15 Most Interesting Female Anime Villains Ever

We all love good villains that make the hero fight for his life. The anime world has a lot of great villains responsible for epic battle sequences and tragic deaths.

I must say that in anime, most villains are male but there are also some great female villains that leave their marks on the audience with their unique personalities, cold-blooded actions, and hiding agendas.

So, today, we’re going to look at the 15 Best Female Anime Villains.

15. Daki from Demon Slayer

Daki is the main villain in the Red Light District Arc of the Demon Slayer anime and she’s also one of the most unique and interesting characters in the series. She was the Upper-Rank Six demon along with her brother who shared the same body with her.

She had a very prideful and sadistic personality, always enjoying toying with her victims. Being over a century, she was extremely skilled in fighting, killing seven Hashiras in the past. In the end, she dies by Tanjiro’s sword (If you haven’t watched the second season yet, sorry for the spoiler).

She was a really interesting character with quite a tragic story but I kind of hoped she wouldn’t have a tragic story as most demons in Demon Slayer do. I kind of wanted her to be a pure evil and sadistic demon without any emotional backstory.

14. Rize Kamishiro from Tokyo Ghoul

Rize Kamishiro was a powerful ghoul known as Big Eater due to her eating habits. After she tried to eat Kaneki but died trying, her body parts were used to turn Kaneki into a One-eyed ghoul.

I have a weird thing for femme fatale. They get me every time and Rize is one of those femme fatale. She’s super hot and I think everyone agrees with me on that, but still, she’s a horrible person (or ghoul) who’s committed many sins. No one pities her for what she did to Kaneki.

But it’s undeniable that she’s a really important character who made a huge impact on the entire story. She was a great antagonist and I really enjoyed her villainous tendencies even though she doesn’t appear much in the show.

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13. Isabella from The Promised Neverland

Isabella was a major antagonist in the show as she was the main villain of season 1. Her job as Mama was to take care of the orphans residing in the Grace Field and raise them as high-quality food for the demons. She was a very intelligent person and also possessed extreme physical strength.

At first, I didn’t like her much but then it was revealed that she herself was in a kill-or-be-killed situation. She kind of deserved better since we all know that deep down she actually loved those kids.

12. Medusa Gorgon from Soul Eater

Medusa is one of the most feared witches in the show and reasonably so because of her powerful magical abilities and cruel actions.

She’s been alive for more than eight centuries, making life really boring for her. So, she committed all kinds of atrocities to make life interesting again. In pursuit of an amusing life, she manipulates, kills, and experiments on anyone who can be useful to her. She once even used her own child for experiments which makes her irredeemable as a person.

She makes a great antagonist with a wicked personality and that’s exactly what makes me hate her. She’s an annoying heartless bitch but at the same time, a great character.

11. Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Lust is one of the many Homunculi in the show and as her name suggests, she represents Lust among the seven deadly sins.

She’s really interesting in the anime considering she was kind of flat and static in the manga. She’s a great character in the original FMA but her character representation is even more accurate in Brotherhood (though many liked her more in FMA).

She has a sadistic personality and often enjoys torturing her enemies before killing them but, I loved the fact that at least she kept her word and spared Marcoh and Kiri’s life. I think we can all agree that she’s the best Homunculi and definitely one of the strongest antagonists in the show.

10. Shalltear Bloodfallen from Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen is the main antagonist in The Blood Valkyrie Arc in the anime. She has a very flirtatious personality and is crazily in love with Ainz, making her rival of Albedo.

She never hesitates in killing her enemies, especially when she loses control of herself after drinking a lot of blood. Her strength is even said to rival Ainz’s, which paired with her regenerative abilities makes her almost unkillable. She’s a great character with a cute appearance but her necrophilic tendencies can sometimes give you the creeps.

If you like cute gothic girls then you’ll love her. She’s a really cute character with an amazing but scary vampire transformation. Cute but deadly!!

9. Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia

Himiko may be one of the best Yanderes I’ve seen in anime. She’s an interesting villain and has an equally interesting backstory. I personally like to think of her as the Harley Quinn of the anime world.

Her quirk allows her to transform into a physical lookalike of anyone she wants but it requires her to drink the blood of the person she wants to transform into. She’s a major villain in the series who seems like a very cheerful girl at first but is actually a sadistic person who smiles while killing people.

Some people love her while some hate her and find her annoying, but no one can deny that she makes an amazing antagonist.

8. Konan from Naruto

Konan was a supporting character in the anime and the only Kunoichi in Akatsuki. She and Nagato joined hands with Obito to get revenge for what happened to their friend Yahiko. She was also labeled as an angel by the residents of the Hidden Rain Village.

To me, Konan is the most underrated character in the show, in terms of both power and personality. She lost everyone important in her life, starting with her family, then Yahiko, and even Nagato went down the dark path. In the end, she died fighting Obito. She was a very loyal friend and deserved much better.

7. Esdeath from Akame Ga Kill

Esdeath was a manipulative and kind of sadist general of the Empire who later in the show got promoted to the leader of the Jaegers. She possessed a powerful Teigu that allowed her to create and manipulate ice. She often used her ability to freeze people to death.

She was a great villain with an interesting personality, like how she’s cruel and cold but also warm and nice from time to time. She played a major role in making the show as popular as it is.

But I hated the fact that she fell in love with Tatsumi considering I found the guy pretty boring. Her obsession with him was annoying, to say the least.

6. Android 18 from Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 used to be a human but then she was turned into an android along with her twin brother. She is a cool and confident woman. Though she started out as a villain, she later became good and joined the Z fighters.

She possesses many abilities like finger beam, quick blast, and even learned Ki sensing. There are not many strong women in the Dragon Ball series which makes her even more special as she was even able to beat Super Saiyan Vegeta with ease. She is my favorite female character in the show. Krillin is one lucky guy.

5. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland

Shiro was adopted by Sorae and Hagire for their experiments as they didn’t want to use their own child. They conducted many experiments on her to gain insight into how to improve a person’s immune system, which eventually resulted in her becoming the first Deadman, people with the ability to freely control their blood.

She was one of my favorite characters in the show because of her sweet personality and her dangerous mood swings which often result in dead people. If you read the manga you will realize that she’s actually a very deep and strong character but the one season of the anime wasn’t enough to truly explore the story and her character.

4. Yuno Gasai from Future Diaries

Yuno is the main female lead of the show but also the main antagonist who’s obsessed with Yukiteru Amano, though on the surface she seems like a model student and a good person. Because she is obsessed with him, she even possesses a diary that tells her Yukiteru’s every action in ten-minute intervals.

As a person, she’s a total bitch but as an antagonist, she’s so great that some fans even call her the Yandere Queen. Love her or hate her but you can’t deny that she was the most important character in the show and ultimately carried the show on her shoulders.

3. Annie Leonhart from Attack on Titan

Annie possesses exceptional fighting skills which earned her the 4th rank. She, along with her fellow warriors, was sent on a mission to retrieve the Founding Titan

Annie is easily one of the most badass characters in the show along with Mikasa and the others. I know a lot of people hate her but I can’t bring myself to hate her as everything she did was for survival.

She’s not innocent but also not a heartless person as she always felt remorse when innocent people died. She even spared Armin and Mikasa’s life even though she could’ve easily killed them at one point.

2. Big Mom from One Piece

She is the only female Emperor out of the Four Emperors and was also the last one to be named an Emperor. She hopes to one day create a world without any prejudice.

She used to be very kind-hearted as a kid, though she would often lose control of herself whenever she craved food. But after her parents abandoned her, she became very cruel. Now, she doesn’t hesitate to kill people and feels no remorse for it, but deep down she’s still very emotional.

Her devil fruits grant her the ability to manipulate souls, like giving life to inanimate objects or extracting the soul out of people.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki from Naruto

Kaguya is without a doubt one of the most powerful villains in the anime world. As a member of the Otsutsuki clan, she came to Earth to cultivate a God tree and consume its chakra fruit, which she did and became the first person on Earth to wield chakra, also passing it on to her children.

At first, she was a kind person who cared about others, but when chakra began spreading, she wanted to keep it to herself believing that it should only belong to her.

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