16 Cute Anime You Must Check Out In 2023

I’m tired of watching super serious anime with action-packed fight scenes and intense storylines. I think every anime lover gets tired of such anime at one point or another, and at times like that, all we want is a cute anime with sweet characters and a lighthearted story.

So, today, let’s look at some really Cute Anime that you should definitely check out. These anime are perfect for those not looking to watch anything with high stakes or serious drama, just heartwarming content.

16. Tamako Market

Life in the Bunny Mountain Shopping Village is the farthest thing from dull. Tamako is a happy-go-lucky girl living in the shopping district. She just wants to live her normal life, working in her father’s mochi shop. Until, one day, when a fat talking bird comes into her life.

The bird is on a mission to find a worthy bride for his land’s prince. The scoundrel of a bird takes a liking to Tamako and continues to follow her even when told not to.

Follow Tamako and her friends of the Baton Club as they spend their everyday life in the Shopping district along with their new bird friend.

15. Himouto! Umaru-chan

Umaru is the most perfect student in her school with a kind personality, beautiful looks, and the brains to match. Everyone idolizes her and wants to be like her but her brother, Taihei, knows the truth about her.

At home, Umaru is a lazy brat who’s always causing mess around her, eats junk food, and plays video games all day. She always asks Taihei to buy her things like manga and throws a tantrum when he doesn’t do what she wants.

In addition to supporting their household, he must do all the housework as Umaru spends her days as a closet otaku. How long will Taihei be able to handle it?

14. Lucky Star

The everyday life of these high school girls is never dull, even if they’re only spending their time doing homework or gaming, things always get interesting. Konata Izumi is a blue-haired high school girl with a small height for her age.

She easily gets bored and can never find time to study because of her love for watching anime and playing games. Kagami is a hardworking member of the group, while Tsukasa is super laid-back and always just goes with the flow.

Miyuki on the other hand is the know-it-all member of the group who’s focused on keeping that title. Join these four girls in their everyday life.

13. Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear

Yuna is a not-so-normal 15-year-old girl. She became super rich after investing money in the stock market. Financially, her life is perfect, so, she spends most of her time playing her favorite VRMMO game that she’s obsessed with.

But, one day, she finds herself inside that very game and now, her level is back to one. Fortunately, she has a cute and powerful bear suit that’s definitely going to be helpful.

If you have a young daughter or sister, this anime would be perfect for them. It is fun and lighthearted without any extreme violence. The MC goes around helping others and making new friends.

12. Love Chuniibyo And Other Delusions

Yuuta Togashi used to suffer from the Chuunibyou syndrome, in which kids believe that they have some kind of supernatural abilities and are some sort of manga protagonist. Now in high school, he plans to leave his embarrassing past behind and start anew, but his classmate Rikka Takanashi has other plans.

Rikka is a high school girl who believes her right eye holds the strongest ocular power in the world and that she’s currently at war with a shadowy organization that plots to dominate the world.

When Rikka finds out about Yuuta’s past, she plans to include him in her antics. Will he be pulled back into the Chuunibyou world? or will he be able to pull her out of it?

11. K-On

On her first day of high school, Yui must choose a school club but none of them seem to be fit for her. She ends up accidentally signing up for the music club and now, there is no getting out. The only position left in the band is that of a guitarist but the problem is that she’s never played the guitar.

Join her with drummer Ritsu, bassist Mio, and keyboardist Tsugumi, as they struggle to one day become a successful band, but first, they must manage between their studies, buying instruments, and learning how to actually play any of the instruments.

10. Kakushigoto

Kakushi Goto lost his wife years ago; now, his daughter Hime is the only one he has left. He does everything to give her a good life but he has a secret he must make sure she doesn’t find out.

He’s a top-selling manga author who draws erotic comedy manga. The manga is definitely not suitable for his young daughter, so, he hides it all from her. She can never find out what he does for a living. Will he be able to keep the secret?

The everyday life of the pair of father and daughter will melt your heart, and the light-hearted comedy will make you laugh.

9. TONIKAWA: Over the Moon for You

Since his parents wanted him to be a man as vast as space, they named him Nasa. All his childhood, he was made fun of because of his name, so, he decided to become a person even more famous than NASA and studied diligently to one day become a great man.

One day, when he was going back home, he saw a beautiful girl and wanted to call out to her but he let his guard down and was hit by a truck. Even though he was bleeding a lot, he chased after the girl and asked her to be his girlfriend.

She agreed to date him but only if he married her. This is a comedy about love, happiness, and a married couple.

8. Kimi ni Todoke – From Me To You

With extremely pale skin and pitch-black hair, Kuronuma Sawako is a fifteen-year-old high school student whose motto is “One good deed a day”. Unfortunately, she resembles the ghost from the movie ‘The Ring!’, and because of this people are too afraid to even talk to her.

The only person in school who doesn’t seem to be afraid of her appearance is Kazehaya-Kun, the hottest and most cheerful guy in the class. Will she finally be able to make a friend in high school?

As the pair spends more time together, they begin to develop feelings for each other but Sawako’s insecurities and lack of social skills make it hard for her to wish for a normal love life.

7. Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kobayashi is an average office worker living a boring life in her small apartment. One night, she gets really drunk and ends up in the mountains. There she meets a dragon named Tohru and they both end up talking about their painful lives and in her drunken stupor, Kobayashi invites Tohru to live with her.

The next day, Tohru is in front of her apartment in the form of a cute girl with horns and a tail. With nowhere else for Tohru to go, Kobayashi reluctantly agrees to let her move in.

Tohru is hell-bent on repaying her by working as a maid. With a very persistent dragon as a maid, Kobayashi’s boring life is about to go off the deep end!

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6. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle

A long time ago, the Demon King broke the truce with the humans, kidnapped the helpless human princess, and demanded half the world in exchange for her life. Hearing that their loved princess was abducted, the human kingdom was filled with rage and decided to send their hero on a rescue mission.

Even in the depths of the demon castle, the princess just wants to have a good night’s sleep. The demons soon realize that they abducted a terrifying human as she has no problem escaping her cell, destroying priceless treasures, and murdering the demons she comes across.

Will the hero be able to rescue her before the demons die while trying to deal with their ruthless and sleepy prisoner?

5. Laid-Back Camp

High schooler Nadeshiko wanted the see the famous Mt. Fuji featured on the 1000 yen bill. With no other way to get there, she decides to just bike all the way there. But, unfortunately, on her way, the weather got really bad and she was forced to turn back. To make matters worse, she passes out on her way back.

Rin loves to camp by the lakeshore with Mt. Fuji in full view. One night, when she was out camping, she finds a girl passed out cold. She helps her and they became friends as the two eat noodles together while camping.

When they both realize their love for camping, they decide to start a camping club with two other friends to travel across Japan and enjoy camping together.

4. Ouran Highschool Host Club

Ouran High is a private school that cares more about pedigree than money. Most of the students in this school come from prestigious rich families and since rich people have a lot of free time, six good-looking students decided to start a host club to serve the female students.

Haruhi is an extremely talented student who was able to use his smartness to get into Ouran High. But his grades are not going to help him when he breaks a super expensive vase of the Host Club.

To repay his debt, he’s forced to work for the Host Club. Will he be able to survive among these super-rich guys? Maybe the members of the Host Club have bitten more than they can chew.

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3. Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War

Kaguya comes from a prestigious family and she’s the best at everything except one thing. In studies, she’s always second because of Miyuki, a guy from a normal family who worked his way to the top.

Being the President and the Vice president of the student council, Kaguya and Miyuki are at the very top but it can get lonely on the top, at least they have each other. They both have feelings for each other but also have too much pride to admit it.

So, they both scheme and play mind games to make the other one confess their feelings. For the members of the student council, Love is a war. Who will win?

2. Gakuen Babysitters

Ryuichi and his 2-year-old brother lose their parents in a plane crash, and now, it was his responsibility to take care of his kid brother. Fortunately, a rich woman who also lost her son in the same plane crash decides to adopt them.

The woman is the chairwoman of Morinomiya Academy who recently started a daycare in the school for the staff’s children but there is a clear lack of personnel, so, she asks Ryuichi to become the first member of the “Babysitting Club” and help take care of the kids.

It’s been a really long time since I watched a cute and light anime like this one. Every kid is unique in their own way and the relationship between the brothers is adorable. This one is a must for lovers of lighthearted and cute anime.

1. Usagi Drop

I would recommend you don’t read the manga as it has an ending hated by everyone and no one considers it canon. Everyone prefers the anime ending though it didn’t adapt the entire story.

Daikichi’s 79-year-old grandfather recently passed away and to everyone’s surprise, he had a six-year-old daughter named Rin. Everyone is embarrassed at the fact that an old man like him had a young daughter and no one wants to take responsibility for her.

Disgusted by everyone’s behavior, Daikichi decides to take matters into his own hands and adopts her. But, he’s a bachelor who has no experience with kids. How is he supposed to raise a kid out of the blue?

Now, he must act like a father, enroll her in a school, and help her deal with her father’s loss. The two begin their unlikely father-daughter relationship even though they’re actually Aunt and nephew.

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