Top 10 BL Manhwa Recommendations

BL manhwa is a genre mostly written by women, for women, that depicts homosexual relationships between men. BL manhwa and webtoon have a huge fanbase and they’ve always been a prominent part of the manhwa world. Love doesn’t care about gender and these manhwas depict that perfectly.

So, If you’ve been looking for a new Boy’s love manhwa to read, you’re in the right place because today, I’m going to share with you my personal favorite 10 best BL Manhwa you should definitely check out.

1. Painter of the Night

Na-kyum is an amazing painter but he doesn’t paint portraits or landscapes like others. He paints erotic paintings of men. He’s even published a bunch of them but has finally decided that it might be time to put down his brush or so he thought until Seungho comes into his life.

Seungho is an infamous nobleman known for his insatiable lust. He uses his position to make Na-kyum his personal painter. He forced Na-kyum to paint erotic paintings of him. Soon, things take a different turn and they end up in bed together.

What does Seungho want with Na-kyum? Will he be able to handle this nobleman who’s beyond anything he has ever seen?

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2. A Single Strike Of Shimmering Frost

A priceless relic of the royal family has been stolen. The Royal Prince, Ji Yanran must do whatever it takes to find the relic and the culprit who stole it. In order to do so, he needs information and that’s where Sect Master Yun Yifeng comes in.

Yun Yifeng deals in information and can provide the prince with the intel he needs. To get the info, Ji Yanran deceives him by promising to give him the medicine he needs to cure his illness but as they spend more time together, Yanran may actually need to find that medicine or he might lose the man he now loves more than any treasure in his kingdom.

3. Dangerous Convenience Store

Yeo Eui Joon works a normal job at a convenience store that pays 1.2x more than any other store in the neighborhood. But why do they pay more than others? There must be a reason, right?

The reason is that most of the store’s customers are ‘Gangsters’. The convenience store is really dangerous to work at but what can Eui Joon do, he needs to pay the bills. Then one day, another gangster named Bum Geon Woo entered the store.

Why is every other gangster simmering down? Are they scared of him? Will Eui Joon be safe working in this store?

4. Breathless

Alt titles: Anaerobic Love: Deep Sea Prisoner, Shen Hai Zhi Qiu

There’s a legend about a vampire. The vampire loved a human woman but she betrayed him – trapped him at the bottom of a sea for eternity. Hundreds of years later, Bin He, a normal guy is diving into the sea and notices a man chained to a broken and long-sunken ship.

He decides to unchain the man and take him back to the surface. The Vampire has woken up from his slumber and the first thing he sees is a human boy.

What will become of this chance encounter between them? Will the history repeat itself or will the vampire finally be able to find true love?

5. Dream Sign

Han Gyeom has the same dream every night. In these dreams, he makes love with his crush, Leejoon but what Han Gyeom doesn’t know is that he isn’t the only one having those dreams.

When Han has those dreams, they’re shared with Lee Joon. Lee Joon is confused because of these dreams as he doesn’t even know who the other boy is in those dreams, that is until Leejoon and Gyeon run into each other at a bar.

Curious about his dreams and the boy in his dreams, Leejoon tries to know more about Han Gyeom. Will Han Gyeom be able to confess his feelings toward Leejoon?

6. The Last of the Devil

Alt title: Emo de Zuihou Yiren

Rhine’s father suddenly disappeared not long ago and the only clue he has is that his father disappeared in the territory of vampires. So, he enters the vampire’s territory to find information about his father.

Unfortunately, he has an encounter with the powerful and arrogant leader of all vampires, and the vampire develops a strange obsession with him after just one meeting. He is forced to stay at the vampire’s mansion to stay alive.

Will he be able to escape the vampire who’s obsessed with him for no apparent reason? what’s the mystery behind his father’s disappearance?

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7. Solar Eclipse

Everyone in the capital has heard rumors about the love affair between Prince Hector and a man named Ellen. Lai is a man who would do anything for money and it just so happens that he is Ellen’s twin brother.

When Ellen goes missing, a nobleman named Edwin approaches Lai and asks him to pretend to be Ellen and fool the prince. Of course, he will be paid heavily for it but will he be able to fool the prince who’s spent a lot of time with the real Ellen?

And where the hell is the real Ellen? And what does Edwin get from doing all this?

8. A Rabbit Down in a Bite

Mu Wei is a ferocious lion and the boss of the college campus, being the strongest in the entire college.

He falls in love with Bai Li and it wouldn’t be a problem if only Bai Li wasn’t a timid rabbit. Rabbits are scared of lions and always stay away from them. With Mu Wei’s domineering presence and terrible reputation, it would be really hard for him to even get close to Bai Li without scaring him.

Will he be able to convey his feelings to Bai Li? and will Bai Li be able to get rid of his fear of lions?

9. Into It

Yoon Teahwa is a rookie actor staring in a Boy’s Love drama opposite Pyo Jion, a huge star also known as the nation’s actor. Working alongside such a great actor is already making him nervous and Pyo Jion’s good looks make it even worse.

With their personalities being completely opposite, will they be able to work together to make a great drama?

Will the relationship between the two stay as that of co-workers? Or maybe something can happen between them? Find out in this amazing and breathtaking romance manhwa. Also, the manhwa has a love triangle.

10. Mr. Miss

Juho’s love life hasn’t been perfect – rejection from his first love and a cheating ex. One day, he runs into an old high school classmate, Kang Jaemin.

They catch up on what’s been going on in their lives and Juho offers that Jaemin should stay the night at his place, and he agrees. Soon, Jaemin and Juho realize that they may have something more than just friendship, something they were not able to explore in their high school days.

But Juho still has some insecurities because of his past relationships. Perhaps Jaemin will be able to help Juho love again and trust someone again.

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