20+ Best Kingdom Building Manhwa To Read

Kingdom Building has always been one of my most favorite genres. It’s really interesting to see the MC lead a village, town, or kingdom to glory while facing multiple conflicts, battles, and enemies. Things get even more interesting when the MC is a transmigrator or a reincarnated who uses his modern-day knowledge to create a great kingdom.

So, Today, I’m going to share with you over 20 Best Kingdom Building Manhwa/Webtoons. Let’s get right to it…

20. Record of the Mightiest Lord

Richard’s soul gets transmigrated into the body of the young master of the great Orlondo family. He obtains “The Lord System” which helps him learn all kinds of martial arts techniques, making him super strong.

In this new world, he plans to use his system to become the most influential person, build castles, buy equipment from dwarves, and much more. The road to becoming the strongest in another world begins now!!

The art is mostly good, the kingdom-building part of the story is really enjoyable, and the world-building is also on point.

19. Regressed As The Duke

The Emperor’s younger brother, Zeron conspired against him and took over the throne. He agreed to let Prince Aaron and the princess live as long as they live quietly for the rest of their lives and never try to rebel against him.

The old butler of the middle-aged incompetent Prince Aaron dies due to his master and gets reincarnated in the body of Aaron. Equipped with the knowledge of the future and his experience in estate management, the new Prince Aaron sets out to change the future that awaits him.

Will Aaron be able to fight against the evil Zeron and become the true Emperor? Only time will tell…

18. Dawn Empire

Fan Li is a normal college freshman but one day, something not-so-normal happens to him. An interdimensional portal opens up in his room that connects him to a medieval-era world filled with war and chaos.

Since his family is suffering from a financial issue, he decides to use this golden opportunity to make money by selling goods from the modern era to people in the other world.

He only wanted to make some money but the system he obtained is hell-bent on making him the king of this world, and if he doesn’t complete the missions given to him by the system, he will die. Will he truly be able to become the king of this world?

17. The Disloyal Subject Saves The Country

Our MC is a corrupt and rotten noble in the queen’s court. After the kingdom is attacked by the enemies, he plans to run away with the gold he stole from the royal treasure. But an unfortunate turn of events leads him to take an arrow meant for the queen and die on the spot.

In the afterlife, the angel mistakes him for a loyal subject who sacrificed his life to protect the queen. So, the angel sends him back in time to save the kingdom and the queen from downfall. Will he be able to rebuild the kingdom to its glorious times? or will his corrupt nature get in the way of his mission?

16. Become the Castellan in Another World

After getting electrocuted while playing a game, otaku Liu Feng was transported into a medieval-era world and also gained the ability to travel between this world and Earth. Using this as an opportunity, he started to buy things from Earth and sell them in the other world for a lot of money.

One of his customers, a noble, offers to sell his entire town to him in exchange for some expensive glasses, mistaking them as some kind of treasure. Thus, starts Liu Feng’s life as the city lord, accompanied by many beautiful companions like a domineering cat girl and a fox lady.

This is a good manhwa, kind of similar to Dr. Stone and Release That Witch. But the translation after 30ish chapters gets a bit bad so read at your own risk.

15. The Book of Lagier

Prince Lagier, an evil man who wanted everything for himself and treated his subjects as shit, obtained a powerful grimoire and tried to summon a demon with it. Unfortunately, he ended up summoning the Demon King himself and died because he couldn’t handle the magic.

But before dying, he made a pact with the demon king and asked for his kingdom to be the strongest in the entire world. Now, the demon king inside Lagier’s body must fulfill the pact or never return to his original body.

Join the Demon King as he fights humans, monsters, and even angels to complete his mission before it’s too late.

14. I Regressed to My Ruined family

The MC was born as the young master of a powerful swordsman family and reached great heights at a very young age, but even he couldn’t stop the vicious dragons that threatened to destroy the entire continent.

After dying in battle, he wakes up in the past, but something’s different. He has no mana in his body and his family lives in a poor wooden house with no money. What’s going on? Is this a parallel timeline? The great hero swordsman must once again become the strongest and bring his family back to the glory days.

You may find the art a bit average but the story is overall good with great fight scenes and kingdom-building elements.

13. Doomed To Be A King

This is the story of a time traveler who ends up possessing the body of a young servant at the count’s palace. He also obtains a system that gives him a task to leave the palace and settle down in the mountains or die as punishment.

The system grants him all kinds of rewards for completing the mission and he soon starts to attract the attention of many powerful people and beasts alike. But something’s wrong…why are they all so submissive towards him?

Doomed To Be A King is not a serious Kingdom Building manhua. The MC is funny and enjoyable. You should give it a try if you like stories that don’t take themselves too seriously.

12. It Starts With A Mountain

The MC, a normal university student, fainted while playing a strategic game called “Hearts of the Mountain Bandits”. He wakes up inside the body of the young leader of a bandit group and obtains a system. Facing this ancient era filled with chaos and war, he plans to snatch everything from his enemies, food, resources, girls, money, all of it.

This is a great Isekai Kingdom Building manhwa and the MC is different from other MCs in the sense that he is not a fighter but a strategist who plays mind games to always get what he wants.

11. Hail The King

Sun Fei, an ordinary student from the modern world gets transmigrated into the body of Alexander, a young king whose kingdom will soon fall due to his incompetency. Now, as King Alexander, he must fight against enemies from outside and also enemies from within who wish to take advantage of him.

Follow the extraordinary king as he conquers continents, amasses great wealth, and leaves behind a legend that will be recited for generations to come.

If you can power through the first 5-6 chapters, you will realize how good this manhua is. Everything about Hail The King is amazing, from the storyline to the great art.

10. The Strongest Florist

Jaeho is a fearsome-looking guy with a scary face and a great build. His father owns a gym and has been training him his whole life to become an MMA fighter. Jaeho is a really soft guy who just wants to open a flower shop despite his allergy to them.

But his overbearing father hates things like flowers and strictly disapproves of his choice to be a florist. So, he decides to enter the popular virtual reality game called “New World” where anyone can be anything. Will he be able to realize his dream of becoming a florist?

The concept of The Strongest Florist is original and interesting but you shouldn’t expect anything too grandiose or special. If you want something a bit on the lighter side, you should check it out.

9. Solo Bug Player

Taepung loves playing the highly popular MMO game called “Paradiso”. He knows about every hidden piece, every special item, and every glitch in the game like the back of his hand. But his adventures in the game come to an end with his death.

His soul gets transmigrated into the body of Jared, a young delinquent lord inside the world of Paradiso. With frozen land as his territory, he must use his game knowledge and take advantage of everything he can to become the new protagonist of this game.

The art is great, and the story is explained properly and flows smoothly with long chapters. The character developments are also amazing ( I won’t spoil anything, you should check it out for yourself. )

8. Dungeon Reset

One day, out of nowhere, Dawoon, along with many others, was forcibly summoned to a strange world called “Dungeon”. In this dungeon, they all must play deadly games, fight monsters, and evade deadly traps.

To make matters worse, he’s just a mere crafter not meant for battles. He falls into a trap and barely survives due to some sort of glitch in the system that resets the dungeon. And this time, he possesses some strange abilities that can be really helpful in clearing the dungeon.

Joined by a bloodthirsty assistant and an adorable squirrel, he must get creative and bend the rules to become the strongest.

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7. Tyrant of the Tower Defense Game

“Protect The Empire” is considered one of the hardest games ever. The first person to ever defeat the game at its hardest level is “Mr. Gamer Geek”, an online streamer. He sacrificed many NPCs to clear the game.

He gets sucked into the game as Ash, the Prince of the Empire who’s supposed to die in the tutorial event. Ash soon realizes that every NPC he sacrificed to clear the game were actual people who lost their lives.

Being the only person to ever clear the game, he must use his knowledge to somehow survive the game without sacrificing his comrades. But who transported his soul into this world and why?

6. Release That Witch

Prince Roland Wimbledon is considered the least likely person to become the next emperor. He even gets exiled to a small Baren town on the outskirts of the kingdom, where he gets assassinated.

A civil engineer from the modern world gets transmigrated into the Prince’s body. In this world, witches with all kinds of powers exist but are considered evil beings, and if discovered, they would be killed immediately.

After saving one such witch, he plans to use his modern-day knowledge and the powers of witches to create the most advanced town in the kingdom while fighting off demons, preventing any more assassination attempts, and solving many conspiracies.

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5. Duke Pendragon

Raven Balt lost his family due to an evil noble and was forced to become a monster hunter in the “Devil’s Army”. 10 years after the tragedy, he’s given his final mission to protect Allen Pendragon, the heir of a formerly very powerful family that used to tame dragons.

But a conspiracy leads to them both dying and Raven wakes up years into the past as Allen Pendragon. Now, as the heir of a fallen family, he must somehow restore the power of the legendary House Pendragon and solve the mystery behind his and Allen’s death.

With great art, good fighting scenes, and proper world-building, Duke Pendragon is a great read, though the Kingdom Building elements are a bit less compared to many others on this list.

4. I Shall Live As A Prince

A pretty normal guy from the modern era gets transmigrated into the body of Prince Jin-Seong of the Joseon Dynasty. As a prince, he expected a good life but unfortunately, he’s the younger brother of the biggest tyrant in Joseon’s history, and according to the history he studied in his previous life, bad days await him.

It’s only a matter of time before things start to go downhill and now, it’s up to him to make sure history doesn’t repeat itself. Will he be able to achieve the peaceful life he desires?

It’s a great option for lovers of Isekai manhwa with a solid story and beautiful art but it doesn’t have any cultivation or magic. The story is based on real history and how the MC works to change that.

3. Trash of the Count’s Family

Kim Roksu fell asleep while reading a novel called “Birth of a Hero” but he wakes up inside the body of Cale Henituse, a minor villain in the novel who’s destined to mess with the protagonist and get the beating of a lifetime.

His encounter with the hero can happen any day and he must come up with a plan to save himself before that. Will he be able to change the storyline to have a long and lavish life while staying as far away from the protagonist as possible?

Do you want to see a handsome and powerful MC with fluffy pets that are also super strong? Well, this manhwa has exactly that along with great art and many interesting characters like a butler spy and an assassin cook.

2. Return of the Mount Hua Sect

Cheonma, the leader of the Demonic Cult was the evilest man in the world who killed many people and even resulted in the total annihilation of many sects. To stop him, an alliance of some of the most powerful sects in the world was formed led by the great Mount Hua Sect.

After a long battle between the two forces, Cheongmyeong of the Mount Hua Sect and the Cheonma were the only ones left standing. Cheongmyeong somehow managed to kill him and lost consciousness.

When he woke up again, he was inside the body of a child hundreds of years in the future, and the Mount Hua sect is no more. So, he decides to form the sect once again.

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1. The Greatest Estate Developer

Civil engineering student Kim Suho fell asleep while reading a fantasy novel about a knight. When he wakes up again, he’s inside the body of Lloyd Frontera, a useless noble and the master of the protagonist.

Lloyd’s family is in huge debt and his character is doomed to die a pathetic death. Using his engineering knowledge, he plans to design and construct things and avoid the grim future that awaits him. Will he be able to dig his family out of debt and live a carefree life with a lot of money?

Highly recommend this one. It is one of the best Kingdom Building manhwas I’ve ever read. The story is phenomenal, the MC is insane, and the comedy is PURE GOLD!!!

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