13 Best Cultivation Manhua With OP MC

Cultivation Manhua is loved by many and a cultivation manhua with OP MC is the best. The MC face-slapping arrogant cultivators are always fun to see. The concept of sects and cultivation paired with good world-building always makes an enjoyable read.

Today, I’m going to share with you the 13 Best Cultivation Manhua with OP MC. Each manhua in this list has a great storyline and amazing art that you would love.

So, here are the Best Cultivation Manhua with OP MC :-

1. Tales of Demons and Gods

The world was conquered by the demonic beasts and people ended up hiding in the St. Ancestral Mountains. Walls were created to keep the demonic beasts out and this city representing the hope of the last of humanity was called Glory City.

Nie Li also lived in this city but he was one of the weakest among his peers. When the city fell due to the betrayal of the Sacred family, he was forced to fight and survive in the outside world. With time, he became one of the strongest cultivators in the martial world but he also lost all of his loved ones along the way. In the end, even his death came during a battle against Six deity-ranked demon beasts.

But, because of a special book, he woke up in the past, years before the city fell. Now that he knows what’s coming for him and his friends, he will do anything to protect his friends.

2. Battle Through the Heavens

Alt. Title: Dou Po Cangqiong

15-year-old Xiao Yan lost everything when suddenly his Dou-Qi started to deplete three years ago. Soon, he even lost his mother, left all alone in the cruel world. While he was visiting his mother’s grave, a strange ring started to float in front of him and suddenly he heard a voice.

A white-haired man comes out of the ring and tells Xiao Yan that it was him absorbing his Qi for the past three years. In exchange for taking his Qi, the man promises to make him stronger than everyone else.

Xiao Yan makes an oath that starting today he will rise to become the greatest in the world of cultivation. Follow him on his journey to ultimate power.

3. Reverend Insanity

If you want a cultivation story with an evil mc then this one’s definitely for you.

The story is set in a world where people use venom bugs, the essence of all creations, to cultivate and become stronger to ultimately achieve immortality.

Fengyua was a less talented Gu master but he worked hard and in the end, he became an evil cultivation master who committed many heinous crimes and killed many people to cultivate the legendary Spring Autumn Cicada, a powerful Gu that is said to have the ability to reverse time itself.

All of the powerful cultivators banded together to hunt him down and take the Cicada for themselves, but before they could do so, he used the power of the Cicada and turned back the time to five hundred years ago when he was just a student in the Guyue Fortress.

With the knowledge of the future, he once again walks on the path of cultivation to conquer everything there is.

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4. Return of the Blossoming Blade

Alt. Title: Return of the Mount Hua Sect

The battlefield was covered in red and all that remained were dead bodies. For What?

An alliance of the strongest sects was formed just to fight one man – Cheonma, the leader of the Demon Cult and the evilest man in the world. But, in the end, the clash resulted in the total annihilation of all the sects.

The only ones left standing, in the end, were Cheonma and Cheongmyeong, a disciple of the great Mount Hua Sect, but both of them were on their last breaths. Cheongmyeong somehow managed to kill him but before he died, he said “This is not the end”.

After losing consciousness, Cheongmyeong wakes up again and finds himself hundreds of years into the future. Now with a second chance at life, he embarks on a journey to once more make the Mount Hua Sect one of the strongest in the world.

5. The Grand Mudang Saga

If you like Anti-hero then check out this one.

He was the supreme master of the Dark Realm. After living a life full of violence, killing, and betrayals, he finally lay on his death bed, breathing his last breaths. All his disciples, elders, and friends who founded the Dark Realm with him were all right beside him in his last moments, except Chun Woomyung who was searching for the rumored herb of immortality.

Just when he was about to die, Woomyung came back with the herb of immortality and fed it to him, but it was too late and the grim reaper already had his soul.

But, in the next moment, he finds himself in the body of a young Shaman of his rival clan, the righteous Mudang Clan. Determined to make the best of the situation, he decides to corrupt the entire clan and once again become the strongest of all.

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6. Martial Peak

Yang Kai, a disciple at High Heaven Pavilion, started his training three years ago but due to his mediocre talent, he hasn’t achieved much in his cultivation. He had found a strange black rock when he was out hunting and suddenly one day, the rock turns into a strange black book with only a few words.

This book will mark the turn in his luck and start his journey to surpass the limits of mortals and martial arts. The pinnacle of cultivation is solitary and lonely. Will he be able to survive the endless pursuit of power to reach the Martial Peak?

The story is addicting and the MC is kind to those who are kind to him and ruthless towards those who are against him. The story gets interesting right from the start and you would definitely love it.

7. The Servant Is the Demon King?!

There is a legend that the strongest being in the world, the Ancient Demon King, wrote down all the secrets to his powers in a book called the Nine Serenities Secret Records. Anyone who possesses the book can achieve power that can rule the heavens and earth.

One day, the current demon king, Zhou Yifan found the legendary book. Many coveted the book and attacked his palace to take it. He was even betrayed by his own disciple. But instead of passing on, his soul entered the body of a young servant named Zhou Fan.

Unfortunately, the body had a spiritual bond with his mistress, Lady Lou, and he currently didn’t have the power to break the bond. So, he was forced to work for the lady and he finds himself strangely drawn to Lady Lou and vows to help her.

8. Above Myriads

If you’re looking for a more laid-back and relaxed cultivation story, then this one is for you. Plus, even though it has a lighter storyline compared to many other cultivation stories, it also has a great mix of action.

Yi Feng was isekai’d into a cultivation world. Though others in this world are powerful cultivators, he can’t cultivate and is stuck with a useless system. And yet, thousands of so-called powerful immortals grovel at his feet and all the beautiful women in the world want to be with him.

It’s not exactly an action manhua but more of a comedy manhua with a decent amount of action. The MC is overpowered even though he can’t cultivate and he doesn’t even realize how powerful he is.

9. All Hail the Sect Leader

The Iron Bone Sect was established by sect leader Wang with the aim to train people but he was caught by the authorities and later executed for escaping from jail.

Jun Changxiao is the only disciple of the sect leader, making him the next sect leader of the Iron Bone sect, but just three days after his master’s death, he died due to an accident on his way to the washroom late at night.

The MC’s soul from the modern world took over his body and a system gave him the task to make the Iron Bone Sect the strongest sect in the world with over 100,000 disciples. If he fails to do so, his soul will be destroyed. Will he be able to find new disciples and train them to be the strongest?

10. Martial Universe

Lin Dong’s father was once one of the strongest in the Lin clan. But one battle changed everything for him and his family. Once a genius, his father became weak and was even banished from the clan after losing the fight.

Six years later, Lin Dong was living a painful life but he didn’t give up and continued to train hard in the hopes that one day he would be able to get revenge on the one who crippled his father.

One day, he picked up a strange rock, and soon, he learned that the rock is anything but ordinary. With a despairing father and a suffering family, Lin Dong is determined to quench his thirst for power, even if it means facing countless difficulties and dangers.

11. When Did I Become Unbeatable?

The story in this one is good but the pacing may be a problem for some people. The manhua is great but only read it if you want an MC who is OP but has no idea about it. Five years ago, Chen Pingan transmigrated to a world f cultivation filled with immortals. He even got a system that would give tasks and reward him for each completed task.

But, most of the tasks he gets from the system are trivial and the rewards he gets are also simple things like chickens and knives, etc. So, he spent the past five years living as a commoner waiting for the system to allow him to become a proper cultivator.

But, he doesn’t know that the chickens he is raising are actually phoenixes, the fish he has are dragons, and the normal-looking knife is powerful enough to kill the strongest of cultivators. He is about to find out that even the immortal cultivators are nothing in front of him. Regardless of how powerful they are, they would all have to kneel before him.

12. God of Martial Arts

Martial Arts decide your fate as well as your life and death. In this world, respect is earned through martial arts. If you are strong, people will respect you but if you’re weak, everyone would look down on you.

Young Master Lin was known as a piece of trash because of his low cultivation level and he was even beaten to death by his own cousin. While he was lying half dead, the soul of a college student from modern Earth took over his body after being killed in a car accident.

When the two souls merged together, he obtained two martial spirits while everyone else can only have one. Now, he vows to never bow in front of everyone and cultivate to become the best using his twin spirits.

13. Cultivator Against Hero Society

It’s been centuries since the first superhero appeared in the world. Since that day, many heroes appeared and the forces of evil decreased dramatically.

One day, a powerful cultivator was suddenly transported into the modern world of heroes. When he appeared in the sky out of nowhere, many heroes considered him a danger, but he defeated even the strongest of heroes.

In the end, he decided to accept this new world he found himself in and even becomes a teacher at the hero academy to gather disciples and rebuild his sect. Follow the overpowered cultivator in the world of cultivation.

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