Top 15 Royalty Manhwa Recommendations to Read

Manhwa offers many different kinds of stories and one of the most loved by fans are the ones with Royal characters like Kings, Queens, and Princes. Today, I’m going to share with you the 15 Best Royalty Manga Recommendations.

1. Who Made Me a Princess

Athanasia was a princess forgotten by her own father. Her father, Clade de Alger Obelia was known as a cold-blooded emperor. He only loved one of his daughters and in the end, Athanasia was killed by her own father.

A woman finds herself in the young body of the unfortunate princess. To prevent her death, she decided to stay away from the emperor and in the meantime, gather as much wealth as she can before making her escape.

But one day, she unintentionally grabs her father’s attention. Now, the only way to survive is to get in the father’s good graces. For more recommendations, check out 11 Best Manhwa Like Who Made Me a Princess

2. I’ll Be the Matriach in This Life

The Lombardi family used to be the greatest family in the entire Empire but tragedy hit them and the family fell in just two years.

Firentia used to be a normal girl in South Korea but after her death, she was reincarnated as the illegitimate child of Duke Lombardi’s third son.

At the age of eleven, she lost her father and was forced to work for the family. By the time she was nineteen, she was handling the Duke’s work and managing the entire household.

But after the Duke died, she was kicked out of the family and just two years later, the Lombardi family had fallen.

After a carriage accident kills her as well, she wakes up in her seven-year-old self. Now, she is determined to become the next head of the family by gaining the duke’s favor and saving her father’s life.

3. King’s Maker

Wolfgang lost his mother some time ago and now lives on the streets with fellow kids like him.

He turns out to be the fourth prince of the kingdom who went missing a long time ago. Now years later, he returns to the palace but rejects everything that belongs to the king.

He hates the king who abandoned his mother because she was a commoner. But, as he slowly starts to open up and learn more about life in the palace, he attracts the attention of Shin Soo-hyuk, a young boy kept by the king for homoerotic relationships.

Soo-hyuk sees something special about the wild prince and realizes that he may be the one who would change the entire kingdom.

Soon, the flame of rebellion lights, and Soohyuk plots to make Wolfgang the next king.

4. Your Throne

Medea was always meant to be the next empress by marrying the crown prince but the prince knew that she only saw him as a stepping stone to gain more power.

So he schemed and proposed to her friend Psyche Callist, the only daughter of Count Callista, and Psyche said yes to marrying him believing he actually loved her.

After Psyche betrayed her, Medea plots to get her revenge but during a scuffle in the temple, they both end up falling into a pond of holy water. While drowning, Medea made a wish to the god that he should give her everything that belongs to Psyche.

The next day, Medea wakes up in Psyche’s body and Psyche wakes up in hers. Now, she plans to win back what is rightfully hers but soon, they both come to realize that neither of the two was living an easy life.

5. Father, I Don’t Want This Marriage

Juvelian lost her mother at a very young age and her father never showed any affection toward her. The only person who was ever kind to her was Mikhail.

Unfortunately, he later abandoned her for the princess and she was framed for trying to poison the princess. As she was about to be thrown into the worst prison, her father handed her a dagger. Even her father had abandoned her.

In the prison, when the infamous crown prince, known as a demon, came to visit her, she chose to commit suicide using the dagger.

A reader of the story woke in her body years before her tragic death. To prevent her death, the first thing she did was break up with Mikhail. Afraid that her father would force her to marry the infamous crown prince, she chooses to enter into a contractual relationship with her father’s student, unbeknownst to her is actually the crown prince.

6. The Remarried Empress

Navier Ellie Trovi was betrothed to the crown prince at a very young age. She spent her entire life preparing to become the perfect empress.

As an empress, she was intelligent and handled palace matters with the utmost care. She was kind to the people and always helped them in the name of the king.

But one day, her husband brought home a woman and decided to make her his mistress. From then on, things started to go wrong for Navier.

Everyone in the palace preferred the mistress and wanted her to be the queen. Soon, the king asked her for a divorce. She accepted but in exchange, she demanded the approval of remarriage.

7. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

The Villainess Turns the Hourglass is already finished. If want more finished manhwa, then check out the 13 Best Completed Villainess Manhwa.

Aria was born poor but when her mother got remarried to a rich count, she was finally able to live a life of luxury. She lived an extravagant life but also always harassed her gentle stepsister Mielle.

With time she build such a bad reputation that people believed she killed her own mother and also tried to poison Mielle. But when she is about to be executed for her crime, Mielle reveals that it was all her plan and she tricked her into committing all kinds of evil acts.

Just as she was about to die, Aria saw a strange hourglass and in the next moment, she found herself years into the past. Now, she plans to use Mielle’s own tactics to defeat her. Will she be able to take Mielle down with the power of the hourglass on her side?

8. This Villain Emperor’s Gotta Charm the Male Lead to Survive!

I know this one’s not a Manhwa but instead is a Manhua but believe me you’re going to love it.

Yuan Xiao used to be the CEO of a big company that loved reading internet novels. One day, he woke up as a villainous king inside one of the novels he loved.

In the story, the young king gets killed by the prince of an enemy empire. The prince used his corpse as a stepping stone to power. And Yuan Xiao was transmigrated into the very same young emperor who’s about to be killed.

He knows that if he wants to live, he must somehow change the plot of the story. So, he decides to get on the prince’s good side and soon, the prince becomes more interested in the emperor.

11 Best BL Manhwa with Possessive Male Lead

9. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Elise was a princess who after being crowned Queen committed many evil acts and was finally sentenced to death. She was reincarnated in the modern world as an ordinary girl. She studied hard to become the youngest professor in the S Medicine College.

She became a respected doctor known as a surgical genius but once again as fate would have it, she died an untimely death. But, she woke up as Princess Elise years before she died.

In her past life, she was a malicious and ruthless person who lost her temper at the smallest things. Even her own maids were afraid of her but this time, she decided to use her knowledge of modern medicine to help the people and her ailing empire.

10. The Villainess is a Marionette

The Villainess is a Marionette is one of the most popular villainess manhwa. It’s also getting adapted into a Kdrama and it stars Han So Hwee and Cha Eun Woo in the main roles.

The Emperor’s sister Cayena Hill was known as the most beautiful person in the entire empire but in a palace filled with schemes, just being beautiful isn’t enough.

Cayena was betrayed and executed by her own brother. Till the end, she was a puppet being used by her brother to ensure his political powers.

A reader of the story who had lived a similar life being used as a puppet was transmigrated into the novel as Cayena, years before she is fated to die. Now, with the knowledge of the story unfolds, she must turn the tables and prevent her death. This time, she’ll be the one pulling the strings and everyone else will be a puppet dancing to her tune.

11. I’m Only a Stepmother, but My Daughter is Just So Cute!

Beakhap Lee used to be an average 30-year-old woman who one day died from overworking herself. Her soul was transported into the body of an evil empress.

Abigail was the evil stepmother was young Princess Blanche. She had died after being poisoned for her wicked deeds and Beakhap’s soul entered her body.

Now, as Abigail, she is determined to right the wrongs that the original Abigail had done and help the cute princess. If only she can convince the Emperor and everyone else in the palace that she doesn’t mean any harm to anyone since Abigail used to have a ferocious personality.

As she starts her quest to make Blanche happier, she uncovers secrets and schemes that threaten to destroy her family.

12. I Tamed a Tyrant and Ran Away

Charlize’s mother died while giving birth to her. She was considered a disgrace to the entire duchy and was abandoned by her father.

To prove herself, she took up the sword and used her talent in swordsmanship to outshine all the knights of the entire empire. When the emperor called for her, she thought she would finally become a knight, but she was used by him.

He said she would become the Emperor’s sword and he meant an actual sword. He conducted a magic experiment on her and turned her into a magic sword.

For generations, she lived as a sword but finally one day, she awoke in a new body.

Now, determined to get her revenge on the royal family she seeks out the prince and raises him to be a tyrant who would destroy the empire.

13. Please Marry Me Again!

Shurya Littenheim was the illegitimate child of Duke Littenheim born to a maid mother who passed away after giving birth to her.

As an illegitimate child abandoned by the duke she had to clean dishes just to get a piece of bread. After her father died, her brother finally acknowledged her but she was afraid she would be abandoned again.

She decided to enter a political marriage with the Grand Duke Kardi Esperand, a powerful man known as a monster. When the entire kingdom shunned her, it was only the grand duke who stayed by her side.

So, when his powers started to kill him, she sacrificed herself to him. But instead of dying, she woke up as her younger self.

This time she is determined to do things right, marry the grand duke once again and prevent the tragic fate that awaits them both.

14. Lies Become You

Lacey was born into poverty with no idea who her father is. To pay off her mother’s debt, she was sold off to a secret agency called Fiore.

As a member of the agency, she tricked many with her disguising and acting skills. One day, she gets hired by a count to act as his adopted daughter for a few years.

For the next six years, she was tasked to help make the first prince the next heir to the throne and ensure the woman her client had chosen would become the next empress.

But in the end, she was betrayed by the count and everyone in the empire was now hunting for her. To save herself, she boarded a ship and tried to escape through the sea but the ship belonged to Prince Halid of the Irina Empire.

He agrees to save her but in exchange, she has to pretend to be his wife.

15. Into the Light, Once Again

Even though Alisa was also a princess, she never received the love that her younger sister the fifth princess received. Everyone loved her sister and always compared them both.

But no matter what, she never hated her sister and tried to stay positive. Until one day when she is framed for trying to poison the fifth princess.

The day before she was executed, her sister came to see her in prison and revealed that it was all her plan. After dying, she gets reborn as an enemy empire’s only princess. Her new family showers her with love but she cannot bring herself to trust them.

With a new body, comes new powers. What is this mysterious magic power inside her? Will she be able to use it to get revenge on her previous family?

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