11 Best Office Romance Manga Recommendations

I think we can all agree that Office romance manga makes for a great read. Workplace romance stories always have steamy office moments that make you fall in love with them.

These manga feature co-workers who have feelings for each other and explore their everyday life and journey of going from co-workers to lovers. As they spend their day-to-day life together and spend time drinking together after work, they keep falling deeper and deeper in love.

I have made a list of some of the Best Romance manga set in an Office scenario. These mangas are also aesthetically beautiful to look at and have heartwarming stories.

11. Kuuki ga “Yomeru” Shinnyuushain to Buaiso na Senpai no Hanashi

Ever since she was young, Shino Satoko can see people’s emotions. She can tell whether a person feels happy, sad, or angry. Today, she starts her new job and she’s glad to see that her co-workers are all nice people and that’s when she meets her trainer, a senpai with a very scary-looking face who shows no expressions on his face.

To everyone else, he may look scary but Shino can see his real emotions and she’s sure that he’s a good person who’s actually full of emotions. Will she be able to help her expressionless senpai express his feelings more openly?

10. Kijima-san to Yamada-san

Kijima-san is a normal office worker but he has a secret he can’t tell anyone. When he was young, he had an accident that gave him an amazing ability to hear people’s inner voices, but it would be better if he couldn’t hear people’s inner voices.

But, he likes to hear the inner voice of his co-worker, Yamada-san, who has the loudest inner voice he’s ever heard and most of what he hears is about him.

Yamada-san likes him very much but can’t say it to him. And as time passes he starts to open up to her because of her bright and warm personality.

9. Are You Really Getting Married?

A Man and Woman who enjoys simple yet fulfilling lives by themselves will somehow get married in 365 Days??

Takuya and Rika work in the same department at a travel agency. The company plans to expand overseas in Siberia and someone will be dispatched there to handle the work. Due to Siberia being really far away, only single people will be dispatched since it” be less trouble for them.

To avoid being sent to Siberia, Takuya and Rika come up with a plan – Let’s get Married. So, two people who had never even talked to each other before now are going to get married.

8. Manly Appetites: Minegishi Loves Otsu

Everyone at the company loves Minegishi-san. With his handsome face and friendly personality, and how he’s always looking out for people, it’s no wonder why he’s loved so much. He’s been rising in the ranks very fast.

Otsu works in the same company and his life’s main joy is sweets, snacks, and any delicious food in general. But why does Minegishi, the best employee in the company, insist on hanging around him? why does he always buy snacks for him whenever he goes on a business trip?

Otsu can’t refuse either since he loves the delicious snacks Minegishi brings him but he would never fall for his charms like the others.

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7. Sweat and Soap

Alt Title: Ase to Sekken

Being slightly more sweaty than the average person, Yaeshima Asako was always teased by others. Now, an adult, she works at a top-class manufacturer of women’s cosmetics. She never goes out without carrying sweat and odor care products that the company makes as they’re the only thing that works against her body odor.

One day, she meets Narori Koutarou, the man who created all of the products she loves. He tells her that her body odor is wonderful and that he needs to smell her to develop a new product. What is she supposed to do when someone suddenly wants to smell her??

6. Kondo wa Korosaretakunai Azarashi-san

Mahiru has a special ability that makes her see people’s past incarnations. She was a seal who lost her life after being eaten by a polar bear. Even now, she fears that something will eat her alive. Now, living as a human, she works at a food company and thought she didn’t have to worry about anything from her past life.

A new employee is supposed to join her department today but she didn’t expect the new guy to be Ritsu, the polar bear who ate her in her past life. Will she be able to work with the guy who killed her in her last life?

5. Doughnuts Under a Crescent Moon

Alt Title: Kaketa Tsuki to Doughnut

Uno Hinako is not confident in her looks at all. She thinks she is below average in every way but if she dresses up, wears makeup, and falls in love….maybe she can be normal too. But she ends up failing when it comes to love.

Due to anxiety and stress, she ends up crying in the middle of the street, while walking home alone at night. Just when she thought she will be alone for her entire life, someone reached out to her – Satou Asahi, her senpai at work.

Their simple relationship soon turns into something more intimate. Maybe Hinako finally found someone she could love.

4. Kono Kaisha ni Suki na Hito ga Imasu

“Colleagues who fight like cats and dogs” that’s how Tateishi and Mitsuya are known among their co-workers but the two have a secret that no one knows about – they’ve started to date.

They decided to date in secret after a lot of probing and seesawing behind the scenes. Will they be able to keep their relationship a secret from their co-workers?

Enjoy this pure office romance story about a secret couple who don’t want their secret getting out no matter what.

3. Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?!

After being a virgin for 30 years, Adachi somehow developed an ability to read people’s inner thoughts just by touching them. At his work, he runs into Kurosawa-san, the handsome co-worker who’s nice to everybody and is criminally popular.

Curious, Adachi decides to take a peek at his thoughts expecting him to have a nasty personality but instead finds out about the romantic feeling Kurosawa has towards him. And against his will, his heart skipped a beat!!

2. My Awkward Senpai

This one’s a fluffy story about a female office worker who can’t express her love for her co-worker. Kamegawa is an office worker and his mentor is Kannawa-senpai.

Kannawa-senpai is a bit scary to everyone, but it’s only because she doesn’t know how to express her emotions. She is a rather uptight person but Kamegawa knows about Senpai’s kind side.

Kannawa has always had trouble expressing herself but then she meets her new Kouhai Kamegawa who’s easy to talk to and is also really cute.

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1. Ice Guy and the Cool Female Colleague

Fuyutsuki is a normal office worker but apparently, her co-worker, Himuro-Kun is the descendant of a Yuki-onna, a spirit or yōkai in Japanese folklore. Because of his supernatural descent, every time he’s engrossed in something, there’s a snowstorm.

The warmer his heart becomes, the colder his surroundings get, and Fuyutsuki’s kindness towards him is making him like her more and more. You will love this sweet romance story about a cool female employee and her literally freezing-cold co-worker.

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