12+ Most Funny Gintama Quotes

If you’re into comedy anime then I’m sure you’ve heard of Gintama. It’s one of those anime that’s not for everyone. You would need a weird sense of humor to enjoy Gintama.

The Gintama anime and manga have many motivational quotes about life, war, and friendship but since the majority of the anime focuses on comedy, of course, it has some great funny quotes and instances.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 13 Best Funny Quotes from the Gintama Anime. What are some of your favorite funny quotes from the anime?

1. “Why don’t we go down there and shove our guns deep into their asses to make them dump in their pants.” – Okita Sougo

2. “Keep eating and don’t stop vomiting!” – Hasegawa Taizou

3. “No, you can’t have a show where everybody’s Krillin” – Shinpachi Shimura

4. “You have till the count of 3, 1.”

“What about 2 and 3”

“I don’t know those numbers, a man only needs one number to live.” – Matsudaira Katakuriko

5. “When I think of your sister, it turns me on” – Kondo Isao

6. “Speaking of the opening, when will you open your legs to me?” – Sakata Gintoki

7. Why are we partying!? When did Kondo turn into Harley Gorillason!? – Toshiro Hijikata

8. “Let’s say you drink too much strawberry milk and have to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, but it’s cold outside your bed. You don’t want to get out of bed, but the urge to urinate is just too strong. So you make up your mind to go! You run to the bathroom stand in front of the toilet and let loose, and you think all your life has led to this moment, But then you realize you’re not in the bathroom! You’re still in bed! The feeling of lukewarmness spreads like wildfire! But you won’t stop! You can’t stop! That is the truth of strawberry milk!”

– Sakata Gintoki

9. “I’m not into married women! I’m into cuckoldry!” – Kotaro Katsura

10. “You’ve seen the owner’s dick hundreds, thousands of times. You should be able to tell which one is the real one. Believe in the dick of the owner you believe!” – Sakata Gintoki

“It’s help me!” – Kagura and Gintoki

12. “Having no money is like having a sinus infection. You just ignore it and it goes away.” – Gintoki Sakata

13. Even if you’re a main character, you can still die, I better be careful. – Gintoki Sakata

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