Best Manhwa Like Who Made Me a Princess

11 Best Manhwa Like Who Made Me a Princess

Who Made Me a Princess is a gem of a manhwa. I loved reading it and was very sad when it ended. I loved the ending. I was just sad that I wouldn’t get any more chapters of it.

I searched for similar manhwa with a well-written plot and read many of them. So, I’ve comprised a list of all the manhwa I loved that are like Who Made Me a Princess.

If you’re looking for Manhwa similar to Who Made Me a Princess, then you might like the following recommendations :

1. Daughter of the Emperor

Our protagonist was reincarnated as the only daughter of The Emperor of the Agrigent Empire. Having seized 10 kingdoms in just five years since he rose to power, he is called The Crazy Emperor.

With the ambitions to become the Empress, many women were successfully able to seduce the Emperor and bear his child but he killed them all when they tried to use their child as petty leverage. He didn’t even spare the child. Except for our protagonist because he was away at war when she was born.

Now known as Ariadna Agrigent, she must live her life as the sole daughter of the Crazed Emperor and the sole Princess of the Empire.

Will she be able to survive while living under the same roof as her maniac of a father?

2. Lady Baby

Calliope lost her parents in a mysterious carriage accident or at least that’s what everyone thought happened. But she and her brothers knew that something was wrong and that there was much more behind the accident than they know.

Her brothers tried to investigate it but both of them came back dead. The investigation carried out by the police deemed her to be their murderer.

Blamed for her family’s death, she was crying in front of their graves when she started singing a song for them. Then a mysterious woman appeared out of nowhere and gave her a second chance at life, in exchange for listening to her song.

The next thing she knows, Calliope is in the body of her baby self. She had returned years into the past. Finally getting a chance to make things right, she is determined to figure out the reasons behind her family’s death.

3. I Belong to House Castielo

One day, the only duke of the empire, Duke Ein Castielo, was visited by a woman he had once spent a night with. She came with a young girl, claiming that she was his daughter, and asked for money to support the child. Instead, the Duke offered to buy the girl from her and she sold her to him.

Estelle is an 11-year-old girl. Suddenly one day, when she was 4 years old, she remembered her past life.  She used to be a normal high school girl living in South Korea but then one day, she passed away and was reincarnated as Estelle.

Now that she is the daughter of Duke Ein who is feared across nations for his powers, his power and prestige could all be hers but his enemies could also become hers.

4. I am the Real One

It was prophesized that a daughter blessed by a goddess and with the power to control water elements will be born to the Grand Duke. Keira was that daughter.

Even though she never received her father’s affection, she still tried her best to earn his recognition and to make him proud. But then one day, a girl named Cosette came to her house. Cosette looked like her father and claimed that she was his actual daughter while Keira was a fake.

And eventually, everyone believed her. Keira was executed by her own father and before her death, Cosette told her that Actually, She was the real daughter. But then, she woke in the past, days before Cosette came into her life. This time, she vows to ruin Cosette’s plan and expose her lies.

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5. The Beloved Little Princess

Our protagonist is the strongest High Mage in the kingdom of magic. For a couple of days, she had been feeling oddly tired, so, she decided to go to sleep and get some rest but when she was sleeping, a strange light enveloped her bed and she lost consciousness.   

Long ago, The Royal Family of Hyperion received a prophecy from an old sage that when the third prince or princess is born, the kingdom will bask in eternal glory. But for generations to come, no third child was ever born. Until one day, when the third royal child was born in hundreds of years.

But there was a significant thing that no one knew about. The princess had memories of her past life and was once the High Mage of the Magic Kingdom.

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6. The Twins’ New Life

An ordinary pair of 18-year-old twins died because of certain reasons. When they opened their eyes again, they were reborn as twins again and were the Emperor’s children, making them prince and princess.

They expected to live a life of luxury but the emperor abandoned them and their mother the day they were born. For the next five years, they lived with their abusive mother who often beat them in a drunken stupor, and the maids who treated them horribly. Until one day, when their mother dies due to an accident.

The next day, the emperor himself comes to get them, saying that he wants them to live with him from now on. Why does the emperor suddenly care about them? Why did he abandon them 5 years ago? Will they be able to survive in the noble society?

7. Doctor Elise: The Royal Lady with the Lamp

Elise was a bratty princess and one day, she died due to unforeseen circumstances. Then she was reborn in the modern world as a normal girl. She didn’t just survive in this new world but also become one of the most revered doctors in the world and the youngest professor of medicine in South Korea.

But, again she met an untimely death. As fate would have it, she was reborn again, and this time, she was reborn in her old world as Princess Elise, days before she had originally died.

With the knowledge of modern medicine and surgeries, she chooses to become a doctor once again, in the hopes that she would be able to help her kingdom and its people.

8. Daughter of the Archmage

Mabel’s just a normal girl but unfortunately, her talent in magic is non-existent, and it’s not possible for her to become a mage. One day, she meets her father, someone she had never met in her life.

Turns out that he was forced to leave her due to an imperial pact and now, he can finally accept her as his daughter and bring her back home.

Her father is one of the most powerful Archmages in the kingdom and being such, he has many enemies. Now that she is his daughter, her enemies will come for her as well. Will her father be able to protect them both? What about her magic talent? Could she become just as powerful as him?

9. Flirting with the Villain’s Dad

Our protagonist was reborn into the world of a novel. She thought it would be easy to live in this world since she already knows what was going to happen but unfortunately for her, she was reborn 20 years before the story actually starts as the Female lead’s aunt.

To make matters worse, everyone from her generation including herself ends up dying in the story. So, she comes up with a plan – to prevent the villain from being born in the first place.

So, when the villain’s dad King Euredian comes to kidnap her sister, she offers herself in her place and gets kidnapped. She plans to seduce the king and marry him, preventing him from marrying the woman who would give birth to his son, the villain.  

10. They Say I Was Born a King’s Daughter

Suhee, for most of her life, caught the attention of many wealthy guys who wanted to be with her but they all only saw her for her beauty and never truly loved her. She was finally able to find true love but then she was murdered by someone in cold blood.  

She got reincarnated in a different world with kings, queens, nobles, etc. Fortunately, she was born as the king’s daughter – a princess. But she soon finds out that in this world, women are considered weak, inferior, and lowly.

Appalled by this, she decides to take matters into her own hands and change the ways of the society of this world. Will she be able to do it? Or will she be treated as a lowly woman despite being a princess?

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11. A Queen’s Law of Survival

The Female Lead used to be a cultivator and an immortal. She used to believe in love and even gave up ascension and cultivation for the man she loved but on the day of their wedding, she was betrayed by him for her cultivation core.

After dying, she found herself reborn in another world, as a princess. But, she had yet to escape the cruel chains of her fate.

Her twin brother and the sole heir of the king had an issue with his health and the only way to save him was to link his life with hers. Her father, the emperor, could decide to kill her at any time. But, she is determined to survive and since she doesn’t have her powers anymore, she intends to use her cuteness to win everyone over, even her cold-blooded father.

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