11 Best High School Romance Manga Recommendations

Slice-of-life romance manga are loved by many and reasonably so because of the sweet moments the characters share with their friends and love interests.

School life is the best part of one’s life. You make many long-time friends and share great memories. Studying together, having fun together, and falling in love, all make our school days unforgettable.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the most heartwarming school romance manga to read. These manga showcase events that occur daily in a school, either from the perspective of a student or a teacher.

Having fun in the classroom, and spending time with friends in school clubs are frequent themes in these manga.

1. A Couple Of Cuckoos

Nagi Umino, a high school student was switched at birth. He grew up in a normal family and never even wondered who his real parents might be. One day, when he finally finds out about his biological parents, he was on his way to meet them, and he meets a rich girl, Erika Amano.

Erika comes from a rich family and her parent want her to marry a boy they chose. To get out of this arranged marriage, she decides to make Nagi, a random boy she meets on the street, her fake boyfriend.

When he finally reaches to meet his parents it turns out that they have decided to resolve the hospital switch by having him marry the girl he was switched with. And the girl turns out to be none other than Erika.

2. When Will Ayumu Make His Move

You will love this Senpai-Kouhai love comedy. Ayumu is the only member of the shogi club (Japanese Chess) other than the small club president, Yaotome. He has feelings for the cute Yaotome but swore to himself that he would only confess after he beats her in shogi.

The only problem is… he sucks at the game. Yaotome is sure that Ayumu has feelings for her and she is hell-bent on making him confess but no matter what she does, she just can’t trick her expressionless Kouhai into confessing his feelings for her.

As they play Shogi together every day, will Ayumu be able to confess his feelings for her?

3. The Guy She Was Interested in Wasn’t a Guy at All

Oosawa is a gyaru with no interest in boys. Unlike her friends, Oosawa loves rock music and is usually listening to it. She wants to talk about music to someone but her friends are always talking about boys, making her feel lonely.

Even though she’s not interested in dating, she develops a crush on the guy at the record shop she often visits.

Koga is a gloomy girl who works at her uncle’s record shop. She loves wearing boy’s clothes and often wears black clothes with a mask. Due to this, her classmate Oosawa mistakes her for a boy and ends up falling for her.

4. The Story Between A Dumb Prefect And A High School Girl With an Inappropriate Skirt Length

The story follows Sakuradaimon who is the school’s prefect which means he has the authority to enforce discipline and as a prefect, he is supposed to be perfect. He is a disciplined student always following the school rules.

Kohinata is in the same school as him and she doesn’t like him as he is always trying to discipline her by telling her to change her hair color and her inappropriate skirt length. One day, she finds out that he might not be as perfect as she and everyone else had thought.

This is their story of interacting with each other. Will he be able to change her delinquent nature? Or will he grow to love it?

5. Yancha Gal no Anjou-san

Anjou is a delinquent gyaru who has no problem talking about sexual stuff and is always showing more skin than needed.

Seto is a diligent guy who just wants to live his quiet life but Anjou is always making that hard for him. She uses sexual provocations to tease him, constantly teasing him by talking sexually, showing a little bit of skin, and then retracting it by saying “Just Kidding”.

Seto’s quiet life has become hectic after Anjou came into it. Could it be that Anjou is actually interested in Seto??

6. Pseudo Harem

The story follows a girl named Rin Nanakura who is really good at acting. She likes her senpai, Eiji Kitahama, but she finds out that he is not interested in dating, actually more like he’s not interested in dating just one girl.

Eiji wants a harem with many different girls like the characters in the manga he reads. So, to make him like her, she decides to use her acting skills to give him a pseudo-harem. She uses multiple personas to give him the harem – Cheeky, tsundere, Cool, and Spoiled.

Will she ever be able to make him fall in love with her true self?

7. Koi Shita no de, Haishin Shite Mita

Inuzuka Yuu has a mean face and an awkward smile because of which his life has been a continuous cycle of people being afraid of him. He’s always had trouble making friends, but now that he is in high school, he is determined to make friends.

He decides to stay at the dorm but turns out that it’s a share house between 6 people, 3 girls, and 3 boys. Every one of these 6 people has secrets that they want no one to know about and on his very first day at the dorm, he ends up walking in on a girl doing a live stream.

8. My Charms Are Wasted On Kuroiwa Medaka

Mona was born and raised in Osaka. She decided to move to Tokyo to enjoy her high school life and make every boy in the school fall for her. She is the cutest girl in the entire school and everyone wants to get close to her except her classmate Kuroiwa. So, she decides to do everything in her power to make him fall in love with her.

Medaka Kuroiwa is a cold and stoic high school student who was raised in a temple and was told to never get close to women.

Will he be able to use her charms to make her cold classmate fall for her? Find out in this sweet comedy romance manga.

9. Hitomi-chan Is Shy With Strangers

Takano Hitomi is a tall first-year high school girl with a scary face. She has shark-like teeth and a very intimidating presence but beneath that scary face is a shy girl who just wants to overcome her anxiety and make friends.

One day, she runs into Usami Yuu, her short senpai who is not put off by her huge build and her intimidating looks. They soon become friends and maybe this friendship can develop into something more as they spend time together.

This is a sweet slice-of-life rom-com between a short loving senpai and his scary-looking Kouhai. For similar manga recommendations, here are the 15 Best Romance Manga With Strong Female Lead.

10. Amano Megumi wa Suki Darake

Shindo Manabu is a bookworm high school student with an unyielding determination to get into Tokyo University for further studies. He never gets distracted by others except for his childhood friend Amano Megumi.

Manabu and Amano used to be good friends but grew apart in middle school. Now, they’re both in the same school again and Amano is hell-bent on distracting him from his studies.

Amano used to be a tomboy but when Manabu meets her again, he finds out that she has “developed” a lot. Hilarity ensues as these two get closer and closer.

11. Yuzukawa-san wants you to understand

Yuzugawa Kururi is a bookish girl. Kushima just started going out with her but he’s having a hard time understanding her.

Yuzukawa is not good at expressing her thoughts, so she wishes Kushima would be more empathetic to her feelings. She just wants him to understand her feelings.

This is the story of a girl who wants to be understood and a boy who wants to understand her.

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