13 Best Manhwa Where the MC Is An Overpowered Mage

If used properly, magical elements in an action manga or manhwa can make an amazing story. Many of us grew up reading Harry Potter books and I know we all love to see an MC who is a powerful magician.

The MC uses his magic abilities to show everyone what true power looks like. That’s what I’m all about. I love it when the MC is an OP Magician. So, In this article, I will share with you some of the best OP MC Manhwa where the protagonist is a mage.

1. Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

After monsters and powerful creatures attacked the world, humanity fell into despair against the overwhelming existence. Just as all hope was lost, 12 humans blessed by gods came forward and fought to protect the world.

Other than the twelve humans, there was another human who awakened without a god’s blessing. Lee Geon was the strongest hero in the entire world but, one day, he was betrayed by his companions.

Geon was stabbed in the back and left to die in the tower during a fight. But he survived, somehow. He wandered the tower for years looking for an exit and years later he was able to get out. I’m back and I want revenge. Just wait, you bastards!!

2. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

Years ago, the entrance to the mysterious Shadow Labyrinth appeared in the world out of nowhere and most of humanity was killed trying to fight the monsters in the labyrinth. Today, Desir and his friends are all that’s left of humanity, and even they are about to die.

And just like that, Desir, the last remaining human died but then suddenly woke up 13 years in the past as a younger self of himself. This time, Desir is determined to better prepare for Armageddon together with his friends, for the sake of humanity and their loved ones!!

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3. The Archmage Returns After 4000 Years

Lucas Trowman was the only Tier 9 Archmage and the strongest human the world had ever seen. He along with his companions realized the evil plans of the Demi-gods and fought against them to free humanity from their rule.

But unfortunately, his friends were defeated and he was cast down to an endless void as a punishment by a demigod.

4000 years later, he was finally able to escape and be reincarnated in the body of a poor student in the West Road Academy. The world’s only Tier 9 Archmage has returned to take revenge on the demigod.

4. Magician (KIM Sarae)

The immortal magician Ethermask is on a journey to find a mysterious manuscript. Joined by Iremy, a girl just in it for fun, and Enzu, a book seeking revenge on the people who murdered his father. What will this journey bring them?

Magician is an action-adventure manhwa set in the world of magic. It has two sequels as well known as Magician-Part 2 and Magician-Part 3.

5. Legendary Youngest Son of the Marquis House

Jack is the youngest son of the prestigious Marquis House Of Valantier, a renowned family in the Teslan Kingdom. His childhood was miserable and he wasn’t able to protect the ones he loved. Years later, he became the “monster” feared throughout the world, destroying the entire kingdom along with the people who wronged him. After the last battle, he no longer had the will to live and died willingly.

However, what in the hell happened? Jack woke up decades in the past, at the age of only 14 years old. Back to the time filled with many regrets!!

6. The Black Mage Who Reincarnated After 66666 Years

Diablo Volpyr was the great black mage feared by even the powerful 12 gods. The 12 gods feared his power so much that they schemed to kill him but since he was too powerful to kill they decided to seal him away.

66,666 years later, Diablo was able to break the seal and be reincarnated as Jaime Welton, the successor of the Welton Count Family. Now surrounded by a loving family and only possessing a fraction of his original power, will he be able to rise and become the feared black mage once again?

The greatest black mage is back to exact revenge on the 12 gods.

7. 8th-Class Mage Returns

Ian Paige, the world’s only 8th-class mage, helped his friend become the Emperor by unifying the Empire. He killed many people and destroyed kingdoms, all for his friend. But, even the emperor feared his powers as an 8th-class mage.

The emperor schemed with another one of his subjects who hated Ian and poisoned him. But Ian activated a spell he had been researching for a long time – time magic that sent him 30 years in the past.

Starting again, Ian is determined to not make the same mistakes again, master his magic once again and get revenge on his former friend.

8. The Mage Who Absorbs Abilities

The Melvinger family used to be the most prestigious in the kingdom and also the protector of humanity. But, now the family is in ruins, and only two descendants are left – the heir to the Melvinger family, Elric Melvinger, and his sister.

Elric was supposed to be a genius mage like his predecessors but due to a rare disease, he was unable to use magic. He became the shame of the Melvinger family and lost most of his family’s belongings.

One day, he finds the secret inheritance of his family that can not only cure his disease but can also make him the strongest mage to have ever lived.

9. Book Eater

Theodore Miller has zero talent in magic even though he is great at theoretical studies. But what’s the point of theories when you can’t even apply them in practice? He dreams of becoming a great mage but right now, he’s about to be expelled from the magic academy.

One day, he finds an ancient book that turns into a black creature that attaches itself to him. This magical creature called Gluttony is a magic-hungry parasite and the more magical texts or artifacts it eats, the stronger Theo can become.

Maybe Gluttony can help Theodore fulfill his dream of becoming a great mage.

10. Rebirth of an 8th-Circled Mage

Henry Morris – a great wizard feared by many nations, helped his close friend become the Emperor of an Empire created by unifying many nations. Years later, he’s old and his friend is dead. His friend’s son takes over as the new king but the king fears Henry’s powers.

The king schemed and got Henry killed in the accusations of treason. Henry then wakes up in the body of a young boy who just so happens to have the same name as him, but now, he’s just the weak son of a baron.

Will he be able to become an 8th-circled mage once again and get revenge on the Emperor?

11. Mage & Demon Queen

The story is set in a world filled with magic and demons. Humans of this world hope to defeat the demon queen and her army to restore peace in the lands. Every adventure seeks to kill the demon queen and bring her head back as a show of power.

However, there’s one girl who doesn’t want to harm the demon queen, actually quite the opposite, she wishes to marry the demon queen!!! What is the queen supposed to do against an enemy like this??

12. The Book of Lagier

Fat and weak Lagier Rodwill is the prince of the Kingdom of Jerlaya. He dared to summon the powerful Demon King to fulfill his wish, however, during the summoning something goes wrong and the prince dies.

The demon king ends up taking over the prince’s body and fulfilling his last wish which was to make his kingdom the strongest in the world with power unmatched by anyone. Now, the demon king must defeat powerful humans and angels in a race against time to create a kingdom unparalleled in the world.

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13. Mage Again

The king of destruction, Parsiadis is an evil being who destroys just for the fun of it. To stop his cruelty, Rangderkessel, the greatest mage of the land, sacrificed his life and sealed him away in six relics.

The six relics were handed to different individuals to be kept safe and finally, peace was restored. Centuries later, someone is killing the keepers of the relics and is trying to collect all six and resurrect the Parsiadis.

To stop them, Rangderkessel is forced to wake up from a 600-year-long slumber and return to the land of the living as a boy named “Ranghae”.

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