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21 Best Reincarnated Villainess Manhwa Recommendations

Villainess Female leads are I think loved by everyone. Being reincarnated into a fantasy world as a villainess fated to die unless the female lead fights to change the story. You might be familiar with this concept from the highly popular anime My Next Life as a Villainess.

There are many Villainess Manhwa that you can enjoy and today, I’m going to share with you the 21 Best Villainess Manhwa Recommendations that you would definitely love.

Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married

Juvelian was a villainess of a novel that stopped publishing midway. She lost her mother at a young age and never received any affection from her father. The only person who ever showed any care toward her was Mikhail.

Unfortunately, as the story progresses, he abandons her for the princess. Later, he frames Juvelian for poisoning the princess’s drink. Even her father didn’t believe her and sent her to the Chamber of Shadows where only the worst criminals are sent. There, she commits suicide…

But, a reader of the novel wakes up in her body years before her tragic end. Now, she prepares to avoid her fate and live a luxurious life using her father’s money.

Afraid that her father would marry her to the infamous crown prince, she decides to enter a dating contract with none other than her father’s student.

The Villainess Is Happy Today

Sojin spent the 30 years of her life with neither money nor fame. After growing up in a dysfunctional family and getting cheated on, her mentality became very strong.

One day, she wakes up in the body of Leilin Candmione, the only princess of the Candmione family, a symbol of wealth and the richest family in the Empire. In the novel, though Leilin went around frequently committing evil acts, many still followed her because of her money and power.

Sojin just wants to live a life of luxury and revel in her riches as Leilin but the female lead of the story, Iris is constantly trying to belittle and embarrass her in front of everyone.

Though Leilin wants no drama, she’s determined to teach Iris and her four lovers a lesson.

Death is the Only Ending for the Villainess

The Female Lead was the illegitimate child of a wealthy family. After her mother passed away, her father took her in. But living in an orphanage would have been better for her as her brothers made her life a living hell.

One day, she found out about a very popular game and decided to give it a try. She played for hours because the game’s story was pretty similar to her own life. She finished the game in easy mode and decided to play it in hard mode to reach a secret ending.

But, In hard mode, the story is told from the perspective of the villainess, Penelope Eckart.

The female lead died and woke up as Penelope Eckart, the hated villainess fated to die in all endings. Will she be able to use her knowledge of the hard mode to prevent every possible ending that results in her death??

Your Throne

Your Throne isn’t exactly a reincarnation manhwa. It’s a body-swapping manhwa where the consciousness of two characters transfers into each other’s bodies.

Lady Medea Solon was supposed to be the queen of the Vasilios Empire after marrying the crown prince. But, her place next to the crown prince was stolen from her by the only daughter of Count Callista, “Psyche Callista”.

Medea schemes to get revenge on Psyche for taking what was rightfully hers, but, during a scuffle between the two, they both fall into a pond of holy water. While drowning, Medea makes a wish to the god to give her everything that Psyche has.

The next day, they realize that they’ve both switched bodies. Also, check out my article for more Villainess Revenge Manhwa.

The Perks of Being A Villainess

Dohee lived a miserable life and died young, but found herself reborn as the villainess Deborah, inside a novel.

Being a villainess comes with its perks as she’s the richest woman in the empire. But first, she must avoid her tragic ending to enjoy the new found riches. Will it prove too much of a challenge for Dohee to be the perfect villainess?

Beware the Villainess!

Beware the Villainess is one of the best completed villainess manhwas you can binge read.

The female lead used to live in South Korea but one day, due to a car accident, she woke up as a character in a novel called ‘The Man I Love’.

The novel’s protagonist, Yuri, was a commoner that was recognized for her magic abilities and became the adopted daughter of a baron. The four male leads of the story all have feelings for her because of her beautiful and angelic personality. Unfortunately, our female lead didn’t wake up as Yuri but instead was reincarnated as the villainess of the story, the crown prince’s fiancee who has a bad relationship with all four of the male leads.

Even though she’s far from being everyone’s favorite, she’s still the Duke’s daughter, so she decides to not commit any villainous acts and live a luxurious life away from the male leads. But things soon get complicated…

The Villainess Is Retiring

An average office worker in South Korea died in an airplane crash during a business trip. When she opened her eyes again, she found herself in the world of a novel as Everia Oberon, the villainess of the story.

The original Everia Oberon had everything from looks and titles to power and influence. The only thing she lacked was a good personality. The new Everia decided to avoid all the drama of the story and break up with the Crown Prince. She retired to the countryside to live her life in peace.

The region she moved to was a very cold and empty land located in the north, perfect for a lazy life. Or that’s what she thought…

Soon, she found out that the region only has non-flammable wood that can’t be used to warm her up. So, she decides to summon an archmage who can use his powers to keep her warm but she ended up summoning a handsome demon instead.

The Villainess Turns The Hourglass

Aria was born in the lowest and darkest of all places but she was able to step into a better and more beautiful world because of her mother’s remarriage to a count. She grew up to be a beautiful adult living a life of luxury but she also constantly harassed her gentle stepsister Mielle. Soon, she became the evilest woman in the Empire.

Being a villainess, she suffered greatly and ultimately met her end by hurting Mielle, the saintess loved by everyone. But what if Mielle wasn’t as gentle and pure as everyone thought? As she is about to die, Aria finds out that everything that led to her bad reputation and ultimate execution was planned by Mielle.

While her consciousness faded, she saw an hourglass and in the next moment, she finds herself in the past. Now, with the power of the hourglass on her side, she’s determined to change the past.

Master Villainess the Invincible!

Yeoju was simply living her normal life as a second-rate author when suddenly, she finds herself inside a popular martial arts novel as the villainess.

As with all novels, the villainess is meant to die a gruesome death and now, she must find a way to change her fate and prove herself as a warrior.

How to Get My Husband on My Side

After a helicopter crash ended her life, she thought she was finally free from the hell of life she had but, to her surprise, she became a character from a novel she had read in the past.

The character Rudbeckia de Borgia, the daughter of the Pope, was bound to the same miserable environment and fate as that of her previous life.

To make matters worse, she was a minor villain in the story and was destined to die at the hand of her own husband, the North’s Mightiest Knight Iske van Omerta. To prevent her destined fate, she plans to somehow convince her husband and everyone else that she’s completely harmless. How hard can it be to get her husband on her side?


‘Flower of Hell’ is a romance novel that has recently been very popular among her friends. It was the first opportunity for our protagonist to learn about novels, although, she almost threw it away after reading one line because the novel is a 19+ reverse harem novel where the female lead Sylvia has relations with many male leads.

In the story, the tragedy of the heroine began when her older brother Cassis Pedelian was kidnapped by their family’s enemy, ‘The Black Agrece family’.

After dying, the protagonist was reincarnated into the novel as Roxana Agrece, the daughter of the Agrece family who is destined to die along with her family because of the heroine’s revenge.

So, when her father kidnaps Cassis, she can either wait to be killed by the heroine or she can bring Cassis on her side and use him to survive against both the heroine and her own dysfunctional family. But with everyone against them, can Roxana and Cassis trust each other?

Accomplishments of the Duke’s Daughter

This is a Villainess Manga, not a manhwa, but I just thought I should include it in the list.

Iris gets hit by Truck-Kun and wakes up inside the world of an otome game she always played. Unfortunately, she gets reincarnated as the story’s villainess, and to make matters worse, she wakes up in the character’s ‘Judgement scene’ where she would be sentenced to a “bad ending” for hurting the female lead.

If the story progresses as it is meant to, she would be sent to a nunnery to live the rest of her life there. But, she somehow manages to get out of the situation.

Now, she must use her memories of the original villainess and her knowledge of the otome game to prevent bad endings and live a good life while accomplishing many things.

Please Don’t Come to the Villainess’ Stationary Story

The woman our protagonist possessed, Maldenique Vaveloa, was a villainess with a reputation at rock bottom. After many failed businesses, she lost billions of money. The original Maldenique didn’t possess any talent and now, even her fiance, the male lead, is having an affair with the female lead of the story.

After her fiance breaks their engagement, she gets kicked out of her house with a small amount of money. So, she decides to move into an old house her mother left her and turn it into a stationary shop for kids where she could sell all kinds of snacks, candies, and toys.

But the customers she’s getting are all a little weird…the crown prince’s younger brother, the tower master’s son, the great magic swordsman’s brother, and even her ex-fiance’s younger sister.

For Better or for Worse

Dillion realized that she had become a character in a novel after meeting Marquess Cedric, the man who will marry her sister.

According to the novel’s story, her sister will die after marrying him. To save her, she decides to marry him herself, but what will she do when the real heroine of the novel appears and Cedric falls in love with her?

The Villainess is a Marionette

The female lead lived her entire life being a puppet and working under someone else. Because of a project she recently took over, she was murdered.

She woke up in the body of Kayena Hill, the villainess of a novel and the younger sister of the Crown Prince. Kayena Hill is praised as the most beautiful woman in the entire Empire. But simply being beautiful is not a real power.

The original Kayena Hill was betrayed and killed by her own brother, but now that she knows how the story will unfold, she’ll use her knowledge to turn the tables around and finally be the one pulling the strings.

When The Villainess Is In Love

Princess Libertia was a villainess who tormented the pure and innocent heroine. Moreover, she would also harass the male leads of the story. Eventually, she met an end befitting of a villainess, in a disgusting prison.

The heroine Ariel and the Crown Prince Lavrov later got married and it would have been a good ending if the story had just ended there. But soon, two of the male leads and many supporting characters died because of the two main leads.

One day, a reader of the novel became Princess Libertia, three months before the start of the original story. This may be her chance to make sure everyone gets a happy ending. But, will the story still be the same with her changing the events and people starting to look at her in a more favorable light?

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I Became the Villain’s Mother

Seo Haena was an ordinary 28-year-old woman working as a teacher at a daycare center in South Korea. One day, she woke up inside the world of her favorite novel as the infamous Duchess of House Chide, Duchess Roselia Chide.

For generations, the Chide family has been villainous, and the current duke, Cassius Chide is a villain that terrorizes the entire Empire.

Roselia Chide has everything from status and power to all the riches she could ever need, but the biggest problem Seo Haena has to face as Roselia is the duke’s son from his first wife, Einspanner Chide, her stepson.

According to the novel, he is meant to be the main villain of the story and kill Rosalia. Fortunately, right now, he is just a young boy, so, she decides to raise him well with love and prevent him from becoming a villain. Will she be able to rewrite her tragic fate?

What It Takes To Be A Villainess

After her boyfriend cheats on her with her friend and breaks up with her, Hwayoung ends up drinking her sorrows away by the riverside and by accident falls into the river. In the next moment, she finds herself in a completely unfamiliar place, inside a body she doesn’t recognize.

She finds out that she had died and her soul entered the body of “Satiana Altisee Kaylon”, the only daughter of Duke Kaylon and a villainess hated by everyone.

Soon, she gets chosen as a candidate to be the next Empress along with many others and now, must enter the Royal palace to compete for the spot against the other candidates.

In a place filled with cold-hearted people who would do anything to get rid of her, she must become a true villainess. But even villains need love…

This Villainess Wants a Divorce!

The Royal family has two princes – The 1st prince, the protagonist of the novel and a maid’s son, and the 2nd prince, the Empress’s son.

Afraid that the first prince may start to gain power by allying with a powerful family through marriage, she brought in a girl named Carnelia  Easter, the daughter of a powerless aristocratic family, and forced the first prince to marry her.

Carnelia was a villainess who used her title for evil doings and lived luxuriously on the palace’s finances. In the end, she was executed by the first prince. A fitting end for the villainess…but

A reader of the novel woke up inside the body of Carnelia, years before she was supposed to die. Will she be able to use her knowledge of the story to survive the schemes of the empress, especially when the story is getting more unpredictable by the day?

The Villainess Lives Again

Artezia has always been good at manipulating situations and people. So, she became the greatest ally of her brother and plotted many things to make him the next Emperor. She became the villainess that ruined the empire, all for her brother.

But, after he became the king, the first thing he did was to get rid of her. Framed for a crime she didn’t commit, her hands and legs were cut off along with her tongue, and she was thrown into prison as punishment.

She gets rescued from the prison by Grand Duke Cedric, her enemy that hated her. He saved her to ask her for a way to save the empire from her tyrant brother but, it was too late.

So, she sacrificed her life to use a forbidden magic that turned back the time to several years before her brother became the king. Will she be able to stop her brother with the help of the grand duke?

I Fell into a Reverse Harem Game!

One day, she got a strange call and the next moment, she woke up in an unfamiliar bed, with two hot lovers beside her!

Her soul is now inside the body of Princess Elvia, a powerful woman in a reverse harem game. But if the story progresses as it is meant to, everything she has will be stolen from her by her own maid Arielle, the heroine of the story.

Arielle is out to take everything from her including her harem of men, but it’s not going to be that easy as Elvia can see all of Arielle’s secrets through her player screen. Will Elvia be able to beat Arielle at her own game?

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