13 Best Mafia Romance Manga To Read

A handsome gangster can make a romance manga even better.

In this article, I’m going to talk about the best Mafia Romance Manga I could find, if there are some good manga that I missed then let me know in the comments.

Just so you know, most of the items in this list are BL Manhwa.

1. Honto Yajuu

37+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Police officer Ueda caught an underwear thief one night after he saw the victim yelling and chasing the thief. The guy he helped was none other than Aki Gotouda, a yakuza member and the future leader of the Gotouda group.

The next morning, he gets a visit from Gotouda who fell in love with him at first sight. Now every day Gotoudo finds a new reason to come meet him at the police station.

Honto Yajuu is a really good slice-of-life BL manga where the male leads get together in the first chapter.

There’s also a demon romance manga by the same author that I highly recommend.

2. Yakuza Fiancé: Raise wa Tanin ga Ii

35+ Chapters [Ongoing]

The Somei yakuza and the Miyama yakuza family have been at odds for a long time. They finally call for a truce and decide to arrange a marriage between their heirs.

Yoshino is the 16-year-old princess of the Somei crime family and she is to marry Kirishima, the grandson of the Miyama family head. But, Kirishima is not as sweet as he seems. How will she deal with this twisted man who’s more dangerous than anyone she’s ever met?

This is the best Yakuza manga you will ever read with a handsome male lead and a strong female lead, but not the shoujo girl trope kind of strong.

3. Finder

88 Chapters [Completed]

Akihito Takaba is a 23-year-old freelance photographer who’s always taking photos of criminals and publishing them in the newspaper, but now, he’s caught the eye of the most dangerous gangster in Japan, Ryuichi Asami.

Ryuichi has plans for Akihito and those plans include both his body and mind. Is this the end for the young photographer?

Finder is a guilty pleasure bl manga. The characters are well developed and the art is also good. Overall, it is one of the best age gap bl manga out there.

4. Canis: Dear Mr. Rain

39+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Satoru’s business at men’s haberdashery has been suffering lately, and it’s only going to get worse after their rival opens a store close to theirs. So, to counter-attack, he decided to host a 3-year anniversary for his store.

But, the store is understaffed and he could use any help he can get. He finds a handsome young man named Ryou passed out in the street, and after a bath and some food, Ryou is ready to model for his store.

After paying Satoru back for the food, Ryou went to his meeting with the mafia!!

5. Coyote (Ranmaru Zariya)

19+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Werewolves hide among humans by changing their form. Coyote never gets too involved with the humans to conceal his werewolf identity. But, he just can’t shake off Marlene, a pianist at the bar he visits.

Marlene is in love with him and won’t take no for an answer. One night, after he fails to control himself and goes into heat, Joshua catches him and offers to help him relieve his sexual energy.

On the other hand, the fight between the werewolves and the mafia is getting worse.

6. A Kiss for Each Face

5 Chapters [Completed]

Kanata just can’t get rid of the handsome older man named Alex who’s always asking him out to coffee. He says he’s not interested in Alex, but slowly Alex’s affection seems to be changing his mind.

But, it’s all a facade. Kanata is actually an assassin sent to kill Alex, the young leader of the mafia. Many have failed to kill him, but Kanata is not like others, he has a plan and he’s waiting for Alex to let down his guard.

7. Mitsumei

3 Chapters [Completed]

Mitsumei is a pretty small manga with only 3 chapters, each over 70 pages, but those 3 chapters are definitely worth your time. It’s an Enemies to Lovers manga about a mafia leader and a soldier.

Ivan is a spy working for the Russian government and his next mission is to investigate a core member of the mafia. The only problem is that the man is his old friend Edward whom he hasn’t seen for 10 years.

How can a kind man like Edward join the mafia? Will Ivan be able to face his old friend turned enemy?

8. Goodbye to Loneliness

Only 2 Chapters

Ever since he was taken in by Gino’s mafia family, Luka has been in love with him. But, he’s just a subordinate who can never be with his master.

10 years after he left, Gino is back to take over the family. Maybe this time Luka will be honest with his feelings and not seal them off.

9. Tonight, Sweet Loyalty at the Lorenzi Family

10+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Rita possesses one green eye and one golden eye. She lost her voice because of past trauma.

After she was captured by human traffickers for her golden eye and put up for auction, the young mafia boss Albert Lorenzi buys her.

He bought her to be his bride and he says he’s here to help her, but can she really trust him? After all, he kills people with a smile on his face.

10. Before Daylight Love

4 Chapters [Completed]

Daiki was taken in Tatsumi, the leader of the powerful Sasaki Group, after his parents left him with a huge debt. He was left incharge of the Tatsumi’s bar to pay off the debt.

He is determined to be the shield Tatsumi needs.

11. A Love that Conquers Gods

4 Chapters [Completed]

After failing his university exams for the second time, decided to go on a trip to New York to distract himself. But, on the very first day, he gets his wallet stolen and some shady men start chasing him.

He gets saved by a rich man who even lets him stay at his house, but he doesn’t know that the man is actually the second most powerful mafia member in New York.

12. The Egotistical Gangster is a Closet Romantic

6 Chapters [Completed]

After she makes a terrible error at her job that costs the company millions, Koharu is held responsible and asked pay back the losses. She tried every metho to get the money, but to no avail.

Out of nowhere, the biggest gangster in the city, Joe, offers to buy her for 5 millions. But, why is he so obsessed with her?

13. Senaka kara Daite

9 Chapters [Completed]

Maki was shocked to see his supervisor Nagayoshi sensei having sex with the instructor. A week later, Nagayoshi stopped coming to the hospital.

Years later, Maki is working at his uncle’s clinic when he meets Nagayoshi once again. Will he be honest with his feelings this time?

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