12 Must-Read Villainess Revenge Manhwa Recommendations

The Villainess trope is highly popular among manga and manhwa readers and its popularity is growing continuously. Manhwa, where the female lead is a villainess, are extremely enjoyable because of their amazing art and storylines. The most popular theme in villainess manhwa is when someone is reincarnated as the villainess.

Another amazing theme in these manhwas is the story of revenge. In these storylines, the villainess gets betrayed by someone and vows to get revenge on her enemies.

Today, we’re going to explore some of the Best Villainess revenge manhwa that you must check out.

1. The Villainess Turns the Hourglass

Aria used to be a lowly beggar until her mother married a rich count. After that, she enjoyed a luxurious life while also harassing her innocent and sweet step-sister Mielle. Years later, Aria is executed for being a villainess who caused many atrocities, but before dying, she finds out that all along she’s been under Mielle’s thumb.

She wakes up years into the past and this time she will not let Mielle ruin her life. With her knowledge of the future, she would defeat Mielle at her own game.

Give it a try if you like ruthless Female leads. She doesn’t do a complete flip in character after going back in time but instead changes gradually. She tries to change her ways while remaining a villainess.

A plus point about The Villainess Turns the Hourglass is that it’s completed. If you want some more completed villainess manhwa like it, then check out my article on the 12+ Best Completed Villainess Manhwa.

2. Your Throne

best villainess revenge manhwa

Medea Solon was meant to become the crown princess. But after her family was accused of trying to murder a royal family member, she lost her status and position to Psyche Callista. The crown prince Eros Vasilios accused her family because he knew he would lose his power to Medea if he let her become the crown princess.

Now, Psyche as the new crown princess, Medea is hell-bent on getting back what is rightfully hers. While trying to get revenge on Psyche, the two end up falling into a holy water pond at the church because of a scuffle. The next thing they know, they’ve switched bodies.

Will Medea be able to use Psyche’s body to get her revenge on the crown prince?

3. I Am the Real One

Keira spent her entire life trying to please her father the Grand Duke and gain his approval but it was all for nothing as he abandoned her after a girl named Cosette, who looked exactly like her father, claimed that she was his actual daughter.

Keira was executed for being a fake but before her death, Cosette appears before her revealing that she was the real daughter all along, and yet somehow Cosette had tricked everyone, even her father, into believing that she wasn’t.

She wakes up in the past before Cosette appeared and ruined her life. This time, she won’t care about her cruel father and make sure Cosette gets what she deserves.

4. Shadow Queen

After Grand Duke France lost his daughter, he adopted a girl named Elena and made her take on the role of his daughter Veronica. She lived a happy life as Veronica, at the top of the social ladder, married the emperor, and lived happily ever after.

Until her knight plunged a sword into her chest and the real Veronica, who was supposed to be dead, walked out of the shadows. The real Veronica planned to take her place by the emperor’s side and even take their son.

However, Elena woke up in the past, when she was still 16 years old and was yet to meet the Grand Duke. Now, she plans to get revenge on everyone who wronged her.

5. I Shall Kill That Sweet Devil

Chloe Garnache lived most of her life being abused by her family, until the handsome and kind Duke Kairos saved her. She fell for his kindness but he used her as an alluring trap for his half-brother, the Emperor.

She willingly followed his every command and helped him kill the Emperor but she was abandoned and met a pitiful death after she served her purpose. She finds herself in the past before the Duke took her in.

This time, she won’t be swayed by his kind words and vows to kill the devilish duke. But, she isn’t the only one who’s back in time.

6. A Villainess’ Revenge Is Sweeter Than Honey

Alexandra didn’t mind committing evil acts and being called a wicked woman as long as she could make her husband Kleio the next emperor. She stained her hands in the blood of countless people, but after she achieved her goal, she was betrayed by the man she loved the most.

The emperor had an affair and accused her of putting a curse on him. Just before she died, she wished for a second chance, and she woke up on the day of her wedding. Once again, she married Kleio and vows to exact revenge on him for what he did.

7. The Young Supporter of Darkness

After getting reincarnated as the villainess Daphne who will die at the hands of the male lead, she decided to help the Male lead and the heroine reach a happy ending. After that she hoped to leave the capital and live a happy life, but, she gets betrayed by the male lead who felt threatened by her. Even the female lead, whom she considered a friend, wanted her dead.

Waking up in the past, she decides to go a completely different route this time and help the main villain of the story instead of the hero. But, why is the worst villain in the story so kind to her?

8. The Villainess Needs a Tyrant

Orphaned at a young age, Maribelle was taken it by her uncle who took over all the responsibilities of the household in place of her father. He promised to hand everything over to her once she became an adult.

But, it turned out to be a lie. By the time she was eighteen, her uncle had already devoured everything that belonged to her. To make matters worse, she found out that he was planning to kill the emperor.

Her sweet cousin sister whom she loved so much, poisoned her to keep her from telling anyone about their plan. After waking up in the past, she plans to use the tyrant emperor to get revenge.

9. The Saintess Returns as a Villain

Beatrice dedicated her entire life to living as a saint and preventing the disaster that could destroy the entire empire. All she ever asked for was the love of her family, but all she got was a betrayal. Betrayal from everyone she cared about from her family to her followers.

A girl named Lina Cumbell stole her place as the saintess and framed her as a warlock that wanted to hurt the people of the empire. Her soul went back in time after being killed and so began her second life. She would get her revenge even if she has to become a villainess in order to do so.

10. The Villainess Becomes the Leading Lady

Minjoo spent most of her high school life being bullied by her classmate Sooyeon. She couldn’t take it anymore and decided to jump off the school building. Sooyeon tries to stop her but ends up falling as well.

Minjoo wakes up in the body of Dahlia Margaret, the villainess of her favorite novel. Finally, she was free from her Sooyeon, the woman she hated more than anything, or that’s what she thought.

Sooyeaon had transmigrated into the novel as well, that too as none other than the female lead. But, this time, Minjoo won’t let her ruin her life, so, she makes a deal with a mysterious man.

11. Don’t Trust the Female Lead

After a reader possesses the body of the villainess Lady Medena, she decides to help Susan, the kind female lead, in her struggles. But Susan is not as kind and innocent as the novel made her out to be.

She betrays Medena and gets her executed for something she didn’t do. Sent back in time to before she met the female lead, Medena decides to make the opposite decision to her past life and joins hands with the novel’s villain, Pharren.

To her surprise, just like Susan, Pharren isn’t like she read in the novel either. He’s much more…nice.

12. The Abandoned Empress

Aristia was meant to be the next empress since childhood. She was always told that she would marry the crown prince, but then a mysterious girl appeared who gained the prince’s favor. She was abandoned and later executed for supposedly committing atrocities.

She wakes up 7 years in the past before the new girl appeared and her miserable life began. Will the past repeat itself or will she be able to overcome challenges and forge a new path for herself?

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