9 Best Manga Where MC Gets Stronger by Killing

I’m tired of the good guy dumb MC who never kills his enemies and is always helping others. Today, we’re going to look at the best Manga where the MC gets stronger by killing. You may be familiar with this concept if you’ve read Solo Leveling.

These MCs wouldn’t hesitate to kill their enemies as it makes them stronger. Absorbing your enemies or straight out eating them to absorb their powers, and killing without remorse to become the strongest in the world. That’s what I want. So, let’s check it out.

1. That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Satoru Mikami is a middle-aged man stuck in a boring job he doesn’t want and is living a mundane life in Tokyo. One day, while protecting his friends, he dies at the hands of a robber who stabs him with a knife.

In the next moment, he finds himself reincarnated into another world as a lowly slime, one of the weakest creatures in the world.

Soon, his actions like befriending a dragon and a demon king, set off a chain of events that will change the world forever, all because of a slime.

2. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling is the most popular manhwa today. It is a dungeon manhwa with an op mc.

Jinwoo is an E-class hunter which means he’s the weakest of the weak with no abilities and powers as a hunter. Everyone looks down on him and he’s even having financial troubles.

So, when his party finds a hidden dungeon, he’s motivated to use this as an opportunity to raise his level in the hunting world. But, the dungeon turns out to be their worst nightmare.

Everyone in his party ends up dying and he’s the only one who survives. After escaping with his life, he finds out that he now possesses a system that can help him become the strongest hunter in the world.

3. I Grow Stronger by Eating!

Mr. Kim, also known as “Pet Shop”, has a unique ability that allows him to absorb the powers and skills of any animal he eats. To gain more abilities and become stronger, he hunted every kind of animal including endangered animals as well, making him a wanted criminal.

After an undercover officer kills him, he gets transported to a world of magic filled with strange creatures like orcs and trolls. Finally, he was in a world that seemed perfect for him. Here, he could become the strongest by just eating.

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4. Berserk of Gluttony

Fate Barbatos lives in a world with two kinds of people – the ones who have received powers from the god and the ones who didn’t. Those with powers can have everything from money and glory, and normal people end up at the very bottom of society.

Unfortunately, his magical skill turns out to be “Gluttony”, a skill that makes him constantly hungry, and no matter how much he eats it just can’t be satiated. His dream to be a powerful fighter became impossible to achieve.

But one day, he finds out the Gluttony’s true use: whenever he kills someone he can absorb their skills and his hunger can also be satiated. Finally, Barbatos has awakened his true potential. How many people will he kill to satisfy his hunger?

5. Re: Monster

Tomokui Kanata was a normal office worker. There was a girl who was overly obsessed with him but he regarded her as a little sister. One night, after a misunderstanding, she stabs him in the stomach.

He died but his story didn’t end there. Instead of going to heaven or hell, he gets reborn into another world – a fantasy world of magic! Now known as Rou, he decided to live his new life to the fullest but…

The only problem is that he got reincarnated as a goblin, one of the weakest species in the world. But soon he finds out about his cheat-like ability – when he consumes other creatures it allows him to acquire their strengths and powers.

6. Your Talent Is Mine

About a hundred years ago, powerful and fierce creatures invaded Earth through a dimensional rift. When humanity’s survival was in danger, warriors who have awakened “Talents” fought back, bringing back a sense of safety in this new world.

After losing his parents, Ye Tian struggles to survive in this dangerous world along with his sister. He awakened his talent but unfortunately, possessed a weak talent.

But, he soon realized that his ability allows him to copy the talents of anyone he touches, even if it’s a human or a monster. To become the strongest in the world he starts to kill monsters and copy their skills – skills that no human has!!

7. Dungeon Seeker

Junpei Takeda lived his high school life being bullied by his classmates, especially Kido Shouta and his bunch of shitty friends. The only person who cared for him was his childhood friend Noriko.

One day, while he was getting bullied and Noriko was trying to save him, they get summoned to another world by a god who was bored and wanted some entertainment. The god grants them abilities but Junpei’s skills and stats are even worse than a farmer, while his bully, Kido Shouta is the stronger among them.

He gets betrayed by Noriko who sides with Shouta and gets thrown into a labyrinth as a sacrifice. He falls to the bottom of the deadly labyrinth with a survival rate of zero. In the face of death, Junpei finds out that he can get stronger by killing and eating monsters. Angry about the betrayal, Junpei must become a cold-blooded killer to get revenge.

8. Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest

This one and Dungeon Seeker are quite similar. Overall, Arifureta is better than Dungeon Seeker but Dungeon Seeker is much darker and more serious. One day, Hajime Nagumo, along with his classmates, got summoned to another world to be its savior but as it turns out, he is the weakest person in the group with average stats.

During a dungeon raid, he gets betrayed by one of his classmates and ends up falling to the bottom of the dungeon. After losing an arm, he somehow manages to kill a monster and eat it for survival. He realizes that his ability makes him stronger by eating monsters. Now, he must use his talents to become stronger and get out of the dungeon.

9. The Live

After losing his wife and daughter are murdered by a serial killer, Yun-Jae Kim is left devastated. One day, his journal suddenly shines, and everything he had written in it disappears.

Now, the diary had events that are going to happen written in it. One thing written in the diary was- “You can see them again. Your wife and daughter”

It turns out that a series of games are conducted in a parallel world with the prize being the ‘Holy Grail’ – a magical tool that can grant you any wish you may have. With the determination to reunite with his lost family, Yun-Jae strives to become the strongest. Will he be able to fulfill his wishes?

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