Best Anime Like Battle Through The Heavens

10 Best Anime Like Battle Through The Heavens

Best Anime Like Battle Through The Heavens

Sadly, many people don’t like Donghua (Chinese anime) even though they have many amazing novels with well-written stories that get adapted into anime. Some think that the animation is not as good and some think that the story of Chinese anime is generally poorly written. And to make matters worse, many people don’t even know of Donghua.

Though that may be true for much Chinese anime, there are still some great anime from China with great animation, art, and story.

One such anime is Battle Through The Heavens. It is one of the best cultivation anime I’ve ever watched. It’s about a guy who lost all his powers and how he gets back up to become one of the strongest cultivators ever.

Today, I’m going to share with you 10 of the Best Cultivation Anime like Battle Through the Heavens.

Best Anime Like Battle Through The Heavens :-

  • Soul Land
  • A Will Eternal
  • Stellar Transformation
  • Snow Eagle Lord
  • Martial Universe
  • A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
  • The Great Ruler
  • Peerless Martial Spirit
  • God of Desolation
  • Spirit Sword Sovereign

1. Soul Land

Tang San, a disciple of the Tang Sect, committed a terrible crime. He stole the clan’s secret technique and learned it. For his crimes, he was chased by the entire clan and was forced to jump off a cliff.

But he never would’ve imagined that he would be reincarnated in another world as a boy with the same name as his. This new world is one without magic. Here people are born with a magic soul and a person’s future depends on the soul they possess.

Tang Sen is born with a soul that is deemed useless by the people. But what no one else knows is that he actually possesses two souls and neither of them is useless.

2. A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun, though a powerful cultivator, is afraid of one thing – Death. He’s afraid of dying and would do anything to prevent it and become immortal. He spends his everyday life making sure to stay away from any situation that could put his life in danger.

But the more he tries to run away from trouble, the more he gets involved in bad situations. His fear of death forces him to become stronger. Will our protagonist be able to live forever when multiple evil foes want his head?

The storyline of this anime is great and the animation makes it even more enjoyable.

3. Stellar Transformation

Our protagonist was born without the ability to cultivate and practice martial arts. His body was unable to absorb the martial Qi which formed the base of cultivation. To prove himself to his father, he decided to learn the external techniques of cultivation. Practicing these techniques is much more painful and requires more hard work.

But he still wasn’t able to achieve a high level of cultivation and his growth was stunted. Until one day, a stone fell from the sky and merged with his body without him noticing. From that day, everything changed for him and he finally started his journey on the path of cultivation.

4. Snow Eagle Lord

Xue Ying is an 8-year-old young boy who’s had a peaceful life so far but then on his eighth birthday, his life changed forever. On that day, he found out the story of how his parents met and why they lived in a secluded village.

His father, Dongbo Lie, a commoner turned noble, and his mother, Moyang Yu, the princess of the Moyang clan, fell in love with each other and decided to run away in fear of the Moyang family’s wrath if they found out about them.

One day, his uncle found them and took away his parents to imprison them. Xue Ying was somehow able to escape and now must become strong to save his parents.

5. Martial Universe

The Lin clan is one of the four great martial art clans of the Great Yan Empire. Lin Dong’s father was once one of the best martial artists in the Lin family but then one day, he was crippled in a fight against another one of the geniuses of the Lin clan.

From that day on, his father had to live in shame and poverty, hoping to rejoin the family one day. Lin Dong is determined to get revenge on the person who did this to his family but due to being poor, he couldn’t afford the resources necessary for cultivation.

One day, he finds a strange and mysterious stone talisman, and from that talisman comes out a man. Training under the guidance of that man, he will become the strongest and change his destiny.

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6. A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Han Li is a poor commoner. His family is even having trouble affording food. To help his family, he decides to join a martial arts sect. Even though his talent is only mediocre at best, he was still able to become a disciple of a cultivator called Doctor Mo.

He starts his practice under his master’s mentorship but with his talent, will he be able to walk the treacherous and dangerous path of cultivation? Maybe, the strange vial he picked up by accident will help him in some way. Follow his story as he, a mortal cultivator, fights powerful demons and gods.

7. The Great Ruler

The Great Ruler, also known as The Grand Ruler, is set in the same universe as the one in Martial Universe is set in. It is actually the prequel to Martial Universe.

The Great Thousand World is a place where cultivators of immense strength live. The Northern spiritual realm is a part of the great thousand worlds and in this realm lives a boy named Mu Chen.

Mu Chen was known as a Useless Genius but soon, things are going to be different. He now possesses the Great Pagoda Art and a powerful spiritual beast. The story follows him as he travels the world and strives to become the Great Ruler of all.

8. Peerless Martial Spirit

Long Mai is a place filled with cultivators and sects. Cultivation is the way of life in this world and those who can’t cultivate are considered useless trash.

Chen Feng happens to be one such person who can’t cultivate. He was born with weak energy, making his body unfit for cultivation. Still, he never gave up and tried to do whatever he could to become stronger. One day, he finds some dragon blood that helps him with his weak energy, beginning his cultivation journey.

Follow Chen Feng as he stares down at his enemies with the potent martial spirit that allows him to learn unparalleled martial arts.

9. God of Desolation

Ji Xiaofa was once a talented cultivator with a promising future but then he fell in love with a girl. The girl asked for his wheel of life which forms the base for a person’s cultivation. Without the wheel, a person becomes a cripple who can’t cultivate but to impress the girl, he gives his wheel to her. But the girl abandons him after that.

To help his son, Xiaofa’s father went to look for a way to restore his wheel but he never came back. Now, Xiaofa must look for his father, after getting a mysterious relic that helps him restore his cultivation.

10. Spirit Sword Sovereign

Our protagonist was once a weak young master of a martial arts family. Everyone referred to him as a waste of a young master but he trained hard and changed his destiny, becoming one of the strongest cultivators the world had ever seen.

But he lost everything at the hands of his enemies. He lost the woman he loved and even he was killed by them. Even with his strength, he couldn’t do anything to stop them. After dying, he woke up years in the past, when he was still just a weak young lord.

He will never let go of the grudges and regrets of his previous life. This time he would use the spirit sword to cut down his enemies and become the strongest among heaven and earth.

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