Best Murim Manhwa With OP MC

11 Best Murim Manhwa With OP MC

Murim is a term referring to the Martial Arts World. It is a popular genre in the manhwa world. In Murim Manhwa, the story is always set in ancient times in a world filled with martial artists and cultivation techniques.

It is one of the most loved and dominant genres in the manhwa and manhua world. The protagonist in these stories cultivates to become immortal and become the strongest in the world using his martial arts. These manhwas always have great fight scenes and amazing art styles.

So, today, I’m going to share with you the 11 Best Murim Manhwa Recommendations where the MC is Overpowered.

Records of the Swordsman Scholar

Woon Hyun is a newly appointed scholar. He entered the palace after passing the Examination at a young age but he was assigned to the crown prince’s direct institution, called The Azure Dragon House.

He soon starts to lament his life of always dealing with the crown prince’s hobbies. But, he doesn’t give up and keeps researching the legacy of martial arts knowledge left behind by his preceding scholars, eventually becoming an expert who will leave a huge impact in the murim world.

This is the story of a young scholar who would conquer the entire murim world with his brush.

The Grand Mudang Saga

He was the supreme leader of the most powerful dark Sect. Because of this, the various cultivator masters of the world accused him of being evil and wicked. This led to the start of a great war in which he destroyed many sanctuaries and killed many elders of his biggest enemy – The Mudang Clan.

Years later, he passed away, but he was reborn as a young disciple of the very clan he had once fought against, The Mudang clan. So, he decides to make the best out of this situation and ruin the clan by turning it into an impure clan full of corruption and debauchery.

Will he be this clan’s downfall or will he help them rise once again?

Here are some more Manhwa Where MC is the Villain.

Masters of Lightning Knives

A knife was the very first tool in his hand. His father was a sculptor who taught him how to use a knife. When he was 10 years old, sadly his father died due to a deadly pandemic that took the lives of everyone in the village. He was the only one left.

After his father died, he made a sculpture of his father and mother as a tomb. And, that’s when he met a sadistic old man who later became his master. Under his master’s weird training, he learns the world’s best martial arts techniques but why does he have to do menial tasks like laundry and cooking to learn martial arts?

If he can survive his master’s weird training methods, maybe one day, he’ll be able to wield the legendary lightning knives.

Chronicles Of The Martial God’s Return

Dan Woohyun rampaged across the world, not fearing anything. He destroyed it in the blink of an eye, killed all the enemies that were in front of him, and mocked the world. Thus, he came to be known as the “Ultimate Divine Demon”.

He was the most vicious person in the whole world, which is why the Eight Immortals had to interfere. They are a group of immortal beings who protect the world. They sealed him in the deepest place of the Dongting Lake.

Thousand years later, when he woke up again, he felt as though life was meaningless, that’s when the small hand of a little girl offered him a dumpling. That little girl changed his fate.

This is the story of a martial god who came back after thousand years of imprisonment.

Master Villainess the Invincible!

Alt. Title: I’m a Martial Art Villainess but I’m the Strongest

Yeoju was just a normal author living in South Korea. But then a tragic accident killed her and she lands in the world of a best-selling martial arts novel. To make matters worse, she woke as Haewon Tang, the infamous villainess who would meet a gruesome death at the Male lead’s hands.

The only way to save herself is by learning to control her inner chi and master martial arts to protect herself and her clan. She must gather trustworthy allies and fight to change the story’s outcome.

Will she be able to prevent the hero from killing her?

Return of the Mad Demon

Jaha Lee was known as the Mad Demon because of his powers. He hoped to one day become the God of Martial arts, but unfortunately, he met his end before he could achieve that dream.

He had stolen the Jade of Heaven from the Demonic Cult. Cornered on a cliff, he decided to eat the Jade so that no one could have it. He died by jumping off the cliff.

He wakes up years into the past when he was only 20 years old. With his knowledge of martial arts, he has a chance to become the strongest this time. Will he be able to get his revenge or is he doomed to die again before becoming the God of Martial Arts?

Heavenly Demon Reborn!

Unseong lives in a world where martial arts is the way of life and martial artists are the supreme beings who rule over everything. His master was falsely accused of practicing evil and forbidden demonic martial arts and was beaten to death.

Unseong put up a fight and tried to save his master, but he wasn’t strong enough and even he was killed by them. But, he woke in the body of a young child who’s part of a demonic sect. Now, he must accept the demonic arts and train to become an elite demonic martial artist, to get revenge on the ones who did this to him and his master.

Will he be able to master the demonic techniques and become the Heavenly Demon?

Nano Machine

Yeo-un is the bastard son of the High Priest. Even though his mother is not one of the High Priest’s official wives, he still has a claim to his father’s inheritance. His siblings forced him to give up on his claim and didn’t even allow him to attend the martial arts academy.

But, even then, they couldn’t allow him to live and sent assassins to kill him. While he was dying, a mysterious person from the future suddenly appeared before him and injected nanomachines into his body, giving him a system from the future.

Now, he’s going to use the nanomachines to enter the academy and get his revenge on his siblings. Enjoy this Murim manhwa where nanotechnology meets martial arts.

Grim Reaper’s Floating Moon

Pyo Wol used to be a drifter who freely roamed the lands, whether it be on dry land o the seas. Until he met a certain person. As he opened his eyes after a long slumber, he saw nothing but darkness.

Every day was like hell for him. The darkness was filled with people who wanted to kill him to survive. He continued to fight in the darkness and finally, became an assassin.

Kidnapped children were raised in darkness as assassins for one mission that goes awry.

Return of the Blossoming Blade

An alliance of sects was formed, comprised of the best of the best martial artists, for a final stand against Cheonma, a demon descended from heaven and the evil leader of the Demonic Cult. More than 20 sects came together to fight him but, In the end, the clash between them resulted in total annihilation on both sides.

Cheong Myeong was a disciple of the Mount Hua sect, one of the most powerful sects in the world, and a member of the alliance. He was the last one standing and was able to kill Cheonma but right after that, he succumbed to his wounds and died as well.

But, he wakes up hundreds of years into the future and finds out that the Mount Hua sect is no more. So, he embarks on a journey to restore the glory of his former powerful and majestic sect.

11 Best Cultivation Manga Where MC is Reincarnated

The Legend of the Northern Blade

For decades, the Northern Heavenly Sect has fought hard to prevent the evil Silent Night from taking over the entire world. But, the fourth-generation leader of the sect is betrayed by his most loved and trusted allies. He’s accused of colluding with the enemy and forced to disband the sect. He agrees to commit suicide if they agree to let his son, Moowon, live.

Now, Munwoo lives a lonely and miserable life, not allowed to practice martial arts and always under surveillance. But, there’s a secret technique of the Northern Heavenly sect that only Munwoo knows about.

Now, he’s the fifth master and the last member of the Northern Heavenly Sect. It is up to him to kill the people responsible for his father’s death and restore his sect.

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