12 Best Gyaru Manga Recommendations

Romance manga with gyaru girls is one of my favorites. There’s just something about gyaru’s that makes a manga better. So, in this article, I’m going to share with you 12 of the Best Gyaru Manga.

What is a Gyaru Manga?

Gyaru, also known as Gal, is a subculture of women who follow certain types of Japanese street fashion. They are usually seen as “delinquents” because of their baggy and inappropriate clothing choice, heavy makeup, tanned skin, dyed hair, etc. The style is very flashy and skimpy.

There are many types of gyaru, like Himegyaru which means Princess Gal, and Kogyaru which involves gyaru wearing school uniforms.

12. Kuro Gyaru-san ga Kuru!

Kuroda is tired of his office job and his life. Every day, he works till late into the night, until both his body and mind are drained. His life’s been reduced to simply going back and forth between his house and his job.

One night after work, he decides to go to a cafe. There while he’s crying about his life, a friendly gyaru notices him and offers to listen to his problems.

They exchange contacts as she promises to hang out with him. What will become of this friendship?

11. Section Manager Kawahara and his Gal Subordinate, Watch out for the GAL!

Kawahara is very serious about his work. He’s been a diligent worker for over 20 years and currently, he’s a section manager. Everything is great. His reputation in the company is rather decent but then someone new joins the company – a Gal.

18-year-old Misaki Rena is a new employee and her work attitude is terrible. She’s very carefree at work, her hair’s too flashy, her skirt’s too short, talks too much, is always painting her nails, all of this irritates Kawahara.

She’s always pestering him when he just wants to do his work properly. How is he going to handle his new Gal subordinate?

10. Tedama ni Toritai Kurokiya-San

Even after taking supplementary lessons, Kurokiya Ruu is on the verge of failing and repeating the year. To prevent that, her teacher recommends she takes lessons from an extraordinary student in the special curriculum that can help her take care of all of her subjects.

The student turns out to be her childhood friend Tadashi Tadao. She’s had a crush on him for a long time and Tadashi also likes her too but he’s too shy to confess. They end up not studying at all as Ruu decides to use this chance to seduce him.

A pure-hearted gyaru and a straightforward guy. What will become of this cute but vexing relationship?

9. Gal Gohan

Okazaki Miku is the biggest gyaru gal in the school. The only thing she cares about is having fun and hanging out with her friends. This has resulted in her failing her exams and no matter how many make-up classes the teachers make her take, she still fails every time.

So, the principal gives her one final chance if she can at least bake some homemade cookies to give to the teachers, he would let her pass. Since she never bakes cookies, she asks her Home Economics teacher, Yabe Shinji, for help.

Shinji had been working at the school for a couple of months and still, none of the students know him. After he helps Miku with baking cookies, he decides to start a cooking club to better connect with the students. The first one to join his club is Miku…

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8. Hokkaido Gals Are Super Adorable!

16-year-old Tsubasa Shiki just moved from Tokyo to Hokkaido due to his family circumstances. He gets off the taxi one town ahead, thinking he could explore on the way to the next town, that’s when he met a gyaru at the bus station, wearing only a skirt in the -8 degrees Celcius temperature.

He learns from the girl, Minami Fuyuki, that walking to the next town would take him hours and he won’t be able to get another taxi either. So, he decides to wait for the bus with the gyaru.

Turns out she goes to the same school as he would be attending.

7. Yancha Gal no Anjou-San

Seto is a boring student, serious about his studies, and just wants to lead a quiet High-school life without attracting any attention to himself. But, he somehow ends up getting involved with one of the most popular girls in school, Anjou-san, a gyaru.

Anjou is the class delinquent and she just won’t leave Seto alone. He’s unable to handle the beautiful and sexy Anjou-san and doesn’t realize that his humorous reactions to her shenanigans are precisely what makes her wanna tease him even more.

The story follows the daily antics of this unlikely pair of a serious guy and an energetic gyaru.

6. More Than a Married Couple, But Not Lovers

The story is set in a world where high school students are paired together in a “Couple Practical”, in which they are to live together as married couples to prove that they have the necessary skills to live with a partner.

Third-year High-school student Yakuin Jirou has had a crush on his childhood friend, Sakurazaka Shiori, for a long time and wishes to be paired with her in the mandatory “Couple Practical”. But unfortunately, due to the pairing being random, he gets paired up with the gyaru Akari Watanabe.

Akari was also hoping to be paired with her crush Tenjin Minami, one of the most handsome guys in the school. To make matters worse for Jirou, the guy gets paired with Shiori.

So, Akari and Jirou come up with a plan to act as perfect couples and receive a top ten rating, which will give them a chance to change their partners if both couples agree. But, their opposite personalities get on each other’s nerves.

5. Citrus

Yuzuko Aihara is a high school gyaru girl whose only interests are things fashion and trends. She’s only interested in having fun with her friends and doesn’t really care about school.

After her mother gets remarried, she has to transfer to an all-girls high school and live with her step-dad’s daughter.

On her first day at school, she gets in trouble with the student council president Mei, for using a smart phone on school grounds. Dejected, she returns home after school and learns that her new step-sister is actually the student council president.

Now, the two must live together and to make matters worse for Yuzuko, Mei catches her off-guard and kisses her out of nowhere.

4. Kiyoku, Yamashiku, Modokashiku

Enjouji is a scary-looking high school girl who most students avoid. She is a typical gyaru and doesn’t care about the school dress code at all.

Because of things like her piercing or her skirt length, she always ends up going toe to toe with the disciplinary committee.

Even after being told repeatedly, she still doesn’t follow the school’s uniform rules and so, the president of the disciplinary committee has started to keep tabs on her. But, he’s nothing but a nuisance to her.

3. Hajimete no Gal

The beginning of the spring semester. That’s love season for the students. That said, it’s not like that’s important or anything. At least, not for Junichi.

But then one day at school, his friends put a fake letter in a girl’s locker in his name, and force him to confess to the girl. The girl just so happens to be Yame Yukana, one of the most popular girls in the school and a gyaru.

Wanting to graduate from his virginity, he gets on his knees and confesses to her, but he didn’t expect her to actually say yes. And now, he’s going out with the most popular gyaru in school.

2. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All

Oosawa-san loves listening to rock music but her friends are not really into it. This makes her feel very lonely when she wants to talk about music but has no one to talk to.

Even though she’s not interested in boys, she develops a crush on the guy at a record shop. But due to the guy wearing a mask and boy’s clothes, she doesn’t realize that the guy she likes is actually a girl and her classmate at that.

Koga is a gloomy and boring girl and a loner. She works at her uncle’s record shop. She recently got herself mixed up in something crazy. Her classmate who thinks she’s a boy has a crush on her and she just can’t find a way to tell her the truth.

Enjoy this cute love story of a gyaru and her classmate who she thinks is a boy, bonding over their love for rock music.

1. My Dress-Up Darling 

When he was a kid, Wakana Gojou fell in love with the traditional Hina dolls that his grandfather made. He started to learn how to make Hina dolls but then an incident with a friend traumatized him.

He grew up as a loner, thinking that no one would be friends with him due to his obsession with Hina dolls. To him, someone like his classmate Marin Kitagawa is like an alien who would never belong in his world.

One day, when he’s sewing in school, Marin sees him. He soon learns about her secret hobby – cosplaying. And now, he’s forced to make a cosplay dress for her.

Will his closed heart be able to handle the invasion from this strange alien?

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