20+ Must Read Dungeon Manhwa With OP MC

Dungeons are dangerous places filled with all kinds of monsters and It’s exciting to see an OP MC kill these monsters, level up, and eventually become the strongest in the world. I myself am a fanatic for dungeon manhwa and If you’re here, looking for some great dungeon manhwa to add to your list then you’re going to love these manhwa.

In this article, I’ll share with you the 22 Best Dungeon Manhwa where the MC is Overpowered.

22. Master of Villains

Beopgyu Lee is a game developer who had just finished working on a game called Mystic World, an RPG game. He soon finds himself inside the game as one of the characters, but not just any character, he is now Han Lee, a notorious villain who’s fated to die at the hands of the protagonist.

First, he must survive in the strange lab he woke up in and then somehow find a way to defeat the protagonist. To achieve this, he must become the Master of all villains.

21. I Have an SSS-Rank Trait, But I Want a Normal Life

One day, monsters suddenly invaded Earth, and strange beings like constellations appeared. On top of that, people were able to use magical powers through awakening. Wars were waged and the world changed forever.

But none of that matters to Yoo Sungwon, a normal office worker living an ordinary life. Unfortunately, his peaceful days end when he somehow ends up becoming a rare SSS-class knight with equipment and traits to die for or kill for.

If people find out about his perks, they would hunt him down and take everything. To avoid getting killed, he must leave his normal life behind and get stronger. But who made him a knight and why?

20. Carnivorous Hunter

After strange holes appeared all across the world, monsters came pouring out of them, and against these monsters human weapons were useless. Humanity was forced to live like insects until one day when the cataclysm happened and metahumans appeared. Finally, humans started to fight back.

Kim Seonwoo is also a metahuman but he’s a Carnivorous hunter who can absorb the powers of other awakened. To survive in this ruined world, he will have to rob people of their powers.

19. 990 Ex-Life Hunter

Kang Hyeonjun hopes to make something of his life but that just seems like a dream with his hunter rank being F. He’s having trouble even making a living while being a burden to his teammates and his girlfriend breaks up with him after she climbs the ranks.

After drinking his pain away, he returns home but instead of his humble apartment, he walks into a strange dreamscape. He sees a man who claims to be him from his past life. The man offers him the strength he desires.

But will he be able to endure the pain and trials to obtain the strength of his all 990 Thousand Past Lives?

18. Knocking on the Dungeon Door

Hyeonbok Kim is a normal guy living in a studio apartment. One day, the front door of his apartment mysteriously gets connected to a dungeon. At first, he was intrigued and tried to explore the dungeon but that didn’t last long once he saw a real goblin and barely survived.

He obtains a system and it falls upon him to clear the dungeon, and somehow make it out into the real world once again. Fortunately, he’s not alone. With the help of some skeleton friends, he starts learning magic.

Will he be able to knock on the dungeon door and face the monsters within?

17. The Dungeon Cleaning Life of a Once Genius Hunter

Junu Kim dedicated his life to being a hunter and managed to become the world’s first SSS-ranked hunter. Hailed as a genius, he became the strongest hunter in the world but it all came crashing down due to rumors about him assaulting a civilian.

On his way back home, he gets ambushed and killed by unknowns. He wakes up ten years into the past, and with his skills and abilities gone, he was back to being a weak and normal person. To get his powers back, he must become a dungeon cleaner.

Once the strongest on Earth, and now a dungeon cleaner, he must become stronger once again and figure out who killed him.

16. I’ll be Taking a Break for Personal Reasons

Disaster struck humanity when gates and dungeons appeared and monsters rushed out, however, with the awakening of hunters, the disasters became an opportunity to become stronger and better. Hunters became the most well-treated people in the world.

Yoo Ilshin is a third-rate web novel author who recently went on a hiatus. When he finally awakens as a hunter, he thought his life would change for good but his talent turned out to be trash.

Strangely, his smartphone gets connected to a different world and when he helps the weak ants in that world, they start worshiping him as a god. Will he be able to use his phone to become an actual god and save the world?

15. The Advanced Player of the Tutorial Tower

One day, monsters appeared all over the world and the “Tutorial Tower” came along with them. The tower selected people regardless of age as players and forced them to fight for their lives in the tower.

Many were able to clear the tutorial using the abilities they gained along the way, but the rest ended up losing their lives. Hyeonu Kim is also one of the players, and after 12 years of being trapped in the tower, he finally made it out as the most powerful human in the world.

Now, he’s hell-bent on finding the person responsible for his imprisonment of 12 years. Maybe, along the way, he will save the world as well.

14. Dungeon Reset

Out of nowhere, Dawoon was forcefully summoned to an unknown world called “The Dungeon”, and his life changed for better or worse. Now, he must fight against bloodthirsty monsters, evade life-threatening traps, and somehow survive in this crazy world.

If that wasn’t enough, he also ended up as just a crafter unsuitable to combat. After falling into a trap, he had given up all hope of making it out alive, but a glitch in the system, resets everything and he gains some oddly helpful abilities.

Now that the rules of the dungeon no longer apply to him, with his new abilities, he can finally hope to survive and make it back home, but he’ll need to be creative to clear the dungeon.

13. Return of the Shattered Constellation

One day, for an unknown reason, Lee Changseon was transported to a planet called Arcadia. After years of fighting for survival, he became an abominable god who killed millions of gods. To stop him, the other gods came together and put him on a trial.

He lost all his powers and was meant to be erased from existence but instead, he finds himself in front of Thanatos, the King of the Underworld who offers him a second chance.

After being sent back to Earth, he decides to gather the skills and abilities he would need to get his revenge and complete the job given to him by Thanatos. Will he be able to become a god once again?

12. Tomb Raider King

best dungeon manhwa

In the year 2025, Tombs appeared all over the world, and within these tombs were relics that changed the world as they held enormous powers. These relics had the power to grant various powerful abilities, so, people dedicated their lives in search of them.

Jooheon Suh was also a tomb explorer working for a big company, but all the relics he obtained were confiscated by the CEO of the company. The CEO became one of the world’s strongest people and Jooheon was abandoned.

Dying after being betrayed, he suddenly finds himself 15 years into the past. Driven by his desire for revenge, he will become the best Tomb raider using his knowledge of tombs and the future.

11. Boundless Necromancer

When the first dungeon break occurred, many people suffered unimaginable pain, including our MC who lost his parents. That day, he made a pledge to himself that he would definitely become a hunter one day and rip the monsters apart.

Seven Years later, he was kicked out of the Hunter Training Center as even after all these years, his level didn’t increase at all no matter how much he trained.

Even though his talent as a hunter was beyond trash, he didn’t give up and his iron will was recognized by the “Tower of Trials”. The very next moment, he found himself inside the tower. He finally gets a chance to achieve everything he ever wanted.

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10. Poison-Eating Healer

In the year 2032, the world changed when monsters and dungeons appeared across the world, fortunately, at the same time, people with game-like abilities also emerged and headed into the dungeons to kill the monsters.

Cheon Haesun has always been terminally ill because of various poisons in his body. One day, on his way home, a dungeon break occurs and he gets swallowed by a monster. He survives and something changes inside him.

This is the story of a healer who will become the world’s strongest hunter by eating poisons.

9. Kill The Hero

After the tower appeared, players soon started showing up and soon, and guilds were formed. The players used their powers for their own benefit instead of helping the world. Woojin on the other hand wanted to use his abilities for good and clear the tower to put an end to the horror.

But the righteous leader of his guild whom he followed blindly, betrayed him just as they were about to clear the tower. Turns out that his guild wasn’t any different from the rest.

After dying, he wakes up in the past; this time, his main goal isn’t to kill the monsters but the ones who betrayed him. Using his knowledge of the tower and the future, he will destroy everything that stands in his way.

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8. My Daughter is the Final Boss

One day, Lee Seojun suddenly finds out that he has a 5-year-old daughter named Lee Seola. Though he accepted her as his daughter and took her in, he never treated her kindly. After he became a hunter, he neglected her even more.

Years later, Lee Seola is a powerful witch feared throughout the world as the Ice Witch as she has destroyed most of the world. Now, the remaining hunters come together for one final battle and Lee Seojun is one of them.

After dying at his daughter’s hand, he wakes up in the past when Seola was still a kid. Will he be able to prevent her from becoming the Ice Witch or will the world have to pay the price of his failure?

7. The S-Classes That I Raised

One day, strange gates popped up all across the globe, and out of these gates came monsters with a hunger for humans. It was discovered that the monsters will only come out if the dungeons remain uncleared. So, hunters took the responsibility to clear these dungeons.

Yoojin used to be a normal guy who worked tirelessly to help his younger brother after their parents passed away. After hunters came into existence, his younger brother awakened as an S-rank while he became a pathetic F-rank.

Years later, he was still living in poverty while his brother became one of the strongest hunters in the world, but after a dungeon raid goes wrong and he’s sent years into the past, he awakens an S-rank ability.

6. Records of Dungeon Travel

Alt. Title : Dungeon Odyssey

After the labyrinth masters waged war with the entire world, many were lost and the war went on for decades until finally, it ended with the victory of those above the ground. The Labyrinth masters who had lost were forced to release their prisoners of war.

Amongst the released people were babies born in the labyrinth who were raised with monster milk. These kids possessed overwhelming powers and were considered non-humans.

Kim Jin-Woo was also one of these dungeon babies but unlike many others, he apparently didn’t possess much strength. This is the story of a lowly dungeon guide who will ascend to become the strongest king of the labyrinths.

5. Genius of the Unique Lineage

The world was normal and peaceful until one day when black holes opened throughout the world. Out of these black holes came creatures who threatened the entire existence of humans, but before it was too late, humans started to evolve and special humans like shapeshifters, mages, and immortals prevented the destruction of the world.

Gwangik Yu is a hybrid with the ability of both, his immortal father and shapeshifter mother. His parents are unaware of each other’s powers and want him to follow in their footsteps.

Even though his hybrid powers give him significant advantages without any weaknesses, will he be able to survive as a hunter in this world filled with all kinds of bizarre people?

4. Warrior High School: Dungeon Raid Department

After Earth fused with another world, dungeons started opening all around the world. Soon, adventurers with powerful abilities, obtained due to the fusion of the two worlds, came together and raided the dungeons.

Yoo Jaryong is the son of one of the first generations of awakened. His father used to be a powerful individual known throughout the world, but after he became sick, everyone forgot about him and now, Jaryong is forced to work as a smuggler to pay for his father’s hospital bills.

During a dungeon smuggling, he ends up saving the life of a student at Warrior High School, a place meant to train future adventurers. She recognizes his potential and asks him to attend school as well. What awaits Jaryong in a school filled with many strong students?

3. Mythic Item Obtained

When the gods started Ragnarok, monsters and creatures from another world reined terror throughout the world, humanity’s darkest time came and millions of people were lost. Just as all hope was lost, people awakened special abilities that granted them god-like powers. Using these powers, the awakened humans started to fight back.

Jaehyeon is one such awakened but unfortunately, he chose to become a brawler who fights using their muscles, even though he had an astonishing 97% talent in magic. Years later, he regrets his decision as he’s having trouble even paying the rent.

One day, during a raid in a dungeon, he obtains a mythical item that will change his life and the entire world with it. Will he finally start training as a mage?

2. The Gamer

Jee-Han loves playing games but that doesn’t mean he would want the world to turn into a game. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what happens. Now, he can see a game-like system with a status window and levels of everyone around him. He also has to clear quests to earn experience.

At first, the quests were simple like going to the store for his mother but then things take an even weirder turn when he’s forced to kill monsters to earn special skills. It also seems like he’s not the only one with such skills.

With monsters and other ability users coming after him, will he be able to become stronger using the system?

1. Solo Leveling

Jinwoo Sung lost his father when he was very young; ever since his mother’s been very sick. Now, he’s the one responsible for his family, and being a hunter he thought he would be able to manage somehow but, it turns out that he’s just an E-class, the weakest hunter.

With no abilities to speak of, he takes up any job he can get, but one such job that was supposed to be easy becomes hell for his entire party. Every member of the party gets brutally murdered and he’s the only one who survives.

When wakes up again, he finds himself with a strange system. Maybe, this is an opportunity that can change his life.

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