15 Best Teacher x Student Romance Manga

15+ Best Teacher x Student Romance Manga

Do you also like Teacher x Student relationships, much like many other manga lovers out there? I mean we all love some forbidden romance manga.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the 14 Best Teacher Student romance manga you must read. Most of the manga in this list have a male teacher and a female student but I’ve also included some good manga with female teachers.

Without further ado, let’s get right into the list…

1. Tsuiraku JK to Haijin Kyoushi

teacher student romance manga

After getting rejected by her crush, Mikoto Ochiai decides to throw herself off the school’s roof. Just as she was about to jump, her homeroom teacher Jin Haiba suddenly comes up on the roof to smoke. Jin Haiba is a physics teacher more commonly known as Sick Man among his students because of how much he smokes.

Jin saw her on the roof and abandoned his class to go save her, which he manages to do, but ends up asking her to go out with him. A carefree teacher and a calm but depressed student. How will things turn out between them?

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2. Daytime Shooting Star

After her parents had to move abroad due to work, Suzume was forced to move to Tokyo to live with her uncle and finish high school there. At the train station, she meets a handsome but weird stranger who later helps her when she passes out in the park looking for her uncle’s place. He brings her to her new home as he turns out to be her uncle’s friend.

She starts her new high school life the very next day but her teacher turns out to be none other than the handsome stranger. And there’s also her new deskmate who blushes every time he sees her.

3. Hitorijime My Hero

Ever since his childhood, Masahiro Setagawa has hated superheroes since he had a terrible childhood but no superhero ever came to save him. Now in high school, he’s found himself being used as an errand boy by a group of bullies and finally, a hero saves him.

High school teacher Kousuke Ohshiba is a known thug on the streets who beats up bad guys while wearing a weird shirt. One day, he comes to Masahiro’s rescue and they become friends. Turns out, Kousuke is actually a teacher.

4. Oresama Teacher

Mafuyu is a Yanki girl who always ends up in fights, but after one such fight, she got expelled from the school. Frustrated by her behavior, her mother decides to send her to a countryside school and demands that she changes her ways or she will be disowned.

The night before she starts at her new school, she ends up getting into a fight to protect a guy who was getting beaten up. Fighting just one last time shouldn’t be a problem, right? Especially when it’s to protect someone.

Well, it wouldn’t have been an issue if the guy she protected just didn’t turn out to be her teacher, who now won’t let her forget her Yanki past.

5. Faster Than a Kiss

After their parents passed away in an accident, Fumino Kaji and her brother have been passed around from relative to relative. Tired of being treated like that, they decide to run away from home. The only person who looked for them was Fumino’s teacher Kazuma Ojiro.

Kazuma offered to let them stay at his place but Fumino thought he was just messing with her and joked that she would move in with him if he married her, to which, he said Yes!!

6. Private Teacher!

Kaede-san is the perfect teacher anyone can ask for, he’s smart, funny, and absurdly handsome, but the clumsy and innocent Rintaro can never understand what his tutor is thinking. He can’t handle his teacher and decides to score less on the exam to make Kaede look like a bad teacher.

But Kaede figures it out and when it comes to his student’s studies, he is very strict. He wouldn’t hesitate to keep Rintaro for some overnight study sessions. Will these study sessions turn into something more steamy?

7. Sensei wa Koi wo Oshierarenai

Arase-Kun is a nice but problematic high school student who never submits his homework, sleeps during classes, and is constantly late to school. His teacher Rinko-San is always reprimanding him to do better in school and submit his work on time.

But after school, she gets doted on by the young man. The pair of student and teacher are dating, but Rinko has made a clear point that they are not technically together until Arase turns twenty.

What’s in store for the student and his teacher are dating but yet lovers. Enjoy this comedic teacher x student romance manga.

8. Shiota-sensei to Amai-chan

Teacher x student manga recommendations

This is one of the sweetest and cutest teacher romance manga on this list. It’s a simple slice-of-life romance manga about Shiota, a cool sensei, and his student.

Yayoi Amai is a model student and one of the most beautiful girls in the school. She’s in Shiota’s class and is always confessing her feelings to him. After a bunch of happenings, they started going out, and things are only going to get more interesting from this point on. Watch their relationship improve as they spend their everyday life together.

9. Aoi-sensei wa Shishunki

Ever since she entered high school, Hibari’s been coming to school before any other student to exchange letters through the shoe lockers with her boyfriend. The reason she had to adopt such a method of communication is because her boyfriend is none other than her teacher Aoi-sensei.

They’ve been dating for quite a while now, but Aoi has set some ground rules to prevent any rumors. Their relationship is only that of a student and her teacher in front of everyone in the school and they would break up at the slightest rumor.

10. Gal Gohan

Okazaki Miku is the biggest gal in the school who’s always dressed inappropriately. She’s failing in all her exams and everyone’s given up on her. Even after a ton of extra classes, her test scores are still in the red.

If this continues, she will have to repeat the year. As a mercy, the principal will allow her to move on to the next year if she could at least bake some cookies for her disappointed teachers.

But, since she doesn’t know how to make cookies, she asks for help from her Home Ec. teacher, Yabe Shinji, who’s the first teacher ever to sincerely help her and not judge her because of her looks. So, when Shinji starts a cooking club, she’s the first one to join.

11. Domestic Girlfriend

Natsuo is in one-sided love with his beautiful and popular teacher, Hina-san, but he knows there’s no possibility she would even be interested in him. To lift his spirit and try to get over her, he attends a mixer and ends up having a one-night stand with a girl named Rui.

Soon, his father announces that he’s getting remarried to a woman with two daughters of her own. His new step-sisters turn out to be none other than Hina and Rui. His life becomes more complicated than he ever thought possible with him being in love with one of his step-sisters and having lost his virginity to another.

12. Sensei Kunshu

Ayu is a hopeless romantic who always gets rejected by anyone she confesses to. After getting rejected by her latest crush, she goes to the convenience store to buy some food and ends up getting helped by a handsome guy who lends her some money.

The next day, a new substitute teacher arrives who’s none other than the handsome guy she met the day before. With her new crush being her teacher, will it be the same as always or will it be different this time?

13. Mikami-sensei’s Way of Love

Natsume hasn’t had a single boyfriend even though she’s already sixteen years old and it’s all because of one man, Mikami Sousuke, her neighbor. To her, he’s been like the older brother she never had, and she used to like him very much until his doting personality became too overbearing.

Now, he’s always there to annoy her and prevent her from getting a love life, and to make matters worse, he just started as a teacher at her school. Now, she has to deal with him both at home and at school.

14. I Time-Traveled and Confessed to My Teacher Crush

Seiji, a middle-aged office worker went to sleep after a long day’s work and woke up in a strangely familiar classroom. Turns out, he had time leaped 10 years in the past to when he was still in high school.

He finally had a chance to correct a mistake he’s regretted for the past 10 years, not confessing to the teacher he was in love with, Haruka Hiiragi. This time he would tell her his feelings even if he gets rejected.

But, her response was a surprising ‘Okay’. And just like that, they started dating.

15. Ano Oni Kyoushi ga Boku no Ane ni Naru n desu ka?

High School student, Maki Kazuki, is over the clouds at the thought of getting an older sister after his dad gets married to his girlfriend who has a daughter, even though he’s never actually met his soon-to-be older sister.

Unfortunately, his dreams are crushed when he finds out that his new sister is none other than his homeroom teacher Shina-sensei. Shina is known as the Demonic Teacher every student’s afraid of despite her beautiful looks, and now, he has to live with her.

But, Shina is completely different at home compared to school. What’s going to happen to Kazuki’s peaceful life now?

16. Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?

Why the Hell Are You Here, Teacher!? is a manga series with a bunch of student x teacher erotic romance stories spanning over 3-4 chapters each. It started as just a one-shot chapter but due to its success, the author created a full-on manga series from it.

The first story follows, Ichiro Sato, a normal high school boy who always somehow ends up in awkward situations with his strict teacher Kana Kojima. Why the hell is he always dealing with unexpected steamy situations involving her?

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