20 Best Manhwa Where MC is the Villain

Everyone loves powerful and just heroes who fight to protect the weak and innocent people. But there are many instances where the villains are more interesting than the hero.

The story of the mysterious, cruel, and cold villains can be just as interesting as the heroes, maybe even more. So, today, I’m going to share with you the Best Manhwa Where the MC is a Villain who’s not afraid to embrace their dark sides.

20. A Useless Villain

On the surface, Dongjin Kim looks like a normal high school student though with a moody personality. But underneath it, he’s an evil and powerful psychic who wants to destroy the entire world. He’s powerful enough to kill millions, but someone is interfering with his plans.

Every time he kills a person, someone turns back time, bringing the person back to life. He’s trapped in a loop of killing and going back in time. The only way to figure out the identity of the one doing this to him is by killing everyone near him and hoping to also kill the culprit.

Will he be able to destroy the world or will he live the rest of his life as a useless villain? First, he must somehow escape the time loop.

19. Hero Has Returned

One day, Minsu Kim was transported to another world as a hero. He worked hard, became stronger, and somehow managed to defeat the Demon King, saving the world. After fulfilling his duty, he returned to Earth, only to find out that his mother died in a car accident while looking for him and his father committed suicide due to grief.

He decided to destroy this world that took everything from him, and in his rampage, he killed teenager Jeongsu Park’s family, except Jeongsu who got transported to another world. After becoming powerful, Jeongsu came back to Earth to get revenge on Minsu.

This is a story of heroes who returned from another world. As the heroes fight, it’s the world that suffers. Who will win?

18. Reverse Villain

Jung-woo had always dreamed of becoming the strongest and conquering the entire Murim world. He was close to achieving his dream but then he met Shin-Ryong, a righteous man who wanted to put an end to his cruel actions.

Their fight lasted days, and in the end, they both died and got stuck in an endless reincarnation cycle. They would get reincarnated together and Shin-Ryong defeated him every time.

Now in his sixth life, it’s not possible for Jung-woo to conquer the Murim world as he was reincarnated in modern times and Murim doesn’t exist anymore. But he’s still hell-bent on defeating Shin-Ryong no matter what.

17. I Get Stronger The More I Eat

Most people know Mr. Kim as “Pet Shop” because of his crazy obsession with animals. No one knows this but Pet Shop actually possesses a strange power that lets him absorb the abilities of any creature he eats.

So, to become stronger, he hunts and eats all kinds of animals, even if killing them is illegal. His actions soon got the attention of authorities and he ended up being killed by an undercover officer.

But, he gets sent to a world filled with monsters and creatures like orcs and trolls. Finally, he was in a world fit for him. He can finally use his ability to become the strongest in the world just by eating monsters.

16. I Reincarnated as the Crazed Heir

Jagak Yang was one of the strongest in the world, famous for being able to defeat any enemy with ten moves. He was also the son of the Great Martial Alliance, an alliance of righteous sects. No one could question his position as the next leader but then he was betrayed and killed by people jealous of his position.

As a blessing in disguise, he was reincarnated as the Vice Leader of the Shining Light Cult, a sect where people cultivate evil arts. Now that he was reincarnated as the second-in-command of his enemy sect, will he be able to follow his principles and still practice the dark arts?

15. Neon Revenge

Seongbin Cha used to be a kind kid. After he lost his parents, his sister was the only family he had but then he lost her too, all because some bully wanted to join an organization called Trollface.

After he lost his sister, he went on a rampage and killed the guy responsible for her death. After that he vowed to kill every bully in the world, starting with Trollface. So, he becomes an infamous hero known as Neon Mask, who violently punishes delinquents and puts the video on Viewtube.

The MC is overpowered and hides his identity from everyone. The art is pretty good but if you’re sensitive about bullying, this might not be for you.

14. FFF-Class Trashero

Hansoo got summoned to a world called Fantasia to be the legendary hero who would defeat the Demon King. After 10- years of training and adventuring, he was finally able to kill the Demon King and was hoping to go back to Earth.

But the god refused to send him back to Earth as he had failed to be a true hero. Just before he defeated the Demon King, he killed his comrades to get revenge for all the cruel things they did to him.

He failed and got sent back in time to the very first day he was summoned into this world. He needs to start over as a Trash hero and this time needs to do better.

13. How To Live As A Villain

Seonghoon suddenly found himself in a strange room with many others. The room turns out to be a tutorial for a game and anyone who clears this game can become a god. The longer he survives in this world, the higher his chances of becoming a high-ranking god.

But, he soon gets the title of a “Traitor” after he kills everyone else in the tutorial. Since he doesn’t possess powerful skills, he uses his wickedness and cruel tricks to kill everyone else and become the most powerful player. Follow Seonghoon as he slowly learns how to live as a villain.

12. Worn and Torn Newbie

Lee Eojin spent 15 years playing his favorite game, even after the game lost its hype and became just another game, he kept playing and finally, he was able to strengthen his sword to the 7th level. Now, if he sells this sword, he can pay off his debt but after that, he would have no money left.

With greed taking control of him, he takes a gamble and decides to try and strengthen his sword to Level 9. Unfortunately, he fails and the sword gets destroyed. Shocked, he passes out and wakes up years into the past.

Now, he can start over and conquer the game with the knowledge of the future. Will he be able to become the best player in the world or will the game break him once again?

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11. My School Life Pretending To Be a Worthless Person

After humans discovered Edeya, the essence of the human soul, the world changed forever, as Edeya could be materialized and used as weapons against which conventional weapons were useless. Soon, people started training on how to control Edeya and become stronger.

Park Jinsong is a student in a school that recently introduced a military program in which a person’s rank depends on their Edeya. Unfortunately, his Edeya is only F-rank, which makes him the lowest-ranked person in the school.

People don’t know that he actually possesses an S-rank Edeya called “Absolute Killing Intent”. But, he loses all control over himself when he uses his Edeya. So, he pretends to be weak to not kill everyone around him.

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10. Kill The Hero

One day, dungeons appeared all around the world and monsters poured out from them. Cities were destroyed and many people were lost, but a minority of people also awakened special powers that could defeat those monsters. But instead of saving the world, the players used their powers to their advantage.

Woojin wasn’t like the others and wanted to help the world just like the strongest player in the world Se-Jun Lee. He worked hard to become stronger and fight alongside his righteous leader.

But, when they were finally about to end all the suffering, he was betrayed and killed by Se-Jun Lee. After dying, he wakes up years into the past, and this time he will kill the strongest hero and get his revenge.

9. I Woke Up as the Villain

Yuseong is an ordinary office worker who enjoys reading web novels but not so much as to want to be transmigrated into one. He wakes up in the body of a foolish villain who will eventually die at the hands of the protagonist.

He is now part of the wealthy Haesung family but unfortunately, his family hates him because of his personality and habit of always throwing violent tantrums. To prevent his demise, he plans to become super rich, get away from the protagonist, and live an easy life.

With some luck, he manages to find a way to awaken and become one of the rare people in this world who possess extraordinary abilities. Will he be able to hunt monsters, become strong, and defeat all enemies?

8. Reverend Insanity

Venom bugs are the essence of all creation in this world and humans cultivate using these bugs to become stronger.

In his childhood, Fengyua was considered a genius but when his talent was tested, he turned out to be useless while his brother was the actual genius. But, he didn’t give up, and centuries later, he was one of the world’s strongest cultivators who managed to cultivate the legendary Spring Autumn Cicada.

Every cultivator in the world came to kill him as they wanted the Cicada for themselves but before they could kill him, he used the Cicada to turn back time and go back to when he was just a kid. With the knowledge he gained after cultivating for centuries, he would once again become the strongest.

7. Villain To Kill

The Child of day and the child of night hated each other and their fight is being continued to this day. The descendants of the child of day and the child of the night are now known as Psykers and Villains, respectively.

Cassian is a good-hearted young man who’s also one of the most powerful Psykers in the world. One day, after he was invited to Greece by his friend, he finds his friend dead, and in the end, also gets killed.

But, he wakes up in the body of a high schooler in South Korea, who just awakened as a villain. With the body of a villain, would he still be able to follow his sense of justice?

6. Hero Killer

The world is filled with villains but fortunately, the world also has heroes who protect the innocents from the villains. But, what if not all the heroes are good people? If the heroes fight against the corrupt villains, who fights against the corrupt heroes?

Possessing powerful abilities, a girl sets out on a cruel and bloody path to kill the hero who killed her sister, but since she doesn’t know the identity of the hero, she just decides to become a villain and kill every corrupt hero out there, until she finds the one she wants.

But, killing heroes is not an easy task, will she be able to find her sister’s killer?

5. How to Use a Returner

For  Giyoung, it was just another day when he suddenly got a game invitation on his smartphone which he accepts, and that’s the last memory he has before he woke up in a strange place.

He finds himself in a room with many others and a goddess who welcomes them to this “New world”. She tells them that they’ve been selected to become Heroes who will save this dying world, but before they enter the world, they must complete the tutorial.

The Goddess granted them all with abilities but Giyoung’s abilities were the lowest. Fortunately, he had a skill that allowed him to see other players’ status windows, and using this skill he discovers Hyunsung, a returner who travels back in time. Now, all Giyoung has to do is stick with him and use him to survive.

4. Existence

After dying, he was always reincarnated as another species. One day, he was an ant, on another, he was a dinosaur or a lion. It’s been so long that he doesn’t even remember which one was his first life.

Being alive for thousands of years, he wondered why he existed. After he was reincarnated as a human with the abilities of every being he’s ever been, he finally found what it was like to be loved.

But then his mother was killed by some hunters who were after him because of his strange abilities. What was the reason for his existence? He finally found the answer. It was to destroy the human race.

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3. I’m Not That Kind of Talent

Dion Hart is a very sickly and weak person who was sent along with the hero in the battle against the demon king. The hero decided to leave him behind and face the demon king himself.

After the hero didn’t return for a while, Dion decided to go and check out the situation but was caught by a general of the demon king’s army. After somehow managing to defeat the general and preventing the hero from self-destructing, he was misunderstood as the one who killed the Hero.

The demon king offered him the position of a general in his army, and scared out of his wits, Dion ended up agreeing. Now, people believe him to be the second strongest member of the demon king’s army.

2. I Am the Fated Villain

After transmigrating into the body of the villain Gu Changge, he realized that he was already involved in a difficult situation from the moment he awoke. Usually, in these stories, he would be a villain who’s just a stepping stone for the protagonist, but he was different.

He has no intention to go down the general “Villain turned good” road. He possesses a mysterious game-like system that might be able to help him.

He must do something about the Protagonist’s plot armor to prevent himself from being killed in the future. Now, his goal is to use the system to steal the luck of the supposed protagonists chosen by fate, and his first target is Ye Chen.

1. The Return of the Crazy Demon

The most versatile and talented cultivator in the entire world was Jaha Lee. He was obsessed with one day becoming the God of Martial Arts even though he knew it wouldn’t be easy. Unfortunately, after he steals the Jade of Heaven from the Demonic Cult.

He was chased by the entire cult and was forced to jump off a cliff, but before he killed himself, he swallowed the Jade of heaven. When he wakes up again, he finds himself in a strange place along with an old man.

The old man performs some kind of art and he finds himself back in the past to when he was in his 20s. Using the wisdom of many years and a young body, will he finally be able to fulfill his dream of becoming the God of Martial Arts?

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