10 Best Age Gap BL Romance Manga [And Manhwa]

A good age gap manga never fails to make my heart flutter with all the sweetness and fluffiness. Pair it with BL(Boy’s Love) and you’ve got my attention.

Fans of romance manga are quite familiar with the two themes. They either love them or avoid them completely. Which I understand, age gap romances are not for everyone.

But, if you’re here, we know you’re already in love with such manga, and today, just for you, I’ve made a list of the 10 Best Age Gap BL manga and manhwa. Before further ado, let’s get right into it…

1. Sign

Soohwa recently started working part-time at an unusual cafe. First of all, their coffee sucks. Second, the owner is deaf. So, even though he’s not expected to make good coffee, he’s asked to learn sign language.

His boss, Yohan, offers to help him, but Soohwa doesn’t want to take private lessons from him. It’s not that he doesn’t want to learn, it’s just that he can’t control himself around his handsome boss. He gets a boner every time he hears Yohan’s voice.

Follow the two as they fall in love while working together and helping each other out.

2. On or Off

Best Age Gap BL Romance Manga

Yiyoung and his startup company had the opportunity of a lifetime when they got a chance to present their idea to SJ Corporation, one of the leading companies in their industry. But, they lose this opportunity when his laptop starts updating during the meeting.

That night, while trying to get drunk at a bar, he runs into the devilishly handsome director of the company, Kang Daehyung who misunderstands his request for another chance as an attempt to use sexual favors. He accepts and they sleep together.

The next day, Daehyung finds out that their proposal is actually good and hires them.

3. Kirai de Isasete

Koga Naoto is an omega whose alpha classmates forced themselves onto him. As a result, he got pregnant and decided to keep the child. He had a daughter named Shizuku and now lives a peaceful life with her.

One day, when his mother asks him to attend a matchmaking party where he caught the eye of an alpha named Tsuchiya Hazuki. The guy immediately called him his lifemate, but a lifemate is the last thing Koga wants. The next day, they meet again.

Kirai de Isasete is one of the sweetest and most heart-touching BL manga you would read. The story is amazing and the kid is super adorable.

4. Go Jin and Gam-rae

Go Jin and his musical troupe was hired to perform in a village. After the first day of the performance, their instruments were destroyed. He had noticed a strange man while performing, so, his suspicion fell on him.

Gam-rae, a Taoist master living in the same village Go Jin is performing, went for a stroll to see the performance but was mistaken for the guy that destroyed their instruments. Soon, Go Jin gets involved with Gam-rae and realizes that there’s more to the guy than he could’ve thought.

This manhwa has only 42 chapters and is completed. So, you can immediately start reading it and finish it in one go.

5. Junjou Romantica

If things continue as they are, Misaki has no hopes of ever getting into a good college. So, his older brother’s friend Usami Akihiko offers to help him with his studies. Usami has been secretly in love with Misaki’s brother for years.

However, as Misaki spends more time with Usami, he starts to develop uncomfortable feelings of romance toward him.

This also has an anime adaptation, so, if you prefer anime, you can go for that. But, just a warning, the anime doesn’t capture the storyline and the underlying emotions as well as the manga does.

6. My Dearest Cop

Seiji Tajima used to be a cop but after an incident, he retired and started a shop. He’s close friends with Shin Nakamoto, a younger guy who was inspired by him and became a police officer.

Shin has always had a crush on Seiji but could never say it to him. One day, Seiji jokes about moving on from women and trying his luck with men. Hearing this, Shin’s suppressed feelings come out and he shoves Seiji against the wall and kisses him.

How will their relationship change from this point on? This is a must-read because of its humor, romance, and of course, the sex.

7. The Farthest Love in the World

This one’s a slow-burn soft romance manga. It’s super cute and I hope you enjoy it.

Ayumu, a deaf guy, lives in a world with no sound. One day, while on a run, he notices a man completely beaten up and passed out in the park. He brings the guy home along with his violin. The guy he helps is Touka who only has one important thing in his life, his violin.

The two soon form a friendship. What can Touka’s music bring to Ayumu’s silent life?

8. Canis: Dear Mr. Rain

The business has been tough for Satoru and his store, and it might get even worse when a rival store moves right next to his store. To compete with them and attract customers, he decides to have a 3-year anniversary fair.

After firing a useless worker, the store employees are both understaffed and overworked, and he would take help from anyone he can find. On his way home, he finds a handsome man passed out at the side of the road. He brings the man with him, and after a meal and a shower, the man is ready to model for Satoru’s store.

But, Satoru doesn’t know that the man is connected to the mafia.

9. Super Lovers

Haru lives in Japan while his mother lives in Canada. He visits his mother to spend the summer with her, but his mother gives him the responsibility of taking care of Ren, his younger adoptive brother.

Ren is a wild kid who would rather wander in the woods than make friends. Now, it’s Haru’s job to make a civilized man out of Ren. As the two spend more time together, their relationship improves so much that Haru even plans to take Ren with him to Japan.

10. Red-Haired James

best bl age gap manga

Living in a corrupted orphanage, young James was always bullied for his red hair and never felt like anyone loved him. Until one day, when he runs into the rich Henry Cuthbert who buys him shoes. Later, he gets adopted by him and swears to become helpful and repay his kindness.

As he grows older, his feelings towards Henry start to change and now, he wants more than just friendship. Will Henry ever like him the way he wants? With both of them carrying their own burdens, they must confront their dark pasts and find love along the way.

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