12 Must-Read Vampire BL Manhwa Recommendations

Vampires are the most popular supernatural creatures by far.

Vampires are blood-sucking immortal creatures who only come out in the dark. Though they drink blood and sometimes kill people, vampires are loved by many manga and manhwa readers, especially good-looking vampires.

Pair a good vampire story and handsome male leads with BL manhwa and you’ve got many people’s attention. In this article, I’m going to share with you the best vampire bl manhwa with handsome male leads and a lot of smut.

1. Blood Bank

61 Chapters [Completed]

vampire bl manhwa

The story of Blood Bank is set in a world engulfed in darkness. The vampires rule the world and treat humans as only a source of blood.

  • BDSM
  • Explicit content
  • Emotional story
  • Beautiful art

One is a human working at the world’s biggest blood bank that supplies human blood to vampires. One day, the future successor of the bank, Lord Shell, makes a visit and falls in love with him. But how can a human be the master and the vampire a servant?

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2. Blood Link

65 Chapters [Completed]

After being forced to go to a mixer by his friend, Hwo Gok’s life changes forever. He catches his senior Lee Bin sucking blood from a girl and in the heat of the moment, Lee Bin bites him as well.

The next day, the girl doesn’t remember anything, but he does. Turns out, he’s half Lycan and he is now linked to Lee Bin because of the bite. Will he become a vampire as well?

The manhwa has it all – vampires, tall and handsome male leads, sexiness, beautiful art, and interesting characters. Here are some more BL Manhwa with Possessive Male Leads.

3. The Contractors of Pandora

73+ Chapters [Ongoing]

A thousand years after the destruction of Earth, a new world was built and named Pandora. It is home to many species like humans, vampires, witches, etc. But, another apocalypse is on the way.

People are signing contracts with demons and causing destruction everywhere. To save the world, these contracts must be broken.

Known as the detective that brings misfortune, Hector must work together with Vampire priest Eustino to break Pandora free from the clutches of demons and a cult scheming to bring doomsday.

4. Vampire Library

97 Chapters [Completed]

The president of a large company that was obsessed with vampires built a vampire-themed library. Mano Yoo started working at the library last week since it was only 10 minutes away and the pay is good, but, he soon finds out that it’s not really a theme as everyone thinks.

All the employees at the library are actual vampires and they think he is too!!

The bl is not extreme or hardcore in this one. It’s more story-driven and explores the characters well.

5. The Unquenchable Mr. Kim

61 Chapters [Completed]

Ordinary office worker Kim Doyoon is actually a half-vampire, which means he needs human blood to survive, but he doesn’t like to drink blood, so, he instead survives by absorbing sexual energy.

He hasn’t ‘fed’ in a long time and is getting weaker by the day. While being half asleep, he accidentally messages his boss Kangwoo that he’s thinking of getting a sex friend. And, Kangwoo agrees to his request…

But, would he still feel the same way about Doyoon when he finds out that his new lover isn’t exactly human?

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6. My Pet Bat

86 Chapters [Completed]

High schooler Min-kyum was kicked out of the house by his parents and was told to go live on his own. So, he moved to a cheap house in a shabby neighborhood that has recently had multiple cases of victims with bite marks on their necks.

While on a walk, someone attacks him and he passes out. The next day, he finds himself back home with a bite mark on his neck and his new deskmate looks oddly familiar and suspiciously pale.

7. Blood Sacrifice

79 Chapters [Completed]

While getting home from work, Seoho hears some strange noise and goes to check it. He witnesses a vampire named Ozae sucking blood from a man’s neck.

Ozae threatens to kill him if he ever speaks of what he saw, Seoho on the other hand makes him an offer – I’ll let you drink my blood but in exchange…

Seoho and Ozae’s lives soon get intertwined as Ozae finds himself wanting more and more of Seoho. How will this dangerous relationship work out?

8. I’m Yours, Blood and Soul

24 Chapters [Completed]

Bokhee spends his life having one-night stands and drinking the blood of humans, which is exactly what he planned to do when he hooked up with Mariam, but Mariam turns out to be a demon who also had a similar plan to his.

Mariam mistakes a bottle of Bokhee’s blood for wine and drinks it, forming a contract between the two. Now, Bkokhee is bound to Mariam and can only drink his blood. This means no more one-night stands and he’s stuck with Mariam.

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9. Blood and Love

34 Chapters [Completed]

Jiwon has always been fascinated by everything vampire related. As a kid, he swore that he would do anything to have a vampire friend.

Years later, Jiwon actually witnesses a vampire feeding off a man, and he offers his own blood as an apology for interrupting the vampire’s feeding. The next day, he meets the same vampire in his college. Yoon Seong-hyun is a sunbae in his class.

So, he intends to achieve his dream of making friends with vampire Yoon Seong-hyun.

10. Crush and Burn

68+ Chapters [Ongoing]

Ken lives an ordinary life on the outskirts of the nation. One day, he gets attacked by a vampire, and his life is saved by the most powerful disciple of the holy church, Agia Fredrick.

But, to save his life, Ken had to sleep with him. His injuries are not completely healed yet and he needs Agia for it.

Why did Agia save him? and what motive does he have to keep him around?

11. The Sweetest Man

115 Chapters [Completed]

Min Hoonlee doesn’t really know his best friend of 15 years Hyungwoo. He always disappears god knows where and is always keeping secrets.

One day, after Hyungwoo got too drunk, Hoonlee brings him to his house and tries to get his secret out, but Hyungwoo kisses him and bites his lips.

After getting sober, Hyungwoo finally reveals his secret – he’s actually a vampire and because of that bite, Hoonlee is now probably one as well. Why do I feel thirsty all of a sudden…?

12. Vampire Heart

91 Chapters [Completed]

While taking a walk before his college starts, Dokyung meets a vampire with blood all over his clothes. He somehow manages to get away with his life, but the next day, he runs into him again.

His name is Hojin Yoo and he is not just in the same college as him but is also his roommate. As time passes, he learns that Hojin’s not as dangerous as he had thought. He’s actually scared of cats and loves to cuddle while sleeping.

Will he survive this vampire who has a weird obsession with him?

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