11 Best Comedy Manga For A Good Laugh

Many manga have comedic elements in them to make the story even more interesting but there are a lot of manga that mostly focus on the comedy in their stories. Everyone loves a good laugh to lift their mood.

These manga aim to make you laugh through parody, ecchi, slapstick scenarios, or absurd antics. But not all manga will make you laugh out loud, many will make you smile and chuckle with their heartwarming, cute, and funny moments.

If you like comedy then you will love these manga. Definitely check out these hilarious comedy manga. Some of these manga already have an anime adaptation so if you want you can check them out instead.

Best Comedy Manga :-

  • Grand Blue
  • Mashle – Magic and Muscles
  • Please Go Home, Akatsu-san
  • TenPuru – No One Can Live On Loneliness
  • When will Ayumu make his move
  • Mission: Yozakura Family
  • Meika-san Can’t Conceal Her Emotions
  • Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan
  • Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute
  • The Way Of The Househusband
  • The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

1. Grand Blue

Kitahara Iori is going to start college in Izu city. He moves to the city and decides to stay at his uncle’s place who owns a diving equipment store called “Grand Blue”. But the store is filled with muscular men who love drinking and on the very first day, he found them drinking naked.

He meets his hot cousin, many other beautiful women, and men that love diving and drinking. Iori’s college life and love for diving are just starting.

Here, are the 11 Best Anime like Grand Blue.

2. Mashle – Magic and Muscles

Mashle lives in a world in which magic is used for everything. If you can’t use magic then you better keep your head down and live a quiet life. Mashle is one of the unfortunate people who can’t use magic but instead of keeping his head down, he trains every day to bulk up and become stronger.

He decides to attend the magic academy in the hopes of one day becoming a Divine Visionary, a student chosen by god. But, due to the lack of magic in his body, he’s gonna have to use his muscles instead.

Will his muscular body be able to protect him from powerful magic users who are out to get him?

3. Please Go Home, Akatsu-san

Ooyama-kun never gets involved with delinquents or any bad company but Akutsu-san, a delinquent girl, never leaves him alone and has made his house her place to hang out after school. He tries his best to chase her out but Akutsu-san is hell-bent on staying.

Would Ooyama be able to deal with her sexiness and cuteness in such a confined space? Will he do something horrible to her or will he be able to chase her out? Find out in this sexy romantic comedy set under one roof.

4. TenPuru – No One Can Live On Loneliness

You will Love this manga if you like Grand Blue. The similarities between the two are off the roof.

Akagami Akemitsu is the son of an infamous player. Due to his father’s reputation, all girls are afraid to even come close to him. Even Akagami is scared that he might end up like his father and after a drinking incident, he finally decides to change himself.

So, to get rid of any thoughts of girls, he decides to become a monk. He joins a temple but it turns out that the temple has many beautiful girls living in it including the one he met not long ago. Will Akagami be able to rid himself of naughty thoughts or will he succumb to them?

5. When will Ayumu make his move

Yaotome is the president of her school’s Shogi club with only one member, her kouhai Ayumu-kun. She knows Ayumu has feelings for her but her expressionless kouhai never shows it. So, she’s hell-bent on making him confess to her.

Ayumu is in love with his short senpai but he’s sworn to himself that he would only confess his feelings once he’s defeated her in a game of shogi. Unfortunately, he sucks at the game and no matter how many times he tries, he could never defeat her.

Will he be able to defeat her in shogi or will she make him confess before he defeats her?

6. Mission: Yozakura Family

Taiyo Asano has trouble talking to people and the only person he can talk to is Matsumi Yozakua, his childhood friend. Taiyo finds out that Matsumi is part of a spy family and she’s getting harassed by her overprotective brother, also there are many enemies who want to hurt her.

Now, to protect her, Taiyo must become a skilled and powerful spy. What drastic step will he take to protect his childhood friend and will they stay as friends or maybe something more could happen? Follow Taiyo as he strives to become a powerful spy in this spy comedy manga.

7. Meika-san Can’t Conceal Her Emotions

Kouta was very young when he lost his mother and at his mother’s funeral was the first time he met Meika.

Years later, Meika now works as a maid for Kouta to repay an old debt to his mother. She has feelings for him, and while he is too much of an idiot to realize it, she is too ashamed to say anything.

Comedy ensues every time Meika is with Kouta and fails to conceal her emotions.

8. Yankee JK KuzuHana-chan

Saotome had no choice but to choose Moteshiro High school due to it being the only public school in the prefecture, and even though its only been 2 months since he started attending this school, he already wants to quit.

This is because the school used to be an all-girls high school up until not long ago and now, it only has a male-to-female ratio of 1:359. The school is filled with gyaru and delinquent girls who all treat him like trash.

Fortunately, in a sea of bad girls, he meets a delinquent named Hanako Kuzuryu who might not be as bad as the others.

9. Dosanko Gyaru Is Mega Cute

Due to family circumstances, high school student Tsubasa had to move to Kitami City in Hokkaido. He decides to get off the taxi before reaching the city with the plan to explore.

But, the temperature ends up being lower than he had expected. With no taxi available, he is forced to go to the bus station in hopes of somehow reaching the city.

At the bus stop, he meets a gyaru named Minami Fuyuki, standing in the freezing cold, bare-legged. He has a nice interaction with her and moves on but the next day, he meets her again as she turns out to be his classmate.

10. The Way Of The Househusband

Tatsu used to be a part of the yakuza and was feared throughout the underworld because of his ferocity. Formerly known as the Immortal Tatsu, he gave up violence and decided to live a normal life after he fell in love with a girl and married her.

Now, Tatsu lives the life of a normal stay-at-home husband. But a stay-at-home husband isn’t exactly normal when the person is a former gangster, after all, he may have left that life behind but he’s still the feared Immortal Tatsu.

Follow Tatsu, his wife, and some of his old friends in this slice-of-life comedy.

11. The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You

Aijou has proposed to 100 girls and got rejected every time. He’s tried and failed too many times, and after accepting his fate, he decides to pray in a shrine in the hopes of a miracle.

The god of love appears before him and tells Aijou that the rejections he’s faced till now have been due to his fault. To make things right, the god tells him that he is fated to meet a hundred girls, and if his relationship with them fails then all the girls will face an accident and die.

Now, Aijou must do everything he can to save all the girls by making them his girlfriend. Can someone really have 100 girlfriends?

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