11 Best Enemies To Lovers Anime

I love Enemies to Lovers romance stories where the characters start as enemies, always on the opposite side of each other, and always in conflict, but soon, as they work and spend time together, they realize that the other is not as hateful as they had thought. Slowly with time, the hate turns to respect and the respect turns to love.

I think it is one of the most endearing aspects of romance anime to watch two enemies who slowly start to understand each other and end up falling in love without even realizing it.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 11 Best Enemies to Lovers Anime Recommendations :-

11. Kaze no Stigma

Kazuma was part of the powerful Kannagi family who are masters of fire magic. But, he didn’t have the ability to use fire magic and thus, was exiled from the clan. He left Japan and now years later, he’s back. Now, he can use wind magic and possesses a vast amount of magic power.

When he goes back to the family household, he finds that the Kannagi family is in peril and their very existence is in danger. Forgetting his hatred for them, he agrees to help.

Now, he must work together with his younger brother Ren and Ayano, the feisty heir to the family.

10. Masamune Kun’s Revenge 

Masamune was overweight as a child and he was always teased by a girl named Adagaki Aki. But, he had feelings for her and confessed it, but she mercilessly rejected him.

For years after that, he worked hard to lose weight and became a good-looking guy. Now that he’s handsome, popular, and good at both studies and sports, he decides to join the same high school as Adagaki.

He’s ready to confront the girl who humiliated him and get his revenge. But is revenge really as sweet as he thinks?

9. Maoyu: Archenemy & Hero 

After a long and painful journey, the Hero finally managed to arrive at the demon queen’s castle. The moment the hero and the demon queen confronted each other, marked the beginning of a never-ending adventure.

The Demon queen explained that all bad things that have been blamed on the demons, were all caused by humans themselves and that it was actually the humans who invaded their land.

The queen argued that ending the war would result in a civil war that would cause more deaths than he can imagine. She has the plan to help the entire world but she needs his help, so, agrees to join forces with her.

8. Love After World Domination 

Aikawa Fudou is the leader of the Hero Squad Gelato 5 and Magahara Desumi is the Minion Leader of the villainess Gecko organization who wants to take over the world.

They’re both enemies and yet, they’ve overcome the organizational wall which should never ever be crossed. These two enemies are having a forbidden relationship!!!!

But, when opposites like these two get into a relationship, there are more than a few obstacles in their way. They can’t let the world know about their relationship, so they must act as enemies in front of everyone.

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7. Boarding School Juliet 

Romio Inuzuka and Juliet Persia are both students at the Dahlia Academy, a prestigious boarding school for the rich students of two opposing nations – the Principality of West and the Eastern nation of Touwa.

The feud between the two nations has led to the formation of two groups in the academy, and Romeo and Juliet are the leaders of the two feuding groups.

Even though Romio fights her in front of everyone, he secretly harbors feelings for her and one day, he risks it all to confess to her. Surprisingly, she agrees to date him.

But can a relationship between arch-enemies really happen? How long will they be able to keep their forbidden relationship a secret from their peers while maintaining a hostile relationship in front of them?

6. Nisekoi  

Raku Ichijo seems like an average high school student but he’s actually the heir to one of the biggest Yakuza families. Years ago, he had made a promise to his childhood sweetheart that they would get married when they reunite. He’s still searching for the girl while carrying the pendant she gave him.

On the way to his school, he has a run-in with Chitoge Kirisaki and it was hate at first sight. The two don’t get along but Ichijo’s father arranges his marriage to their rival’s daughter, who happens to be Chitoge.

Now, he must deal with the hateful Chitoge while also looking for his childhood sweetheart from 10 years ago.

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5. The Devil Is A Part-Timer!   

Demon King Satan had taken over most of the world but then Hero Emilia rose to fight against him. Now, he was almost about to die at the hands of the hero, so he decides to escape to another world along with his loyal demon commander Alsiel.

They land in Japan in a world where magic doesn’t exist and they lose most of their magical powers. Now, transformed into normal human beings, they are forced to find normal work to earn money and attempt to live a normal life in modern Japan.

Satan gets a part-time job at a fast-food store while trying to get his powers back. But, he soon finds out that Hero Emilia had followed him to this world and is hell-bent on slaying him as soon as she gets her powers back. What will become of the part-timer Devil now?

4. Semantic Error

Semantic Error is one of the best Anime with Short Episodes. It only has a couple of episodes, so, once you’re done with the anime, you can also check out its live-action adaptation.

Sangwoo is in the computer science major department and recently, he had been assigned a group project. But, all the other members of the group who were supposed to do part of the project, bailed on him. The rule-abiding Sangwoo was angered by this and decided to keep their names out of the project credits.

This caused Jaeyoung, a member of Sangwoo’s group, to fail, delaying his future plan of studying abroad. So, now he’s looking for Sangwoo.

Sangwoo had been working on a 2D mobile game when suddenly, his designer quit and recommended another designer. He goes to meet the recommended person who turns out to be Jaeyoung…

What is he going to do about this Semantic error called Jaeyoung that came into his perfect life? Will he be able to debug this?

3. Angel Beats!  

Otonashi doesn’t remember who he is or how he died, the only thing he remembers is his last name. He wakes up next to a girl he doesn’t know, who gives him a gun and tells him to shoot a creature she calls an angel.

He refuses to use the gun, thinking there must be a misunderstanding, but then he’s almost killed by the angel, saved by the girl named Yuri.

He soon learns that he’s in the space between death and reincarnation and the angels are trying to send them to the afterlife. He joins Yuri and the rest to kill the angels and prevent the start of his next life, becoming immortal.

But will he continue to fight if he remembers how he died?

2. Toradora! 

enemies to lovers anime

Ryuuji Takasu is having the worst days: everyone in his class thinks he’s a delinquent due to his looks and his ‘killer’ eyes, and his crush seems out of reach for him. And to make matters worse, he has an unpleasant encounter with Taiga, a palm-sized feisty classmate of his.

He soon finds out that Taiga is best friends with his crush Minari, also, Taiga seems to have a crush on his best friend. So, they decide to play matchmaker and help each other with their love life.

With rumors going around the school, the two must help each other but soon, they develop strange feelings for each other.

1. A Silent Voice 

Shouko Nishimiya is a young deaf girl. She transferred to a new school and there she met, Shouya Ishida, the cool kid. He bullies her and even beats her, so badly that she had to leave school and transfer again.

Soon, the entire class turned against Shouyo and he spent the next few years alone, being an outcast. Even when he’s in high school, his sad past still follows him around. Alone and depressed, he regrets what he had done and decided to find Shouko to make amends for his terrible sins.

Will he be able to get her to forgive him and redeem himself or will he spend the rest of his life regretting what he had done to her?

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