10+ Best Age Gap Romance Manhwa to Read

Age gap theme is most definitely one of the most popular themes in manga and manhwa. In these manhwa, the main characters are from different age groups and try to find love despite social and personal challenges.

Today, I’ll be discussing the best age gap romance manhwa with amazing storylines and beautiful art styles.

1. On or Off

Best Age Gap Romance Manhwa to Read

Yiyoung is building a startup company with his friends. They finally got a chance to present their idea to a big company, but Yiyoung’s laptop betrayed him and they end up losing the opportunity.

At a bar, he runs into Kang Daehyung, the big-shot director of SJ Corporation. He begs him to give them a chance, but Daehyung misunderstands him and assumes he’s trying to persuade him using sexual favor. They end up sleeping together.

The next day, Daehyung finds out that their proposal is actually good and he hires their company. Now, the two must work together while also keeping their hearts in check.

2. My Secret Crush

Zhi Sang has a secret crush on her brother’s friend Jiaxu Duan. The only issue is that he’s in high school while she’s still in middle school. Even though she did everything she could to hide her feelings, he somehow noticed. She’s still too young for him, but would she be able to find a happy ending once she grows up?

This is a super cute manhua with the female lead being exceptionally lovable. Her dynamic with her brother is also great.

3. Red-Haired James

James used to be a poor orphan that always got bullied because of his red hair, until one day, when Henry Cuthbert adopted him. From that day on, James swore to help Henry in whatever way he can.

But, as he grows older his desires toward Henry change and now, he yearns for more than just friendship or being a helper to him. Would Henry feel the same way toward him? This is a story of two men with painful pasts trying to find love.

4. I Found Somebody to Love

I Found Somebody to Love is a heartwarming and sweet manhwa that follows the romance between Yihyun and his quiet student Namwoo.

English professor Yihyun is known as a ‘Devil’ among his students because of his strict personality. He loves poetry and is surprised to find his love is shared by one of his students, Namwoo.

He has experienced pain before and Yihyun has also been burned by love, yet despite their painful past, they both find themselves drawn to each other.

5. Broken Melody

Minhee used to be a prodigy in the piano world, but it all came crashing down when she passed out while playing piano on live tv. Traumatized, she decided to move away to a small town where no one knows her.

Eun Hyun lost everything when his son passed away. His wife left him and now, all he had left was his piano. He spends his days teaching piano to young kids. One day, while he was sleeping, he heard the sound of a piano.

Broken Melody is quite possibly one of the best Tragedy manhwa. Definitely give it a try.

6. Exit’s That Way

Cha Hong finally got her dream job as an assistant director for a tv show starring the biggest actress in Korea, Noh Seung-ah who will be making a comeback with this show. But, she’s not someone that can be easily handled.

After reaching a boiling point trying to control Noh Seung-ah, the director asks Cha Hong to keep a watch on her 24/7. That means she has to now live with Seung-ah and make sure she doesn’t ruin the show.

Will she be able to tame this wild beast and keep her under control? Or will she lose her dream job?

7. Can’t Give Her Up

Nanzhi is the perfect president of an entertainment company. After drinking too much one night, Nanzhi ends up having a one-night stand with a beautiful stranger.

She meets the same girl at her friend’s birthday party, the next day. Turns out, the girl she slept with is actually her friend’s younger sister, Qin Mi, and she’s also going to be a new artist at her company.

Will she be able to forget about the night they spent together, especially when Qin Mi is always there to constantly remind her?

8. The Chart of Priest

The hero Cliff defeated the Demon King, but he had to pay a price to save the world. He was left with a vicious curse that deteriorates his body and would eventually kill him. He received all kinds of treatments, but nothing ever worked.

Years later, a young priest Edward Granche was kicked out of the Holy City and was forced to move to a remote town in the countryside. There, he meets none other than the famous hero who now looks like a middle-aged man because of the curse.

Determined to help his hero, he would go to any length to find a cure for the curse.

9. Lover Boy (Zec)

Jaeha met Eunho when the latter was only 3 years old. They spent a lot of time together as neighbors, and Eunho once even asked Jaeha to marry him. But, after Jaeha moved away, they didn’t see each other for years.

One day, he runs into Eunha and the boy is now all grown up. Once again, they enter each other’s life. Will Eunha forever remain the little kid to Jaeha or will he see him for the man he’s become?

10. Miscreants and Mayhem

If you’re into psycho yandere male lead then this one’s for you. It has stunning artwork that perfectly complements the great storyline.

Ryu used to be one of the top dogs in the gang. All he ever wanted was to have a family and that dream seemed reachable when he fell in love with his boss’s mistress. But, he tried to have something he couldn’t, and paid dearly because of it.

Years later, the mistress’s son Pil-gyun reappears in his life. The kid’s grown up to be a very calculating and deadly man, and he’s obsessively in love with him.

11. Back to the Highteen

28 years old Bo-Young is still struggling to finish college because she can’t afford to pay the college fees. Plus, she also has to support her boyfriend. But then, her boyfriend dumps her.

She gets a chance to earn a bunch of money when the rich father of Yoon Joo, a girl she teaches, asks her to take Yoon Joo’s place and attend school in her stead. All she has to do is make sure she doesn’t get caught.

Will she be able to successfully pose as a high school student for an entire year?

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