11 Best Cultivation Manhua Set In Modern World

Chinese Manhua often have a cultivation-based story where the MC learns powerful martial arts, amasses great wealth, and becomes the strongest cultivator in the world with many beautiful women vying for his love.

But, most of these manhuas are set in ancient times with powerful sects ruling the world. I personally sometimes get a bit tired of this setting and love to read cultivation manhua set in the Modern world.

So, today, I’m going to share with you the Best Cultivation Manhua Where MC gets Reincarnated in the Modern World.

Descent of the Demon Master

Jinho Kang was just a normal teenager before an accident took away his family. He was the only one who survived but he lost his legs. Soon, he ended his miserable life as well but instead of passing on, he finds himself in a world of cultivation.

Just within five years of entering the cultivation world, his name became known to everyone, and in the eighth year, he joined the demonic cult. For the first time in history, he became the leader of the cult as an outsider.

But, when his life ends at the hands of his enemies, he once again finds himself in his old world, years before the accident that ruined his life.

Now, all he wants is to have a normal life but he soon finds out that monsters exist in this world as well, and seems like he’s not the only cultivator in the world.

Cultivation Chat Group

Song Shuhang, an ordinary college student, on an ordinary afternoon, received an invite to an online chat group. He joined the group and realized that all the members of the group are Xianxia and Wuxia-obsessed people with weird names.

They talk like ancient people, refer to each other as “Fellow Daoists”, and even talk about cultivation levels.

But, soon he is about to find out that the other members of the group are actually real cultivators powerful enough to move mountains by hand and live for thousands of years.

using the knowledge shared by others in the chat, his life starts to change.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator

Chen Fan had a great aptitude for cultivation, because of this he was taken away from the Earth at the age of 30 and embarked on the road of cultivation under his master.

In the next 500 years, he cultivated to become one of the strongest cultivators in the universe, but unfortunately, during the anti-cataclysm period, his body wasn’t able to handle the overwhelming energy and his life ended.

In the next moment, he found himself back on Earth in his teenage years as an ordinary mortal. With the knowledge of 500 years of cultivation, the immortal has returned to once again become the strongest of all.

In his last life, he was all alone at the top but this time it will be different.

Metropolitan System

Jiang Bai used to be a rich gambler but one day, while trying to escape from a high-risk casino after winning millions of dollars, he gets killed by a truck.

His soul gets transported into a parallel world similar to Earth and takes over the body of his alternate self, and to make matters worse, his alternate self is pathetic and poor, living in a small room with no money.

Now, he was stuck in this weak body but fortunately, god granted him a cheat system. Using the system, he can gain many abilities, become stronger, and amass huge amounts of wealth.

But, as he grows stronger, trouble starts to come his way. Will he be able to achieve his dreams in this new world?

Back from Immortal World

One day, due to an accident, Tang Xiu’s soul was transported to another world where he started his cultivation journey. He spent Ten thousand years in the world and became one of the most powerful cultivators in the world.

But, he was betrayed by his lover and his friends for the Celestial Technique he possessed. After dying in this world, his soul returned to Earth.

To his surprise, only a year had passed since he was transported to another world. Ten thousand years in the immortal realm is only equal to one year on Earth.

Now, he starts on his cultivation journey once again as he vows to once more become the strongest and get revenge on the ones who betrayed him.

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Strongest Abandoned Son

Ye Mo’s clan was attacked by the enemies and everyone including the elders and his fellow disciples was killed by them. Even his master lost her life in vain while trying to save him. In the end, he was killed as well.

When he woke up again, he found himself in a strange place. His soul transmigrated into the modern world inside the body of another Ye Mo.

His new body is weak and the original owner of the body was the object of humiliation by everyone in his school. Even though he comes from a wealthy family, he lives a miserable life after being kicked out of the family.

But, all that is not important right now. He needs to cultivate and become strong enough to go back to his world and get revenge on the ones who killed his beloved master.

Metropolitan Supremacy

Yang Ning possesses the powerful “Metropolitan System” which can grant him many extraordinary abilities if he can complete the quests it provided him. One such ability he obtained from the system allows him to discern and assess the value of any object.

One day, he bought a ring from a side shop, after realizing its true value from his ability, and soon, he runs into two girls who want to buy his ring.

Lin ManXuan and Tong Tong come from a rich and reputable family which excels in appraising antiques and after selling the ring to them, he manages to enter Lin’s company.

But, this is just the beginning. He soon enters a world where just the ability to identify antiques won’t be enough for him to survive. So, he will use the system and the money he earns from it to become the strongest and most influential person in the world.

Rebirth: City Deity

WuJi lived his teenage life as a human scum. He was greedy, prideful, and a spendthrift who wasted all of his poverty-stricken family’s money on partying and women.

One day, a psychopath classmate named Zhuo Shiheng ruined his family and caused his sister to commit suicide. After that day, he fell into an abyss of self-blaming and guilt.

Fortunately, he was chosen by an immortal cultivator and became his disciple. Five hundred years later, he became one of the strongest cultivators ever but he didn’t choose to ascend to Godhood and instead used of forbidden skill to turn back time itself.

Back into his teenage years, he vows to do things right this time and protect his family from the cruel fate. Wealth, strength, beauty, he will have it all!

First-Class Master

Duan Yun is an ace warrior but since he’s been training in seclusion for a long time, he’s only good at fighting. One day, he decides to leave the mountains and come back to the modern world.

Since he hasn’t been to the city in a long time, he has no money, food, or even friends he could ask for help.

While searching for a job, he enters a restaurant looking for a chef. But there he finds a couple of men forcing themselves on a girl, fortunately, he arrived in time and saved her.

The girl turns out to be the owner of the restaurant and hires him as a chef and even offers to let him live with her.

Soon, he starts to get involved with all kinds of people from a hot policewoman to an elegant and rich CEO.

Cultivators in the City

When he was a child, Leng Fan and his family were caught in an earthquake, and half of his body was buried under rubble, but instead of helping, his family abandoned him.

Fortunately, he was saved by an immortal master who was passing by. The master took him in as his disciple and taught him martial arts.

But, since he couldn’t let go of what happened that day, his master told him to go back to the city and resolve whatever issues he still has.

Leng Fan is back to settle his karma, but why are all these women flocking around him?

Sword King In A Women’s World

300 years ago, Chu Qing accidentally entered the fairy world at the Qingchen mountain and that day, he began his cultivation journey to become a Swordsman Cultivator.

He worked hard to gain knowledge, trained day and night for the next 300 years and became one of the strongest. But, tragedy befell him when he failed to reach the realm of eternity, and instead opened a space-time gate that transported his soul to when he was just 17 years old.

To make matters worse, the Earth he was currently on wasn’t the one he used to live in. In this world, the role of men and women is reversed.

In ancient times, a strange cataclysm occurred that altered woman’s physiology, making them stronger and much smarter than men. Now, women are considered superior to men in every way.

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