14 Best Yuri Light Novels to Read

Yuri is a loved genre of light novels which shows intimate relationships between women. It is mutually exclusive with shoujo-ai.

In this list, I’ve also included Chinese Web novels since there are some great Yuri Web novels out there. If you like Chinese novels then you would love them and if you’ve never read one then check them out.

So without further ado, let’s get into the 14 Best Yuri Light Novels Recommendation.

14. The Executioner and Her Way of Life 

A long time ago, people from a distant world called Japan started to come somehow come into their world. Everyone from that world possessed powerful abilities and many of them used their powers for evil. Because of this, executioners came into existence.

Executioners are trained killers tasked to find new people who have wandered into their world and then kill them before they can learn to use their powers.

Menou is a young ruthless executioner with no mercy. One day, she gets sent to kill a girl named Akari summoned by the king. But, the girl she is sent to kill just wouldn’t die. No matter what, she wasn’t able to kill her because of her healing ability.

To kill her, Menou decided to go on a journey and find a method to kill even immortals, and Akari decided to tag along.

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13. The Magical Revolution of the Reincarnated Princess and the Genius Young Lady 

Princess Anisphia was born without any talent for magic but at a young age, she suddenly remembered her past life. Using her knowledge of both lives, she developed a unique magic practice called “Magicology”.

Soon, she became known throughout the entire nation as a genius. One day, she witnesses her younger brother, the crown prince, breaking off his engagement with the beautiful and talented noblewoman Euphyllia, all for some poor noblewoman he had fallen in love with.

So, to help her, Anisphia asks that Euphyllia should go with her instead and become her assistant in magic research.

Little do they know that their being together is going to affect not just the kingdom but the entire world.

12. Did I Seriously Just Get Reincarnated as My Gag Character?! 

University student Toru Aikawa lived a normal life that revolved around school and his part-time job. The only thing he enjoyed in his life was playing a massive VR game called Real World Online.

In the game, his character was an invincible warrior. One day, he is hit by a bus and gets reincarnated in the world of the game. But, instead of being an invincible warrior, he was in the body of Nacht Schatten, a character he made for fun and never perfected.

Now, he is stuck in a cutthroat world as an alluring dragon princess who’s capable of doing much, but perhaps his new body is more capable than it appears.

Follow him, or rather her, as she makes her way through this world filled with magic, knights, and magical creatures.

11. Seriously Seeking Sister! Ultimate Vampire Princess Just Wants Little Sister

Long ago, the continent of Ephenia was ruled by a tribe of vampires known as the “True Blood”. They were creatures with an overwhelming power that others could never hope to achieve. But unfortunately, even with all that power they still all perished without any trace left behind.

One day, the princess of the forgotten Vampire tribe Rishtia, woke up from her 1000-year slumber. But she doesn’t wish to destroy the world and revive her tribe rather, she just wants a cute little sister. Now, she just wants to live as an ordinary girl with a little sister.

Enjoy this sweet fantasy story about a powerful vampire princess searching for a cute little sister.

It’s a very simple but wholesome Yuri fantasy story with some fanservice towards the end as well.

10. Roll Over and Die: I Will Fight for an Ordinary Life with My Love and Cursed Sword!    

A prophecy by the god declared that Flamme Apricot would be the one to defeat the demon king. Even though she had no abilities or stats, she was able to join a party with other heroes, but she would have rather continued her normal life in her little village.

When her stats didn’t increase even after a long time, the other heroes started to consider her useless and a dead weight. So, the party captured and sold her to a slave trader.

A man bought her but the new master was cruel and for his entertainment, she was thrown into a horde of monsters as food. But, with death in front of her, she finally awakened her true powers and summoned a cursed sword.

This is not the end of her journey. It’s just the beginning.

9. The Eldest Martial Sister Gave Up Treatment

Bai Lian, the eldest disciple of the Duxian sect, became known as an unparalleled beauty as pure as jade. One day, she suddenly remembered her previous life and realized that the world she was in was actually a video game.

In the story, she is a villainess who would torture her younger martial sisters who would later go on to become powerful figures. Fortunately, she remembered the story before committing any terrible acts.

Now, her system tries to give her rewards based on the tasks she completes but all the asks involve her bullying her sisters. She tries to lay low and prevent the story from taking its normal course. But, she still somehow ends up in dangerous situations and needs to bluff her way out of them.

8. Clear and Muddy Loss of Love

Once again, this novel is written by the same author who wrote Female General and Eldest Princess and Matrilocal Marriage.

The novel has 303 chapters telling a story spanning over 16 years. The two female leads first meet at about 15-16 chapters and it takes a long time for them to develop feelings for each other. So, only read this novel if you have patience.

It is a great slow-burn novel and if you came for fluffy romance then this one’s not for you as there are many heartbreaking moments.

After a great war turned the Princess of the Grass Plains into an orphan, she vowed to get her revenge. She had to lay dormant for over ten years as she planned to throw the enemy kingdom into the chaos that would ruin it.

Though it is a Girl’s Love romance novel, it is also a revenge story filled with politics and schemes.

7. Otherside Picnic: Their Strange Exploration Files

Normal college student Sorawo Kamikoshi enjoyed the make-believe explorations of ruins and one day, she found a place said to be a spot for seeing spirits. In that place, she opened a door, and on the other side was a meadow.

She started calling this place the “Other Side” and was excited to explore it but she took things too lightly. As she was about to be killed by a water-like creature, she is saved by a beautiful girl named Toriko Nishina.

For research, profit, and a search for someone important, Sorawo and Toriko decide to join hands and explore the other side filled with monsters and creatures from ghost stories. What they find in that abnormal place would either bring them enlightenment or drive them crazy.

6. Female General And Eldest Princess

This novel is by the same author as Matrilocal Marriage.

After everyone in her village was murdered, Lin WanYue disguised herself as her dead younger brother and joined the military to find and kill the ones responsible for harming everyone she cared for.

After the empress passed away, the 16-year-old princess was left all alone to take care of her younger brother, the 8-year-old crown prince. The older princes are looking for an opportunity to take the throne for themselves.

Soon, the princess and the general meet each other and Lin WanYue ends up falling in love with the princess.

5. Matrilocal Marriage

In the future, the Space-Time Research Institute selected Yun An to go back in past and simply record the historical events in the year 960. But something went wrong with the time machine and she was sent to an unfamiliar period. Since the dynasty wasn’t recorded in history, she believed it to be a parallel world.

The Lin family rose to power three generations ago but unfortunately, the family head didn’t have a son even though he had seven concubines. After he died, the family was passed on to his only legitimate daughter, Lin Buxian.

Their wealth and power were in danger because of greedy relatives and her past childhood friend who had become the son-in-law of a minister wanted to take her in as a concubine. Will she be able to deal with them all, especially while being a woman living in a man’s world?

Soon, Yun An and Lin Buxian cross paths.

4. There’s No Freaking Way I’ll be Your Lover! Unless

Because of her gloomy personality, Renako Amaori, spent her middle school days alone. In high school, she decided to leave her lonely past behind and start over again.

On her first day, she met Ousuka Mai, the freshman representative, the daughter of a famous fashion designer, and a professional model, who turns out to be her seatmate.

Ousaka is glamorous and confident, unlike her, but Renako still managed to become friends with her. As they spend more time together, they form a connection and Renako starts to believe that she’s finally found a best friend.

But then Ousaka confessed to having romantic feelings for her. She just wanted a friend and not a girlfriend, so, Renako rejected her confession but Ousaka is hell-bent on convincing her that they’re soulmates and that it’s better to be lovers than just friends.

3. I’m in Love with the Villainess

Oohashi Rei was an ordinary office worker at a small company that made her do absurd work for a low amount of money. The only joy in her life was playing video games and there was one that she loved the most, because of the villainous of the game whom she loved.

One day, she suddenly finds herself inside the world of the game as the female lead of the story. The first person she saw was Claire Francois, the villainess who was supposed to torment the female lead.

After getting flustered from meeting her favorite character, she ended up confessing her love to Claire. Now, she is determined to romance her instead of the three male leads.

Claire tries to bully her but that just makes her more ecstatic. Will the villainess be able to handle this sudden new courtship?

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2. Adachi and Shimamura 

Adachi and Shimamura first met on the second floor of the gym while cutting class. Soon, the two became inseparable friends, playing table tennis, watching TV, or just hanging out together, they do it all together.

One day, Adachi had a weird dream in which she kissed Shimamura. Her feelings toward her friend soon turn to romantic attraction. She’s sure that Shimamura is not into girls. But she wants to be the first thing that comes to her mind when Shimamura thinks of the word “friend”.

Would their relationship change from friendship to something more? Maybe, one day at a time…

1. Bloom Into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka

It took Saeki Sayaka a long time to truly understand her sexuality. This spin-off light novel tells Sayaka’s story starting from her childhood following her ups and downs of falling in love for the first time.

If you enjoyed the Bloom Into You anime and manga then you should definitely check this out as well. If you like Sayaka’s character and want to know more about her story then you’ll enjoy it but if you do not care about her character then you might get bored.

Other characters from the manga like Yuu and Touka are hardly mentioned once or twice.

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