college student, Akane-san the introvert, and especially Matsunaga who’s really scary but also kind of sweet at times!

13. Sensei wa Koi wo Oshierarenai

Rinko Yoshitaka is a diligent high school teacher who treats every student equally, even Ryo Arase. She often reprimands him for not submitting his assignments on time and not studying properly. At first glance, it seems like they are on bad terms but what everyone doesn’t know is that their relationship is more than that of a student and a teacher.

Rinko-san and Arase-Kun both have feelings for each other but since Arase is still a high school student, Rinko has no plans to date him until he turns 20.

14. Kimi no Okaasan wo Boku ni Kudasai!

Ishizuka Ryo is a boring, university graduate working part-time at a department store with hopes of becoming an accountant someday. At the same store works Tachibana Yuzuki, a single mother, and Ryo is madly in love with her.

One day, after gathering all of his courage, he finally confesses his feelings to her but ends up getting brutally rejected. Since she has a child she has no time to date anyone. Will he ever be able to change her mind?

15. Faster Than a Kiss

After losing their parents, Fumino Kaji and her brother were left all alone. They kept moving from one relative’s house to another without ever feeling at home. So, they decide to run away without actually thinking it through.

Her English teacher Kazuma offers to let her stay at his place, but she thought he was just messing around and didn’t care about her like everyone else. So, she jokes that she would go with him if he marries her. And, he says yes!!

16. My Boyfriend in Orange

After Asaki’s father passes away, she moved away from her mother’s hometown, and ever since that day, she still hasn’t been able to get close to anyone.

She recently transferred to a new school and being the invisible transfer student, she decides to pass the time by smoking on the roof of the school. But, as she’s smoking, she hears an announcement about a fire drill and suddenly a fireman comes on the roof to get her.

The next day, she meets the same guy again at a supermarket and they end up exchanging numbers.

17. Promise Cinderella

Hayame found out that her husband’s been having an affair. She forces herself to forgive him and give him another chance but instead, he asks for a divorce.

Angry, she leaves the house with only her purse and some clothes in her bag. But, to make matters worse, her purse gets stolen. She gets forced to live in a local park in cardboard boxes. That’s when she unwillingly grabbed the attention of Issei, an arrogant and rude high school student who tries to make her kneel in exchange for money but instead gets his ass handed to him by her.

18. Shiota-sensei to Amai-chan

Yayoi Amai, an excellent student with good grades and one of the most beautiful girls in school, is in love with her teacher Shiota-san.

He feels the same way and after a bunch of things happened, they started going out while still keeping it a secret from everyone. Things are only going to get interesting from here on in this sweet teacher-student romance manga.

19. My Boy in Blue

16-year-old high schooler Kako’s friend’s sister has arranged a mixer but the mixer is short of two girls, so, her friend proposes they lie about their age and go to the mixer to have fun.

At the mixer, she meets Kouta, a 23-year-old guy, and she ends up getting into a good mood with him but then he finds out about her actual age. Things get bad as he gets angry at her and immediately sends her back home.

The next day, she runs into him again as he saves her from a stalking pervert. Turns out, he’s actually a police officer.

20. Saenai Riman to Yankee Joshi Kousei

Lately, for 26 years old otaku, Yamada Hiroyuki, living at home has been really uncomfortable due to his parent’s constant pestering about getting married and having kids.

So, he decides to move out to get away from all the marriage talk. He expected a calm and happy life in his new apartment but his dreams are crushed when he meets his new neighbor Oshino Makoto, a Yankee high school girl.

21. Sensei Kunshu

High school girl Ayu always falls in love with handsome guys but they all reject her. After getting rejected by her latest crush, she tries to eat away her pain and goes to buy food from the store.

But, after realizing she has no money, she gets helped by a handsome older guy who then becomes her new crush. The next day, she meets him again at her school, only to discover that he’s the new teacher.

22. Cutie and The Beast

Momoka has never liked any of the pretty boys that her friends are into. She only has eyes for Kuga, a professional wrestler who may not be as handsome as the others but he’s still her favorite.

Kugo is a big softie despite his intimidating looks and build. He loves getting fan emails from Momoka. Enjoy this light-hearted comedy between a high school girl and her tv crush.

23. Ano Oni Kyoushi ga Boku no Ane ni Naru n desu ka?

The Homeroom teacher for sports, Shina Sensei, although really beautiful and glamorous, she’s also really terrifying. She’s known as the Demonic Teacher. No one even dares to come close to her.

Kazuki’s father is getting remarried and he’s really excited about it since he will be getting an older step-sister but he didn’t expect the sister to be his teacher, Shina sensei, who he’s really afraid of. To make matters worse, his father decides to go live alone with his new wife and leaves Kazuki to live with Shina.

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