10 Best Manga Where MC is a Cold-Blooded Killer

I’ve gotten bored of those good-hearted MCs who wouldn’t kill their enemies no matter how evil they are. I’m sure you also want to read Manga where the MC is a Cold-Hearted evil guy with no good qualities in him, someone who steals and kills. Just plain and simple evil.

I should warn you though. These manga may be too dark and disturbing for some people. So, only read these manga if you can handle them. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

10 Best Manga Where the MC is a Cold-hearted monster who wouldn't hesitate to kill when necessary

10 Best Manga Where MC is a Cold-Hearted Killer :-

  • Redo of Healer
  • Ubel Blatt
  • Fire Punch
  • Dungeon Seeker
  • Juujika no Rokunin
  • Dead Tube
  • Akai Kiri no Naka Kara
  • The Strongest Brave Who Craves Revenge, Extinguish With the Power of Darkness
  • Brutal: Confessions of a Homicide Investigator
  • The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time

1. Redo of Healer

When Keyaru awakened as a hero, his life was about to change completely but unfortunately not in a good way. Keyaru actually awakened as the healing hero, the weakest of all hero because healers can’t fight and are generally considered a burden.

Subjected to years of endless torture and abuse, he was finally able to find out about the true power he holds as the healer but by the time he realized that it was too late.

So, he used healing magic on the entire world and turned the time back 4 years to before everything went wrong in his life. It’s time to get revenge on all those who wronged me.

2. Ubel Blatt

When monsters threatened to destroy the entirety of the human race, fourteen heroes come together to go to the land of monsters to end it once and for all. Three of the 14 heroes die on the way to the land and the rest of the 11 heroes continue on but that’s when a betrayal occurs. Four of the heroes betray humanity and join the other side.

The seven heroes defeated them and even stopped the monster invasion. But is that really what happened? Was it really the 4 heroes who betrayed humanity? Twenty years later, Koinzell, the former member of the hero’s party, one of 4 heroes, and the strongest swordsman in the world, is back.

3. Fire Punch

Those born with abilities to perform miracles are called “The Blessed”. Ice Witch – one of these blessed ones covered the entire world with ice. With no sun shining on them, most of humanity dies due to hunger.

Agni lives in this cursed world but compared to others his life is still is bit better since he is also a “Blessed”. His ability allows him to regenerate his body part and he is able to survive using this ability. But the “blessing” Agni has, it might just turn out to be curse!

4. Dungeon Seeker

After getting transported to another world along with his entire class, Junpei got betrayed by the one person he trusted the most in the entire world. Trapped at the bottom of a labyrinth, he finds out about the true power he holds – the ability to absorb the stats of any monster that he eats.

Now, he walks the deadly labyrinth, looking for a way out and getting stronger along the way to get revenge on the girl who betrayed him.

5. Juujika no Rokunin

Shin Uruma’s high school life is hell, all because of his five classmates who bully him just for fun but Shin didn’t let that stop him from enjoying life with his family. Until, those five classmates of his killed his family.

After losing everything, he decided to get revenge on all five of those monsters. Trained by his grandfather who used to be in a secret unit during WW2, he is back. Back to kill them all!!!

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6. Dead Tube

Tomohiro Machiya never expected the beautiful Mai Mashiro to ask him to film her nonstop for two days. He agrees to it thinking he just has to film her daily life. What could go wrong, right?

But on the second day, he witnesses Mai murdering one of their classmates and then uploading the video to a website called “Dead Tube”. Now, since he helped with Mai’s video, he must participate in a deadly game, which he may not survive.

7. Akai Kiri no Naka Kara

Alt. Title: From the Red Fog

Rwanda lived the fourteen years of his life in a basement, confined by his own mother. At the end of the 19th century, his mother was the world’s most evil and wicked murderer at the time. She used him as a tool in her murders. She never let him out of the basement, not even once.

Until one day, due to a certain incident, he was able to escape. Free from his mother, he ends up in an orphanage but for him, normal is boring. The only thing that stimulates him is KILLING!!!!

8. The Strongest Brave Who Craves Revenge, Extinguish With the Power of Darkness

Raul defeated the demon king and saved the world. Upon his return, he expected glory, respect, and love but what he got in exchange for saving everyone was death. Power-hungry aristocrats and royals killed his companions and family, all because they feared his power.

After getting tricked by them, Raul lost his life. But he was revived by the power of darkness and now that he’s back, he will have his revenge. The Hero has turned evil!!!!

9. Brutal: Confessions of a Homicide Investigator

Hiroki Dan – a perfect citizen and a great homicide detective with an even better career ahead of him. Everyone in the police department loves and respects him but there’s something they don’t know about him – He’s a murderer!!

There are criminals in this world that are far beyond the reach of law and justice. So, Hiroki decides to take matters in his own hands.

10. The Hero Laughs While Walking the Path of Vengeance a Second Time

Udei Kaito was summoned to another world to its hero who would save the world from the demon king. He did everything to fulfill his duty and along with his companions he finally defeated the demon king and restored peace to the world but right after the fight with the demon king, he was betrayed by his companions.

In his dying moments, he swore to himself that if given a second chance he would kill every last one of them. And that’s how the hero Kaito died but this is not the end of his story. It’s just the start.

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