Top 10 Action Shounen Manga Recommendation

Shounen manga are mainly aimed at young teen boys. Shounen manga filled with action are easily the most loved type of manga around the world.

I’m sure you’re already familiar with some of the most popular manga in the genre like One Piece and Naruto, which is why in this list I’m going to only included the more recent title that not many people know about but definitely should.

These manga have great action, and interesting characters, and are simply exceptional in storytelling.

I have prepared a recommendation list of the top 10 action shounen manga for you. So, Check Out The List:-

  • Dandadan
  • Mashle – Magic and Muscles
  • Tsui no Taimashi – Ender Geister
  • Mato Seihei no Slave
  • Doron Dororon
  • Monster #8
  • Tougen Anki
  • Undead Unluck
  • Sakamoto Days
  • The Hero Who Seeks Revenge Shall Exterminate With Darkness

1. Dandadan

The story is about an occult fanatic and a girl who doesn’t believe in aliens. Ken Takakura is a guy who doesn’t believe in ghosts but is obsessed with everything related to aliens.

Momo Ayase on the other hand is a girl who’s completely opposite of him. She believes in ghosts because of her psychic grandma but doesn’t believe in aliens.

So they challenge each other to prove what they believe in and it all turns out to be true, now, they’re too deep into all the weird going around them, and running away is not an option anymore. Check out this occult coming-of-age story filled with supernatural strangeness that transcends their mutual beliefs and understanding.

2. Mashle – Magic and Muscles

The story follows Mashle as he tries to survive in a world filled with magic. There are two types of people in this world – one’s who can use magic and the ones that can’t.

Unfortunately for Mashle, he is part of the ones that can’t. So, he spends his time training and bulking up his muscles. He just wants to live a quiet life but the world is harsh and the only way to face it is by attending the magic academy and becoming a Divine Visionary, a student chosen by god.

Will he be able to survive in this world of magic just by using his muscular body?

3. Tsui no Taimashi – Ender Geister

Akira is an S-class exorcist and one of the strongest exorcists in the world. He was sent to Japan to investigate a strange paranormal event that may require his S-class expertise.

In Japan, more than 15 of some of the most powerful exorcists have been lost to a powerful creature, and Akira is the only one who can deal with it. Maybe there’s a bigger mystery to what’s been happening in Japan. Will he be able to unveil this mystery?

Follow Akira in this supernatural mystery as he exterminates monsters from other worlds with his beautiful partner exorcist Chikage.

4. Mato Seihei no Slave

Yuuki Wakura is a normal high school student but the world he lives in is not so normal. The world is in danger from monsters called “Yomotsu Shuuki”. To protect the world an Anti-Demon Corps was formed of women who gained abilities after the emergence of the monsters.

One unfortunate day, Yuuki was about to die by the hands of a monster when suddenly the captain of the 7th unit of the Anti-demon corps saved him. She recognized his ability to increase her powers and proposed that he joins the Anti-demon corps by becoming her “Slave”. A position that he might enjoy more than he initially would have thought…

5. Doron Dororon

The world is ravaged by human-eating monsters called Mononoke. Anti-Mononoke samurai exist to protect humanity from these monsters. Dora Sasaki’s mother was killed by one such monster and that is why he aspires to become a samurai.

Even though he is a tough guy who’s never lost a street fight, his supernatural energy level turns out to be Zero, which means he can’t join the anti-Mononoke samurais.

Things change for Sasaki when he meets a kind-hearted Mononoke who, unlike others like him, wants to protect humans. He can finally join the samurais and his journey to become one of the strongest samurais in the world is just getting started.

6. Monster #8

Kafka Hibino and his childhood friend’s dream was to join the defense force that protects humans from monsters but as it turns out that he has no talent. His friend went on to become one of the best in the defense force as he remained a nobody.

One day, a monster attaches itself to him turning him into a monster too, giving him extraordinary strength. He becomes the 8th strongest monster humanity has ever seen.

He can control his transformation into a monster which helps him join the defense force but how long will he, a monster, be able to live among people who hunt monsters.

7. Tougen Anki

Oni are monsters that eat humans and Momotarou are people who fight these monsters to protect the human race. The two sides have been at war for hundreds of years and the descendants of the Momotarou clan established an organization to fight the oni.

Ichinose Shiki was adopted by a former member of the Momotarou clan and one day when they’re attacked, he finds out from his foster father that he has inherited the blood of Oni.

In a world where Oni and Momotarou are out to kill each other, follow Shiki in his struggle for power and creating a peaceful world by unifying the two races.

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8. Undead Unluck

All Fuuko Izumo wants is to have a normal love life but her bad luck is so bad that people have even died just from touching her. She is tired of living a life where she hurts everyone she gets close to and finally decides to end it all. Enter Andy, a man who cannot die no matter what method he tries.

When Andy meets Fuuko he thinks he’s finally met someone who can give him the death he’s been longing for. Now, Fuuko must work together with Andy to trigger a stroke of bad luck strong enough to end him.

But when they find out that a secret organization is hunting them for evil reasons, Andy must put his plan to die on hold.

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9. Sakamoto Days

Taro Sakamoto is an Ex-Hitman. He used to be the ultimate hitman feared and admired by many. But one day, he met a girl and falls in love with her. Retirement from the killing, Marriage, and Fatherhood, and before he knew it, Sakamoto had become a normal fat guy, the jack-of-all-trades of the neighborhood, and the owner of a neighborhood store.

Now that he is not how he used to be in his prime, his enemies think they can get him. Will he be able to protect his family from danger? He may have given up on killing but he’s still the hitman feared throughout the underworld.

You will love this new action-comedy series.

10. The Hero Who Seeks Revenge Shall Exterminate With Darkness

Raul had defeated the demon king and deserved to be hailed as the strongest hero who saved the world but what he got in exchange for saving the world was the death of his family and false charges against him by the power-hungry royals of the kingdom.

The royals were afraid of his powers and wanted to get rid of him before he can threaten their position. He lost everything to the princess who planned the whole ordeal.

In his last moments, he fell into darkness and vowed to get his revenge on everyone who had wronged him and his family. Using the power of darkness, he was revived.

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