11 Best BL Manhwa with Possessive Male Lead

As cliché as it may sound, a possessive male lead is the best and always makes my heart jump. When these characters get easily jealous it just shows that they truly care about the other person, as long as the possessiveness and jealousy don’t become toxic and abusive in any way.

A possessive male lead in a Boy’s Love Manhwa is even better. So, In this article, I’m going to share with you some of the best BL Manhwa with Possessive and Jealous Male Leads. You’ll fall in love with these characters and their breathtaking stories.

I usually prefer to read ones with a healthy relationship but I’ve also included manhwa with toxic relationships in this list.

Put a Smile On

Lee Kang is the captain of the swimming team who’s spent his entire life being the best and winning at whatever he does, whether it be in the swimming pool or the bed.

Junho is a basketball player who forgets his bag on the Teacher’s assistant’s table. When he goes to get it back, he witnesses Lee Kang having sex with the Teacher’s assistant. To make matters worse, he ends up watching the whole thing.

Lee Kang always wins and he just found his new opponent when he sees a guy watching him have sex. Will he win against Junho just like the others or will it be different this time?

Room 1305

Lee Jaeyoung has lived in Room 1305 for his entire life. With time, things changed in his life but that room was the only thing that stayed the same.

One day, his old neighbor Taeyoung moves in again. He and Taeyoung were friends when they were kids but then Taeyoung moved away with his family. Taeyoung was always possessive of him but after all this time he must have grown out of his possessiveness. Or maybe not.

Taeyoung is not the innocent kid he used to be and he’s hell-bent on getting back into Jaeyoung’s life. A lot of things are going to happen in room 1305. Will he be able to handle his obsessive old friend?

Lessons in Lust

As a guardian android, Ivan raises children at an orphanage and prepares them for the real world. He’s raised many kids and Rau’s one of them. Though they were very close when he was a kid, they’ve grown apart as of late after Rou became an adult.

After becoming an adult, Rou’s been going through physical changes and uncontrollable urges. With the intention of becoming close again, Ivan promises to give anything Rou asks for as a birthday gift.

But the gift Rou wants is sex lessons, from Ivan. Will he give Rou lessons in lust or will he refuse? Rou wants Ivan for himself but he’s not the only one who wants to have Ivan for themselves.


Joseph is just a normal student living a normal life until he realizes that he has a stalker. First, it was his school, but then strange things started to happen around his house as well. Someone was stalking him and even his phone wasn’t spared.

One day, he accidentally spills coffee on Glen, a super popular classmate of his. The shirt he was wearing is supposed to be expensive and Glen asks that he treat him to lunch instead of any compensation.

Joseph is at his wit’s end trying to figure out who the stalker is and that’s when Glen offers a helping hand.

Candy Man

Kyuyeon loves playing Arcana Online, the most popular MMORPG game, but instead of playing as a male player, he decided to pretend to be a female player named Yorong, so that he could rip off items from clueless guys who think he’s a girl.

One of his die-hard fans “Yeommin” showers him with gifts every day in the game and the fan turns out to be his classmate Kimin Yum. Kimin is the most popular guy in the school. His good looks attract everyone’s attention but he’s cold-hearted and never pays any attention to them. The only person he cares about is Yorong.

How is Kyuyeaon going to get out of this? Will Kimin realize that the girl he likes is actually a guy?

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If You Hate Me So

Minjae’s life takes a weird turn when he walks in on a junior he barely knows masturbating to the good-looking assistant professor. Hyung-jo, the junior, threatens to kill him if he spreads any rumors about what he saw.

Minjae is not the kind of guy who goes around spreading rumors, so, that’s not an issue, but the real problem is that all of it was so intense for him that he even started dreaming about it.

Broken Boy

Be careful whether to read this one or not as there are many content warnings like physical and domestic abuse, r*pe, and prostitution. This is a really toxic manhwa so only read it if you’re okay with some dark stuff.

Ho Yoon spends the night with an older man with many scars on his body, who asks to see him again but he refuses. Unfortunately, he forgets his wallet behind and the man finds out that he’s actually the young master of the wealthy Choi family.

Ho Yoon is just a poor boy who’s constantly abused by his father. He wants to overthrow and destroy his family for all that he’s been through and to achieve his goal, he makes a deal with the man with scars.

Sura’s Lover

Sura, known as the blood-thirsty god of war, killed many in the war-hungry Asura realm. The great Sura fought for eternity and in the end he was all alone.

In a remote village deep in the mountains, many physicians are trained to help people. Cho-ah is also practicing medicine in this village. He just wanted to live his peaceful and quiet life but then he found a strange wounded man in his room.

Being a physician he took it as his duty to help the man even though the others said otherwise. He nurses the man named Mujin back to health and now, Cho-ah is the only person Mujin trusts in this remote village. His life s never going to be quiet ever again.

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My Suha

Suha is a skillful secretary who’s perfect at his job of keeping his boss’s public image flawless but his boss is already so perfect that it’s hard to find any flaws at all.

Lately, he’s been looking for a no-strings-attached relationship with someone but his luck is so bad that every guy he hooks up with turns out to be terrible in bed. He just wants a good-looking guy with something good in his pants.

One night, while he’s at a gay bar, he meets his handsome boss in the toilet. Maybe his boss is also gay but can he really mix pleasure with his job? And would his boss even want to have a relationship with him? The love story of this pair of boss and secretary is just getting started.

He, Him & Us

Jungsoo has been studying to pass the college entrance exam but even after all that dreadful studying, he failed for the third time. Actually, it makes sense that he failed as he’s always chasing after girls, stalking his favorite idol group, and playing games.

His only remaining joy is meeting the beautiful girl at his cram school. He’s always chasing after her, going as far as doing her work for her. But, things change when a new hot guy sits right next to him.

He can’t help but stare at the guy all the time. Has he fallen for a guy? Maybe he should focus on his studies rather than falling for the hot guy. Will he be able to get into college on the fourth try?

The Beast Must Die

Lee Kirin’s sister committed suicide after she was gang-raped by some members of a secret fraternity. Filled with anger and hate, he decides to infiltrate the fraternity and find out the identity of the rapist.

The only member he knows about is Kang Moo, so, he approaches the guy for help. Kang Moo was diagnosed as a psychopath by many specialists at a very young age. Though he agrees to help Lee Kirin, he has his own reasons to do so.

Will he be able to find the killers of his sister? What is Kang Moo planning to have agreed to help him? As he gets deeper and deeper into the fraternity, the troubles increase and the secrets unveil.

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