13 Best Demon Romance Manhwa To Read

Demons are often portrayed as evil beings inflicting pain and suffering on humans. But, not all demons are evil, some of them just need some love.

Demon romance manhwa are really interesting because of the tall, dark, and handsome devils who love the female lead (or the male lead) more than anything.

In this article, let’s look at some of the best romance manhwa with demons. In most of these manhwas, the male lead is the demon and the FL is a human or angel.

1. Mage & Demon Queen

176+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Let’s start off this list with a Yuri romance. In a world where humans can respawn and come back to life, a group of adventurers fights every day to defeat the Demon Queen, but one of the members of the party is more interested in going out with the demon queen instead of killing her.

It doesn’t matter how many times the demon queen kills her, she will just respawn and come back to her castle. Will this pair of a mage and a demon queen ever work out?

2. Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell

132 Chapters [Completed]

Paul is in love with a girl who doesn’t even know he exists. His friends can’t help him and his family doesn’t even know about it. Where should someone like him go for assistance?

He did what anyone else would do when they don’t have the courage to talk to their crush, he just summoned a powerful demon from hell and asked him for love advice.

Now, Astaroth, one of the 23 generals of hell, will help Paul get the attention of his lady love.

3. The Villainess is Retiring

73 Chapters [Ongoing]

A normal office worker is transmigrated into the body of Villainess Everia Obern from a romance novel she had read. Knowing that only pain and suffering await her, she abandons the novel plot and retires to the countryside.

But, she ended up moving to a cold area filled with nonflammable wood. So, she summons a demon to use his fire and burn the wood that normal fire is useless against… not realizing that she didn’t summon just any demon.

Now, she’s in a lifelong contract with the powerful bloodthirsty demon. Can she really run away from the novel’s plot?

4. My Delicious Dream Boy

108 Chapters [Completed]

Mara is a demon who’s always out on a hunt to devour the most delicious nightmares people are having, and his favorite person is Joel, who dreams the best nightmares he’s ever tasted.

The shy and sweet Joel is now his classmate, so, he immediately decides to use his powers on him. But, none of Mara’s spells work on Joel so now he’s instead gotta go old-fashioned and charm him with his looks.

My Delicious Dream Boy is a super cute and adorable manhwa with even cuter characters. Definitely check it out if you like BL Manhwa.

5. Private Devil Puppy

94 Chapters [Completed]

The Demon master and the God of spring were in love but heaven could not tolerate them. The God of spring was killed and the Demon master Cang Yan was banished to the underworld.

Cang Yan spent centuries taking over the underworld and waiting for his lover to be reincarnated, and now, it is finally time. The god of spring has been reincarnated as a human cultivator.

But, fate played a trick on them, making them enemies in this new life.

6. Miss Angel and Miss Devil

376+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Angels are not as kind as people think, they don’t even behave like angels should and devils seem to be kinder than them.

A new romance starts between Hiskya, an angel from heaven, and Haki, the daughter of the Devil King.

Check out Miss Angel and Miss Devil if you like Yuri romance manhwa with fantasy elements.

7. The Demonic Contract

82+ Chapters [Completed]

Princess Marianne got poisoned by her stepmother, the queen. Her mother was also killed by the queen, so before dying, she summons a demon to get revenge.

Yurisina is the daughter of the demon king and she’s always been interested in humans. Her desire of making her first contract comes true when Princess Marianne summons her and asks her to live as the princess and get revenge.

Now, living as Marianne, Yurisina will make sure the queen suffers.

8. Ghost Wife

135 Chapters [Completed]

Liz Kim had a normal life until she saw a powerful demon eating some cats. The demon asks if he should eat her as well or if he should make her his wife.

The next day, he’s at the same school as her and everyone believes he’s her fiancee. To make matters worse, ghosts are now coming after her because she smells tasty…and the demon is the only one who can protect her.

If you like creepy but cute romance with a ghost/demon male lead and a human female lead, then definitely check it out. It is already finished, so you can read it in one or two sittings.

9. Devil Number 4

110 Chapter [Completed]

Hanna is down on her luck living a pitiful life in a cheap room. She’s always short of money and always alone.

After losing her job, she finally lost all hope, and just then, a man appeared from nowhere. He’s actually a demon named No. 4 and he’s here to give her anything she desires, in exchange for her soul.

But, she has no wish to make of him. So now, every day he tries his hardest to convince her to make a contract with him. One mistake and the handsome sly demon could ruin your life…

10. Divine Damnation

48 Chapter [Completed]

According to a prophecy, the underworld will be destroyed and only the Oracle from the human world can save it. So, the 37th king of the underworld, Zer, arrives in the human world to get the oracle named May.

He finds May under attack from some knights and helps her. Charmed by his looks, May agrees to come along with him to the underworld. The only problem is… she’s not actually the Oracle.

11. Demon x Angel Can’t Get Along!

90+ Chapters [Ongoing]

The angels and demons have grown tired of the constant fighting and killing. So, they decide to arrange a marriage between a demon and an angel and finally have peace.

This is how the Demon College student Jiacheng was married to the angel Yu Shanshan. If they don’t get along for the first year of their marriage, the marriage will be dissolved, and the two will go their own way.

Neither of the two can stand each other, and so they begin their married life with divorce as a goal.

12. I’m Yours, Blood and Soul

24 Chapter [Completed]

The demon Mariam and vampire Bokhee both had the same plan. Go to a bar, have a one-night stand with a handsome guy, then drink his blood. But, things take a weird turn when they both hook up with each other without realizing that the other is not human.

Mariam actually drinks a bottle of Bokhee’s blood, mistaking it for wine, and now, the two are bound by a blood contract.

Bokhee can now only drink Mariam’s blood, which means no more hooking up with handsome strangers.

If you like vampire romance manhwa like this one, then check out 12 Must-Read Vampire BL Manhwa.

13. Hana’s Demons of Lust

64+ Chapters [Ongoing]

While walking home one night, Hana finds an injured man and a monster trying to eat him.

To save them both, the demon asks her to kiss him. Turns out he’s a demon of lust and she was able to help him recover some strength with the kiss, but now, she’s under a contract with him. Soon, she finds herself surrounded by multiple handsome demons.

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