20 Best Manhwa With OP MC in School

Stories set in High Schools are always interesting because of all the different types of student and teacher characters. High Schools are battle fields in their own ways. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, but one thing is for sure, it’s fun.

Now, put an overpowered MC into a high school setting, and things get even more interesting. School manhwa with OP MC have a huge fanbase after all, people love watching the OP MC beating the shit out of the arrogant students who go against him.

So, today, I’m going to share with you the 20 Best High School Manhwa With OP MC, that you would definitely love. Let’s begin…

20. Gangs of School

Won Han-gil’s father was the head of the labor union of Korea. His father committed suicide and the funeral was held in a grand manner but the laughter and chatter of the funeral guest proved that no one cared about them.

His mother lost her sanity after losing her husband. Now, he was the head of the family, responsible to take care of his mother and his blind younger sister, and also paying off the private loan left behind by his dead father.

He comes up with a plan to change everything and the plan involves him starting his own gang at the world school in the country. The school is filled with strong guys. Will he be able to beat them and rise to the top?

19. Reality Quest

18-year-old Dowan Ha hates playing games but he’s so good at them that he gets forced into playing by some bullies in his class so that he can obtain in-game items for them.

One day, while playing a game, he starts talking to the most beautiful girl in school that even he has a crush on, and due to being distracted by her, he ends up losing in the game. So, the bully he was playing for threatens to strip him naked and beat him up in front of the girl unless he can obtain a rare item for him.

Dowan spends the next week playing the game with minimal sleep and at the end of it, he dies from exhaustion. However, he wakes up a week in the past, and now, with all the abilities he obtained in the games, he can use them in real life. Will he be able to use these abilities to fight back?

18. The World is Money and Power

Rumors spread that Congressman Dahn’s son got into an elite high school through fraudulent means and soon it became such a big deal that it could affect his career, so, the congressman decided to have his son transferred to a different school.

Gunwoo Dahn had to transfer to a new school and on the very first day, he learns that this school is controlled by the third-generation rich kids of the country. In this dysfunctional high school, poor or middle-class students are forced to live with their heads down.

But, Gunwoo decides to change the status quo and become the new head of this school. But does he have the strength to go up against others just like him or maybe even stronger than him?

17. Guard Pass

Seo Hajin has always had a crush on her childhood friend Lim Sejun who likes to eat and is really fat. He has high self-esteem and doesn’t care at all if people make fun of his weight. Hajin started learning Jiu-jitsu to protect Sejun from bullies.

After he fights against some bullies to protect a classmate. The bullies start targeting him as well and soon, Seo Hajin got involved as well. She fought against them to protect him. But, one night, she was found beaten up badly in a back alley. Her knees were seriously injured and she may even have a hard time walking again.

Hajin’s Jiu-jitsu teacher finds Sejun trying to fight the bullies and decides to teach him. Three months later, Sejun is back after learning martial arts and he’s hell-bent on finding out the person on hurt Hajin.

16. God Of Blackfield

Kang Chan was a menace on the battlefield leaving behind the dead bodies of his enemies on every mission he goes. His nickname “God of Blackfield” made everyone shudder in fear. One day, it was supposed to be just another mission but unfortunately, it became his last.

He was shot and killed but what’s surprising was that the bullet came from behind him, where his comrades were. Some from his own team killed him. But why?

He gets revived three years later into the body of a normal high schooler. Now, the biggest problems in his life are bullies and girls. Though he still plans to get his revenge on whoever betrayed him, he must first survive high school.

15. UnOrdinary

John worked hard, studying tirelessly, to get into the school of his choice, a school meant for students with supernatural abilities. But since he didn’t possess any abilities like the others, no one wanted to even be near him and treated him like shit.

The only friend he made is Seraphina who also happens to be the strongest student in the school. Nobody pays much attention to him and thinks of him as just another weakling but he has a past that can change the entire status quo of the school.

With battles, powerful enemies, and conspiracies on every corner, will he be able to fulfill his destiny? What secrets is he hiding? Does he really have no supernatural powers like the others?

14. The Demon Prince Goes to the Academy

“The Demon King is Dead” is a fantasy novel that starts with the demon king being killed and the 30-year-old author of the novel ends up being transmigrated into the body of none other than Reinhart, the Demon King’s only son.

The Royal Class is a special class within the magic academy with the entire class being composed of gifted prodigies, with exceptional skills and talents, the students in this class are the most promising in the entire empire.

Reinhart ends up making it into such a monstrous class. Amidst people who will try to trample all over him, will he be able to survive in this world that’s destined to be ruined? If he wants to survive, he will need to become stronger than everyone else.

13. My School Life Pretending to be a Worthless Person

Edeya, known as the essence of a human’s soul, was discovered by humans and soon learned to control and materialize it. Edeya can be used as powerful abilities and conventional weapons don’t work against someone with Edeya.

After a military program was implemented in his school and ranks were given based on a person’s Edeya, Park Jinsong became the lowest person in the school as the Edeya he possessed was only F-rank.

Everyone treats him as trash but the truth is that he possesses an S-rank Edeya called “Absolute Killing Intent” that allows him to kill the strongest of his enemies but he can’t control his killing intent. So, he spends his days pretending to be a weak person not to hurt everyone around him. Will he be able to control his Edeya and become one of the strongest in the world?

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12. Study Group

Gamin sucks at studying. He was working hard but didn’t see any results and even after he got a tutor named Hankyeong Lee, his grades didn’t improve at all. As a result, he ended up in Yusung High School, a school filled with so many delinquents that it’s now known as the school for future criminals.

Studying in such a school seems impossible, especially alone, so, he decides to start a study group and get together with others like him who want to study. His old tutor, Ms. Hankyeong also joins the same school to earn her teacher certification.

Will they be able to help each other survive in this school filled with animal-like students?

11. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

One day, the Labyrinths appeared out of nowhere. These labyrinths filled with monsters were presented by the shadow realm and mankind must come together to face them.

10 years after the labyrinth first appeared, most of humanity had perished. Desir and his friends were the only ones left. They somehow managed to defeat the strongest monster they had ever faced but the monster’s heart exploded and killed them all.

Desir wakes up thirteen years into the past. He decides to enter the magic academy once again and train his friends to better face the horror that is to come. With only three years left, will he be able to become stronger and also gather strong allies to face the labyrinths?

10. Jungle Juice

Suchan Jang is a pretty popular guy in college with good looks and perfect grades. He’s invited to all the parties and events, and in terms social food chain, he’s at the very top in college. He would never do anything to compromise his privileged college life.

But he has a secret that can compromise his entire life. Years ago, he used a bug spray on a dragonfly. After accidentally inhaling the spray, he puked and passed out. When he woke up again, he had wings on his back.

One day, he gets attacked by someone just like him and he ends up revealing his wings in public. His life crumbles but he soon finds out about a hidden world of people with insect-like features, just like him. In this world, only the strong survive.

9. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

Lucas Trowman was the strongest archmage the world had ever seen but he soon realized that humans were just a plaything for the demi-gods. Along with his friends, he put up a fight against the cruel gods, but everyone died in the fight and he was sealed away for eternity.

But 4,000 years later, his soul escapes and enters the body of Frei Blake, a student at the Westroad Magic Academy. His new body was weak and pathetic, and even after thousands of years, magic hadn’t developed at all.

This time, he will become even stronger than his past self, gather strong allies, and get rid of the demi-god once and for all. Will he be able to reach the highest levels of magic once again?

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8. Warrior High School: Dungeon Raid Department

The Earth fused with another world and resulted in the formation of dungeons filled with treasures and bloodthirsty monsters. Soon, adventures with all kinds of abilities started to appear and defeat the monsters.

The strongest adventurer in the world lost his mind and ended up as just another old man in a hospital. Soon, people forgot about him. Yoo Jaryong is the son of that adventurer.

In order to pay for the hospital bills, Jaryong becomes a smuggler who steals items from the dungeon. While on one such smuggling mission, he comes across a student of the Warrior High School that trains future adventurers. The girl asks him to join the school as well.

7. Academy’s Undercover Professor

After his father passed away, his mother asked him to become a shaman. She believed that the gods were over him and that if he didn’t become a shaman, great misfortune will befall him. He didn’t listen to her and at a very young age, he died in a car accident.

But he was reincarnated in another world. Years later, he’s a powerful mage and is known by many names throughout this new world, now he must add another name to that, Ludger Cherish.

While he was on a train, terrorists attacked them, and his disguise was ruined while fighting. To prevent himself from being recognized, he used the name of his fellow passenger who died in the attack. And now, he must become an undercover professor at the Magic Academy to protect his identity.

6. Lookism

Daniel is short, fat, ugly, and always getting bullied by his classmates. Tired of always being treated so horribly, he decides to change schools, and the day before his first day in the new school, he ends up waking up in a completely different body.

His new body is the complete opposite of his old one. Now, he’s handsome as hell with amazing physical abilities. Using this new body, he aims to achieve everything he couldn’t before. But there’s a much bigger conspiracy behind what’s happening to him.

Will he be able to keep his secret from his new friends? Are there others like him?

5. Second Life of a Gangster

Oh Joong Seok has always been a rowdy guy, always getting into fights ever since he was young. When he got older, he became a gangster and joined a gang. For years, he did all kinds of misdeeds, beating up and killing people for money.

Eventually, he became one of the most important people in the gang but it was all for nothing. He gets betrayed by his own people and ends up running for his life

After dying, he finds himself years into the past back when he was still in high school. This time, he plans to do things differently and not make the same mistakes again. Will he be able to live a virtuous life this time?

4. Get Schooled

After the Anti-Corporal Punishment Act was passed, teachers were forbidden from disciplining students using corporal punishment. It became difficult for the teachers to manage the students and many instances of teachers being beaten by students came forward. Realizing the gravity of the situation, a new version of the act was passed.

Hwajin Na is a teacher but his teaching style is really violent for someone working in the Ministry of Education. When students can’t be handled by words alone, it’s Hwajin’s job to make sure they behave., and the government gives him full authority to use any methods necessary.

After a student commits suicide in a school, Hwajin gets dispatched as a new teacher at the school to make things right.

3. Weak Hero

Eujang High School is hell for students as it is filled with delinquents. These delinquents always target the weak, and once you become their target, your school life is over.

Gray is a new student at this school. Even though he possesses a weak body and a short height, he threatens to destroy the whole hierarchy of the school. On the very first day, he mercilessly beats up the class bully and attracts the attention of some of the most ruthless guys in the school.

He may be outnumbered but using his calculative and brutal fighting style, he will defeat anyone who gets in his way. They will never meet anyone as cunning as him.

2. Mercenary Enrollment

When he was just a kid, Ijin Yu along with his parents was in an airplane crash. His parents passed away and he ended up in a foreign land. Forced to fend for himself, he decided to become a mercenary after being trained by the best.

Years later, he finally comes back to Seoul to his grandpa and younger sister. Hoping to live a normal peaceful life, he decides to attend a high school, but school in itself is a battlefield. With bullies and gangsters on every corner, he must use everything he learned as a mercenary to fight back.

Will the school be able to handle him?

1. The Beginning After The End

Grey was a powerful king with unrivaled strength and abilities. He was loved by everyone but also had many enemies who wanted him dead and seems like one of them succeeded when he found himself reborn in another world.

Beneath the powerful exterior, Grey was just a lost man with no purpose in life but now that he’s been reborn into a loving family, he has a second chance at life and this time he won’t make the same mistakes he made in the last one.

What new challenges will this new world bring? Will he be able to overcome all the obstacles and protect his loved ones?

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