Top 9 Age Gap Arranged Marriage Romance Manga

In this article, I’m going to share with you the best age gap manga with arranged marriage theme that I could find. It would really tough to find these as there are not many manga that have both an age gap and an arranged marriage.

Here are the 9 Best age gap arranged marriage manga…

1. A Bride’s Story

Top 9 Age Gap Arranged Marriage Romance Manga

Twenty-year-old Amira Hergal was considered old enough to be married and was sent off to a faraway village to get married, but her husband turns out to be only 12 years old. Now, she lives a peaceful married life with Karluk Ayhan, her young husband.

But, since the village didn’t gain anything from this marriage, they want her to come back and get married to someone else. Her happy life with Karluk is in danger, what will she do?

This is one of the best age gap manga, though the fact that the male lead is only 12 years old may seem weird at first but don’t worry their relationship is completely innocent. The way this manga handles arrange marriage is also great. Just read it…

2. Kouguu no Omega

In this world, omegas are considered the lowest of the low and from the day Ilya was born as an omega, his life was decided for him. One day, his father announces that he will be sent to a neighboring nation to get married to the alpha king. But, the king turns out to be a boy only 13 years old.

Don’t mind the young male lead. There’s no sexual interaction between the two characters until the king is an adult. They’re only friends in the beginning.

3. The World is Still Beautiful

Nike is the fourth princess of the Rain Kingdom. Their kingdom is asked to send one of their princesses to marry King Livius of the Sun Kingdom who conquered the entire world only years after becoming a king.

After losing a game of rock paper scissors to her sisters, Nike is sent to marry the notorious king who’s said to be ugly and has horns. But, he turns out nothing like she expected. Livius is actually only 15 years old and is really good-looking.

4. Takane & Hana

Hana’s father works as a small employee at a big company. After the owner of her father’s company notices her sister, he immediately asks to arrange a marriage meeting with his grandson Takane.

Hana’s sister already has a boyfriend and immediately refused. To not lose his job, her father decides to take her instead and somehow get Takane to reject her. But, angered by his arrogant attitude, Hana ends up rejecting him first.

The next day, she finds him outside her school, with a bouquet of flowers in hand. It seems she’s piqued his interest.

5. Faster Than a Kiss

After Fumino lost her parents, she had been going from one relative to another along with her brother. Fed up with it, they decide to run away without actually having another place to go.

The only person that comes looking for the two is her teacher Kazuma-san. He asks her to stay with him but believing it to be a joke, she accepts his offer but only if married her. To which, he said yes!! So, begins their married life.

6. Atsumori-Kun’s Bride-to-be

Nishiki is meant to marry a guy her father chose. But, she doesn’t have feelings for him and wants to choose her own partner. One day, she meets Atsumori, a student from Tokyo. They immediately become friends and she soon grows fond of him.

To escape her arranged marriage, Atsumori suggests she comes with him to Tokyo. So, she decides to chase after him by enrolling in a high school in Tokyo.

7. Ne Ne Ne

Ne Ne Ne is a super adorable manga that will make your heart clench with the cuteness and the fluffiness.

For the sake of their families, Koyuki and Shin got married. But, Shin is actually 20 years older than her and she’s never even seen his face as he always wears a mask, even when he sleeps.

Kyouki has no idea what’s in store for her new married life, but she’s not alone. Shin may have years on her, but he’s just as oblivious when it comes to love as her.

8. Gouhou Yuri Fuufu Hon

After losing her father, Haru never had time to think about romance. But, since already 25 years old, her uncle proposes a marriage between her and an older woman.

Haru accepts and before she knows it, she married. Now, the newly married couple must adjust to their new life and learn about each other.

This one’s a very cute small manga with only 8 chapters. If you like Yuri romance, you should check it out.

9. I’m Engaged to my Omega Teacher and it’s Killing me!

Nana Kitano is an alpha that even other alpha’s can’t beat. She’s better at everything from looks and sports to studies and financial background.

Her family has arranged her marriage with an omega. With the resolve to destroy this marriage, she goes to meet the guy, but, he turns out to be none other than her teacher Kazuki Haihara.

This one’s quite different from the other Omegaverse manga as it has a female alpha and a male omega. Definitely give it a try if you like manga with alphas and omegas.

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