13 Best Completed Villainess Manhwa Recommendations

Villainess manhwa are super popular nowadays. These manhwas have various themes like the female lead being reincarnated as the villainess or the villainess getting revenge after being sent to the past, which makes the story really interesting.

But, it’s frustrating when you have to wait for an entire week to read the next chapter of your favorite manhwa, especially when each chapter leaves you hanging and you can’t wait to know what happens next.

So, I’ve created this list of the best completed villainess manhwa. Every manhwa in this list is finished and you can binge-read them right now.

1. Beware the Villainess!

The novel “The Man I Love” follows the angelic heroine who got adopted by a Baron because of her magical abilities and the four handsome male leads who love her. Every story also needs a villain; in this case, it would be Melissa Foddebrat, the crown prince’s fiancee.

An ordinary college student gets transmigrated into the body of Melissa. The new Melissa just wants to live a lavish life away from the main story. But, she soon learns that all the heroes are actually trash. So, Melissa makes it her job to help the heroine and prevent the heroes from getting anywhere close to her.

2. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

Aria’s life took a complete turn for the better when her mother married a powerful and rich count. Now, she didn’t have to worry about money and lived a lavish life. But, she constantly harassed her sweet step-sister for years which eventually lead to her death.

Before her execution, she learns that all along Mielle had been playing her. Every bad thing she did was according to Mielle’s plan. After dying, she saw an hourglass which turned the time back and she woke up years in the past.

This time, she won’t let Mielle manipulate her into committing evil. It’s time to get revenge on her little sister and defeat her at her own game.

3. This Villainess Wants a Divorce!

Carnelia was taken in by the Emperess and raised as a puppet meant to marry the prince and make sure he doesn’t marry someone from a powerful family. She committed many evil acts believing herself to be the next empress and ultimately, she was executed by the prince.

A reader of the novel is transmigrated as Cornelia. Fortunately, she’s still a kid and it’s long before she dies. She still has time to make things right, so, she’s determined to play smart and prevent her head from rolling. The first thing to do is convince the prince to divorce her.

4. Villainess in Love

Our female lead wakes up as Yunifer Magnolia inside a novel she had read, but, this is the worst situation she could be in. The real Yunifer is a villainess who’s in love with Duke Ishid Lucrenze, but the Duke is only interested in her friend Raelle. 

So, she bullied and tormented Raelle and gets killed in the latter half of the story. Fortunately, her end is still a year away and she has a chance of preventing it. But, after drinking heavily at a party, she wakes up in someone else’s bed, and her one-night stand turns out to be none other than the devilishly handsome Duke Lucrenze.

5. Miss Not-So Sidekick

Reading novels was the ultimate stress reliever for Hyejung but that was before she woke up inside a novel, and just like in many popular novels she had read, she wasn’t the main heroine, instead, she was a small villain that everyone hates.

Now living as Latte Ectrie, she’s determined to enjoy her favorite novel play out in real life, and she wants a front-row seat. So, she befriends the heroine to watch all the drama unfold with her own eyes. But, why are all the male leads spending so much time with her instead of the heroine?

If you like reverse harems, here is my list of the 10 Best Reverse Harem Manhwa.

6. For Better or For Worse

Dillion recovered the memories of her past life after meeting Marquess Cedric. She realizes that she’s inside a novel she read in her previous life, and if the story progresses as it’s meant to, her sister would die after marrying Cedric.

To save her, she marries him in place of her sister. Once the female lead arrives, Cedric would fall in love with her and Dillion would break her marriage with him. But, what’s she going to do when she develops feelings for him? Would he feel the same way or would he choose the female lead?

7. When the Villainess is in Love

The imperial princess Libertia was a villainess who tormented the innocent heroine and met a cruel end at the hands of the male lead. The story was supposed to have a happy ending with the hero and the heroine’s marriage after the evil villainess was killed. But, they all died. Many of the second male leads died as well.

When a young reader of the novel wakes up inside the body of villainess Libertia, she decides to prevent the sad ending by saving all the second male leads along with herself. But, will things turn out as she hopes?

8. Long After the Ending

Elena Taylor was engaged to the crown prince and was meant to become the empress one day, but the prince fell in love with a commoner. After a normal girl wakes up in the novel as Elena, the first thing she does is break off her engagement to the prince.

Walking away from the main story, she decided to start a relationship counseling center. The first customer she gets is the mother of Hugh, the second lead, who wants her help in finding a suitable wife for her son.

But, Hugh is a burly and muscular knight who’s been hurt by love before and has no intention of ever falling in love with anyone ever again. Will she be able to help him?

9. I Raised a Black Dragon

Noa died due to exhaustion and overworking. She woke up inside a novel as Eleanora, the most powerful woman in the empire and a villainess. One year from now, she was fated to die at the hands of the male lead.

To prevent her death, she threw away all her influence and political power and escaped to the countryside to live the rest of her life away from the main story. But, her peaceful life takes a wild turn when a dragon imprints on her instead of the main heroine.

10. What It Takes to be a Villainess

After getting her boyfriend stolen from her best friend, she was drinking alcohol by the river when her foot slipped and fell into the river. The next thing she knew, she was surrounded by people she didn’t know dressed in medieval clothing.

She was transmigrated inside the body of the evil villainess Satiana Kaylon, the sole daughter of House Kaylon and the next empress. Now living in a palace filled with people out to get her, she must become a true villainess and win the royal seat.

11. Rewriting the Villainess

Liza put her life on the line to end the for and save the empire, all for one person, her fiancee Illian, But, the man she loved cast her away for Flora, the princess of the nation she defeated.

After drinking herself to sleep, she woke up in a strange place. Now living in the modern world inside the body of high schooler Doeun, she must find a way to go back to her world with the help of Doeun’s friends Ian and Lora.

But, Ian and Lora look oddly similar to Illian and Flora.

12. A Villainess for the Tyrant

As an illegitimate daughter of the king, Princess Cecile’s only purpose in life was to have a political marriage beneficial for the nation. She was sent off to marry the most notorious king known as a heartless sadist.

If she’s going to die anyway, she might as well put up a fight. So, on her wedding day, she demanded that the emperor must come himself and carry her to the chapel!! And, he does…

To survive in the den of a tyrant, she must become a villainess as well.

13. The Villainess’s Maker

After getting reincarnated in her novel as the villainess Aila Mertensia, Haneul is content to live a carefree life and spends tons of money. But, she soon finds herself stuck in a time loop.

If she doesn’t act like a villainess, she will keep repeating the same day over and over again. A mysterious man offers to make her a true villainess. But, can she trust him?

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