10 Best Cultivation Anime Where MC is Reincarnated

There are many reincarnation manga and manhua out there and most of them are quite similar and follow the same pattern. But there are some that do it much better than the others and deliver an enjoyable story. Many of these manhua have been adapted into anime with pretty good animations.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of cultivation, it’s basically a person practicing martial arts using cultivating Qi with the objective to extend their life spans and becoming stronger.

Today, I’m going to share with the Best Chinese Donghua where MC is reincarnated. You’re going to love all of them.

Best Chinese Anime Where MC is Reincarnated :-

  • Soul Land
  • Tales of Demons And Gods
  • Scumbag System
  • Yuan Long
  • Spirit Sword Master
  • Mao Yao de Youhuo
  • The Demonic King Chases His Wife
  • Against the Gods
  • Return of Gods
  • What’s Wrong With My Big Brother

1. Soul Land

Tang San is a talented martial artist of the famous Tang Sect. But he committed a grave crime. He stole the Tang Sect’s most secret technique. The entire sect pursued him and in the end, he had to jump off a cliff. He died from the fall but he could’ve never imagined that he would be reincarnated into another world.

He was reincarnated as a boy with the same name as his in the world of Douluo. The Douluo Continent is a place without the knowledge of magic. Here people, practice the powerful martial souls. Everyone is born with a martial soul that grants them powers and abilities but unfortunately, Tang San possesses a useless martial soul. How will he survive in this strange and new world? Is his martial soul really useless?

2. Tales of Demons And Gods

Nie Li lost everything because of the attacks by the Demon Beasts. Even though he stood at the pinnacle of martial arts and was one of the strongest in the world, he lost his loved ones and the entire city was destroyed. And eventually, he lost his life at the hands of deity-ranked demonic beasts.

But unexpectedly, he opened his eyes years in the past when he was only 13 years old and was one of the weakest among his peers. Although he’s the weakest, with his knowledge of the future, maybe he can save the people he loves, and just maybe things will be different this time.

3. Scumbag System

Alt. Title :- The Scum Villain’s Self-Saving System

Shen Yuan enjoys reading a certain web novel series because of its handsome and powerful protagonist who came from humble beginnings and became the strongest in the world. One day, after he had just finished reading the last chapter of the novel, he met a sudden death.

He gets reborn into the world of the novel not as the Male lead but as the ML’s scum of a teacher who tortured him in various ways and is ultimately destined to die by his hands. The only way to survive is to get on his good side before he becomes super powerful. But why is the ML interested in him instead of the Female leads?

4. Yuan Long

Weng Sheng, a Chinese soldier in the year 2050, often has a strange dreams. A dream in which he is in a strange world where a girl asks him to find her and end her life. He always thought of it as just a dream until he finds himself in a world that’s oddly similar to the one in his dreams.

This new world is called the Spirit World where people can absorb spirits which gives them superhuman powers. But it turns out that he possesses a waste carp Yuan soul that can’t help him in any way.

Will Weng Sheng be able to survive in this world with the guns of the modern world until he can evolve his Yuan soul and start his cultivation journey?

5. Spirit Sword Master

Chu Xing Yun was once the strongest in the world. Many people wanted to kill him but they never succeeded until one day, when he was ambushed and unfortunately died.

But he was sent back to his youth when he was just a weak young master. This time he will become even stronger and get his revenge on his enemies. He must master the Spirit sword once again and become stronger than his future self to protect his wife.

Follow the spirit sword master as he becomes the strongest in the world once again. The strongest martial masters will bow down in front of him and beg for mercy.

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6. Mao Yao de Youhuo

Alt. Title :- Love Story of Cat Spirit

Our Female Lead is a cat demon whose lover betrayed her. After dying she is reincarnated again in a new life and turns out that her lover was also reincarnated.

Determined to have her revenge, she comes up with a plan but when she meets her past lover again, she ends up falling for him….again. Even though she wants revenge, she can’t help but be smitten by him every time she sees him. What is she going to do?

There is also the charming demon king who wants her love. Who is she going to choose? If you enjoy sweet romance stories then definitely check out this anime.

7. The Demonic King Chases His Wife

The Female Lead was a powerful assassin in the modern world but betrayed by the man she loved, she unfortunately died. But instead of going to heaven or hell, she was reincarnated into another world in the body of a useless woman, bullied by everyone. But she is different, no one can mess with her.

The imperial highness of the empire is a cruel and overbearing tyrant known as a demon. And his eyes were caught by a simple woman in his castle because of the ring she possessed – the dragon ring.

What is she going to do when the Demonic king himself is chasing after her?

8. Against the Gods

Yun Che had a bright future ahead of him but because of a mysteriously powerful object he possessed, he was betrayed by his fiancee, abandoned by his clan, and ultimately murdered on his wedding night.

But the Mirror of Samsara reincarnated him into the body of a young boy named Xiao Che. Even in this life, things weren’t different. His clan hated him. He couldn’t cultivate and people wanted nothing more than to see him die. But he’s determined to not live the way he lived in his past life. This time he will overcome all obstacles and fight against the gods.

9. Return of Gods

Lin Fei couldn’t practice martial arts because of his defective meridians but he never gave up as he had people who loved him and supported him like his master and his friends.

But then one day, the sect was attacked, and his master and best friend were killed in the battle. He couldn’t do anything to save them. To avenge them, he practiced an ancient art but he eventually died without being able to rebuild his sect.

A mysterious entity revived him in a different era. Will he be able to rebuild his sect and get his revenge on the ones who took everything from him?

10. What’s Wrong With My Big Brother

Our Protagonist is transmigrated into the world of a martial arts novel but unfortunately, he wasn’t the main character. He was the eldest disciple of the sect, a worthless cannon fodder character who would eventually die.

Getting stronger and learning new martial arts isn’t important right now. The priority is to get in the good graces of the protagonist and the other junior disciples of the sect. No matter what he does to please his younger siblings, they all think that there is something wrong with him.

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