12 Best Manga Where Demon Falls in Love with Human

Demons are evil creatures that hurt humans, but not all demons hate humans. There are also demons who can fall in love with a human.

In this article, I’ll share with you the 12 best manga where demon falls in love with human. If you’re into manga with human-nonhuman relationships, then you’ll love these manga.

1. From Far Away

57 Chapters [Completed]

manga where demon falls in love with human

Noriko has been having the same dream lately of a fantasy world. While going home from school, she gets thrust into a weird void and then she finds herself in the same world as her dreams.

In this new world, she gets saved by a handsome man named Izark. According to a prophecy, a powerful evil sleeps inside of Izark and the only person who can awaken it is Noriko.

Every nation is out to get her so that they use her to can control Izark and conquer the world.

2. Hana to Akuma

58 Chapters [Completed]

Demon Vivi left his life in hell to go live in the human world instead. But, life in the human world is extremely boring.

One day, he finds an abandoned human child outside his gate and decides to take her in, naming her Hana. Years later, Hana is now 15 years old, but Vivi still looks the same.

You might find the fact that he raised her a bit weird but don’t let that stop you from reading the manga. It’s a really good romance manga with interesting characters and an ending that would make you cry.

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3. No Sleep Tonight

19 Chapters [Completed]

Rikiya has never been in a relationship even though he’s already in college. After mustering up some courage, he finally joined a gay dating site. He even started talking to a really nice guy and thought that spring finally came for him when he went to meet the guy.

But, he was drugged and the guy tried to film them having sex. In a moment of desperation, he somehow summoned a demon, and now, the demon has no intentions of going back to the underworld.

How will Rikiya survive with the demon prince in his house?

4. Crimson Spell

75 Chapters [Completed]

When the Royal castle gets attacked by demons, Prince Vald is forced to wield the ancient sword that was sealed away because of its evil powers. He was able to save everyone using the sword but now, he’s been cursed and turns into a demon every night.

To break the curse, he seeks the help of a famous mage named Halvi, who agrees to help him in exchange for some rare and powerful item… like his sword.

But, Halvi hasn’t told the prince that the demon he turns into every night can only be calmed by satisfying his lust!!

5. MAOYU: Archenemy and Hero

58 Chapters [Complete]

After a long journey, the hero finally reached the Demon Queen’s castle to defeat her and put an end to the war that has already claimed the lives of many.

But, the queen asks him to join her. She argues that killing her wouldn’t end the war, instead, it would start a civil war, causing even more destruction.

She has a plan to end the war without causing any more bloodshed, and for this plan, she needs his help. Convinced by her, he agrees!!

6. Superior

28 Chapters [Complete]

A demon appeared out of nowhere in the human world and killed thousands of humans and monsters. Soon, she came to be known as the demon queen. To defeat her, the humans sent a hero named Exa, but he’s never seen the demon queen’s face.

He saves a girl from a monster, and the girl agrees to join him on his quest but she is actually the demon queen who’s joined him to gain his trust and kill him later. However, she soon finds herself falling for him.

7. I’m a Devil, and That’s My Bride

16 Chapters [Completed]

The only thing Uika wants is a family, so, she prays to god to send an angel, but instead, she gets a demon.

Demon Anzamunia hasn’t made a contract with even one human. He gets thrown into the human world to go do his job and he ends up making a contract with a little girl. But, the girl wishes for him to marry her. So, they get married…

You can read this manga without worrying about the huge age gap and there’s also no 18+ content in it. It’s just a wholesome manga about an orphan girl.

8. I Want to Marry the Demon Queen

18 Chapters [Completed]

The demon queen saved a boy named Haru from being sold as a slave. She brought him back with her and made him her new attendant. Years later, she is extremely bored and asks him what interesting thing she should do next. To which, he says let’s get married.

This is a sweet and heart-warming manga about a hundred of years old demon queen and her human servant.

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9. Akuma to Dolce

9 Chapters [Completed]

Mayuri’s mother taught her two things – baking and summoning demons. Every day, she summons low-level demons to help her with chores and errands.

One day, after she spills some tea on her skirt, she summons a demon to clean it, but she accidentally summons a high-level demon named Beaut.

Fortunately, she was able to calm the angry demon using her baked sweets, and now, she plans to use her sweets to bind him to her.

10. Koi wa Hito no Hoka

17 Chapters [Completed]

When she was a child, Sayo got lost in the forest and met a Youkai. She made a promise to him to meet again when they are older.

10 years later, he’s tired of waiting for Sayo to call for him. So, he decides to leave the underworld and go to her instead.

11. I’m a Demon Lord. I Got Remarried to the Mother of a Hero, so She Became my Step-Daughter

53 Chapters [Completed]

Demon Lord Galtor lost his wife 300 years ago and hasn’t thought of remarriage ever since then. But, the human hero Angelica who’s trying to defeat him looks oddly similar to his late wife.

After he defeats the hero, he takes her back to her house and falls in love at first sight with her mother, who looks exactly like his late wife.

He proposes to her and she accepts!! So, the demon lord starts living with the hero and her mother.

12. The Exorcist & the Collared Demon

28 Chapters [Completed]

The great demon Almadiel was sealed away by human priests and now years later, she is free once again. But, because of a collar on her neck, her powers have been sealed and she’s stuck inside the body of a little girl.

She needs to find a way to get free from the collar and get her revenge, but for now, she ends up freeloading off the priest that unsealed her.

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