12 Best Age Gap Romance Manga With Older Guy

Sweet age gap romance manga are highly popular among manga readers. In these manga, the characters have an age gap with either the FL or the ML being older than the other.

Older men have a much more mature aura to them which also makes the story more interesting. The best part is that they might possibly be grumpy but deep down care a lot about the female lead. These older men would make your heart flutter for sure!

In this article, I’m specifically going to talk about the best age gap romance manga, where the male lead is older than the female lead. The girls in all of these manga are around 16-17 years old.

1. Goma Shio to Purin

12 Best Age Gap Romance Manga With Older Guy

Haruhi loves living and working in Tokyo, but that may change when her parents demand she comes back to help with her father’s company.

While drinking at a bar, she decides that getting married and settling down in Tokyo is the best option she has to prevent going back to her hometown. So, she marries the first suitable guy she finds and that would be Nagato Sunohara, an older man with slightly gray hair.

The next day, after realizing what she had done, she makes a deal with Nagato to be her pretend husband and in exchange, she would let him stay at her apartment until he can find his own place.

2. Love So Life

Love So Life is a super cute Shojo manga about a high school girl working as a babysitter for the kids of a highly popular tv announcer.

Shiharu is a 16-year-old girl who was orphaned at a very young age. She loves working at a nursery school, training herself to one day start her own daycare. At her job, she handles a pair of crazy 2-year-old twins.

The twins hate strangers but are unusually calm around her and always listen to everything she says. When their handsome guardian finds this out, he decides to hire Shiharu as their babysitter, so he can finally get some rest.

3. Dengeki Daisy

After Teru lost her brother to sickness, she was left all alone and devastated. The only person she could talk to was Daisy. Before her brother died, he gave her a phone saying it would connect her to Daisy, and if she ever needed anything, she can call him.

One day, after she accidentally breaks a school window, the rude janitor asks her to pay for the repair and if she can’t, she will have to work for it. Who is this handsome but thug-looking janitor and why is he so concerned about her?

Dengeki Daisy is another great shoujo manga with characters that won’t bore you. It’s finished, so you can binge-read all the 75 chapters it has.

4. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Fumi and her father are under crushing debt. After her father moves abroad to earn money, she’s left homeless. To help her father pay off the debt, she needs a job asap.

Fortunately, she got a job as a housekeeper for a writer. She expected her new employer to be an old man, but it turned out to be a young guy and not just any guy, THE Akatsuki Kibikino, a highly popular writer.

Akatsuki has a mean glare and is super rude to her on her first day. To make matters worse, she has to live with him as she has nowhere else to go. But, after realizing her situation, he decides to help her out.

5. Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi

Mikoto has always been the calm and silent type of girl. She tries to commit suicide by jumping off the school roof after her crush rejects her. Just as she was on the brink of jumping, her physics teacher, Jin Haiba, suddenly arrived on the rooftop for a smoke.

After talking to her, he somehow manages to keep her from jumping, revealing that he too has been rejected multiple times in the past and that it’s not the end of the world.

He even asks her to try dating him before killing herself. To which, she agrees. What’s going to happen when a suicidal student and her carefree teacher start dating?

6. House of the Sun

As a kid, Mao spent most of her time at her neighbor Hiro’s house instead of her own. After all, her parents were never home anyway. For her, Hiro’s house was like a magical place filled with laughter and love.

After her parents got divorced, she started spending more time there, but things changed when Hiro’s parents passed away in an accident. When her father gets remarried, she ends up with no place to call home.

Hiro asks her to stay at his house where he’s been living alone for years. Follow the two childhood friends of different ages living together.

7. Daytime Shooting Star

After her parents had to move abroad for work, Suzume was forced to move to Tokyo and live with her uncle. At the train station, she runs into a weird older guy who’s overly casual and friendly with her.

Somehow managing to get away from him, she ends up at a park and passes out while looking for her uncle’s place. When she wakes up at her new home, she finds out that the person that helped her is the weird guy from the station.

The next day, the same guy is also at her school. Turns out, he’s her homeroom teacher.

8. Strawberry Love

After her grandpa breaks his leg, 20-year-old student Sara Moritani offers to help out with his strawberry farm. But, she’s a complete noob at farming and picking strawberries.

Fortunately, she gets help from the 33-year-old Minori Sugiura, a scary and intimidating strawberry farmer. He teaches her everything she needs to know as a framer and also helps sell the strawberries.

Soon, she can’t help but feel drawn to him, but deep down, is also anxious that he might only view her as a kid. On the other hand, Minori is also interested in her but is concerned about their age difference.

9. V.B. Rose

Ageha loves two things more than anything else in the world: her perfect older sister and the highly popular series of purses she designs.

So, when her sister announces her pregnancy and the fact that she’s going to marry her “plain-looking” boyfriend, she couldn’t be more shocked. How can her perfect sister marry that guy?

Later, she and her friends run into two extremely handsome strangers who seem to be very interested in her series of purses. And then, she meets them again at Velvet Blue Rose, a place that makes custom wedding dresses.

10. Takane to Hana (Takane and Hana)

Hana’s sister is extremely beautiful. So, when the chairman of the company her father works at saw her, he immediately set up an arranged marriage meeting between her and his grandson Takane.

Her sister refuses since she already has a boyfriend but since her father is just some small employee, he can’t really say no to the chairman. So, he planned to take Hana instead and make the guy reject her.

But, Takane turns out to be a complete asshole, and angered by his attitude, she rejects him outright. But, her rejection amuses and intrigues him. The next day, she finds him in front of her school, with a bouquet.

11. Living-Room Matsunaga-san

In the second year of high school, Meeko was forced to move and stay at her uncle’s boarding house and continue her studies there. On her way to her new home, she sees a weird guy who then starts following her.

After unexpectedly pepper-spraying him, she discovers that he’s actually a fellow tenant at her uncle’s place. Her new housemate’s name is Matsunaga-san, and while he may come off as super intimidating, he’s actually a really kind person.

The main characters are exceptionally well-written and all the side characters are also incredibly cool.

12. Faster Than a Kiss

After Fumino lost her parents, she and her brother kept juggling from one relative’s house to another until one day when she got fed up with it and decided to run away.

No one came looking for her except for Kazuma Ojiro, her homeroom teacher. He offered to let her stay at his place but thinking he was just messing with her, she joked that she would move in with him if he marries her.

To her surprise, he agreed, and so began their married life.  

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