12 Best Anime Girls with Abs (Ripped Anime Girls)

Before we start, I just want to say one thing – Waifu with abs is the best waifu.

Anime girls are usually shown to have delicate and curvy bodies, but some girls put in the time at the gym to have that toned body with muscles and abs.

These anime girls can fight off dozens of people, break their bones like chopsticks and still look aesthetically beautiful while doing it.

So, today, let’s look at the Best Anime Girls With Abs.

Mikage Sharaku from Durarara!! X2

Mikage Sharaku is a tomboy girl with short red hair. She is a martial arts instructor with the muscles to match. She underwent harsh training at Raijin Academy to become as strong as she is. Now, she can beat up whole gangs of guys with just her fists even though she doesn’t possess any superpowers like Shizou.

At Raijin Academy, she met Izaya Orihara and developed feelings for him but it ended up being one-sided.

Since she spent most of her time around her brothers, she usually acts like a boy as well. But, she’s very beautiful and if anyone stares at her too much they will have to face her wrath.

NK Cell from Cells at Work!

NK Cell is a minor character with short black hair and a muscular build. She is a type of white blood cell tasked to kill dangerous viruses, cancer cells, etc. that invade the body.

She is really aggressive at her job and prefers working alone to prevent her friends from getting hurt. She has a very sarcastic personality.

She possesses better abilities than other lymphocytes like heightened senses, making her extremely skilled at killing enemy cells.

Tsubame Kamoi from UzaMaid!

Tsubame is a 30-year-old maid and a co-protagonist in the anime. She is extremely ripped because of her training as an ex-JSDF pilot. She had to leave JSDF because of an illness and after that, she decided to become a maid for Misha Takanashi.

She has a weird and rather disturbing obsession with young girls and that was also the reason she became a maid.

But, she genuinely cares about Misha and often goes to great lengths to protect her. She sees herself as Misha’s protector.

Derieri from The Seven Deadly Sins

Derieri is one of the Ten Commandments serving directly under the Demon King and is an elite warrior of the Demon Clan.

She used to be a very open and talkative person with a nice personality but she changed after her sister died. She hates the Goddess Clan that killed her sister.

She is a badass girl with a great body. She also never wears any clothes and uses her darkness to cover her private parts.

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Yukina from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Yukina is a trainee and a crew member of Koutetsujou whose job is to transport items across Hinomoto. She has an impressive knowledge of Koutetsujou.

She is a compassionate girl but when it comes to her job, she is stern, serious, and all about making sure the fleeting Bastion reaches its destination to ensure humanity’s survival.

She usually does a lot of grunt work and she looks damn good while doing it. I wish she had more screen time.

Mirko from My Hero Academia

Rabbit Hero: Mirko’s real name is Rumi Usagiyama. She is at No.5 on the Pro Hero list. Because of her quirk, she has rabbit ears and a white round tail. Her tan skin and white hair make her character design even better.

Her quirk gives her the abilities and attributes of a rabbit, giving her amazing leg strength and excellent hearing.

She has a rough personality and speaks whatever is in her mind. She is very brave and never back away from a fight even if it is a life-threatening situation. I just wish she had a bigger role.

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Noi from Dorohedoro

If you’ve seen Dorohedoro then let’s first appreciate her power and badassery for a moment.

Noi’s badass body is perfect for her work and since she lives in the hole, her ripped body helps deal with danger.

She is an elite magic user and the only close friend of Shin. She is a very confident and carefree person. She has a bold personality which often gets them into trouble.

She is very muscular and is the fourth tallest person in the anime.

Valmet from Jormungand

She is one of the most ripped anime girls and her stone-cold look with an eye patch makes her even more cool but dangerous.

Valmet is a tough and fierce fighter with a calm personality. But, her calmness suddenly changes to a more rough and witless behavior whenever Koko is involved.

She is a complete beast and one of the strongest members of Koko’s squad.

We get to admire her toned body in episode 9 where she’s wearing a swimsuit.

Nana Shimura from My Hero Academia

Sometimes you see a character that doesn’t have much screen time but somehow ends up stealing your heart. Nana Shimura is one of those characters.

She was the seventh user of the One For All quirk. She mentored All Might as her successor. She was an amazing leader.

She was a beautiful woman with a tough personality and a well-built curvaceous body.

She was a kind woman, always smiling even in the toughest situations. She greatly inspired All Might.

Ghislaine Dedoldia from Mushoku Tensei

Ghislaine is from a beast race with beast ears and a tail. She has a very muscular body which, paired with her beast bloodline, gives her incredible strength.

She was tasked to escort Rudeus when he was hired to teach Eris. While teaching Eris, he also decided to teach her magic.

Her tan skin makes her toned body look even better. I fell in love with her character design. She wears very revealing clothes as she doesn’t care much about being feminine.

Maki Oze from Fire Force

For me, Maki Oze is literally the best girl to ever exist.

She is the daughter of General Oze and a second-generation pyrokinetic. She has the ability to control flames and she’s also very skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

Maki is a really adorable girl with a heart of gold. She is a curvy woman with a great athletically toned body.

She is a very calm person and a hopeless romantic.

Mikasa Ackerman from Attack On Titan

Mikasa deserves to be at the top of this list. She’s the best girl ever.

She didn’t have a toned body at the start of the story but for Eren’s sake, she turned her delicate body into a muscular one, making her capable of single-handedly taking down Titans.

Her Ackerman bloodline gave her the ability to pack a powerful punch even before she trained to get stronger.

One of the most iconic scenes in the anime is when we see her toned physique for the first time.

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